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Illuminotronica: The Unique Italian Event on Solid State Lighting

This year the fourth edition of Illuminotronica is taking place from October 9th to 11th in Padua, Itally. A three-day full immersion with different moments of training and specialized information are to emphasize. The illuminotronica is taking place from October 9th to 11th in Padua, Italy and covers not just Italian lighting design but also application and technology.

LED technology is getting more and more pervasive, being able to provide, to those who know how to use it properly, high benefits in terms of light quality, color rendering, flexibility and energy savings. A technology that has to be controlled, modulated and driven by electronics and that can bring light where before it was not possible. In a market, that of Solid State Lighting, which is still growing very fast.

Growing market, advanced technologies, lower costs and new performances represent new business opportunities. Opportunities that Assodel (the Italian Association of Electronic Suppliers, that represents more than the 85% of the electronic components market) is ready to seize by promoting the unique professional event in Italy addressed to the LED world.

The lighting supply chain on stage
At its fourth edition, Illuminotronica - from 9th to 11th October in Padua - represents the effective benchmark to understand LED lighting industry dynamics and to get qualified answers by selected specialists.

The lighting supply chain and professionals play a major role in the fair: in fact, the event is aimed at those who install, design, produce or apply SSL (components for lighting suppliers, luminaires manufacturers, installers, system integrators, lighting designers, architects, industry/public administration/trade buyers).

Illuminotronica, with its lectures, debates, workshops, arenas, roundtables, BtoB meetings, free training courses, demo areas in addition to publications, directory, awards, exhibitions and events, aims at informing and sensitizing the Lighting Community on three priority drivers:

1. Technologies
Components and functional elements, driving, power supply, control, thermal dissipation sub-systems, sensors, regulations and standards; photometry and colour; new technologies and materials etc.

2. Applications
Equipments and lighting systems; planning and design, analysis. Focus on Contract/Commercial - or the commercial spaces, hotels, restaurants, stores, offices, public spaces lighting.

3. Market
National and international data and market trends; components cost and availability; benefits and savings with energy efficiency; economic calculation but also international opportunities for the lighting industry.

Efficiency, design and innovation awards
Illuminotronica is not only the Solid State Lighting marketplace, but also an opportunity to enhance innovation and design “made in Italy”.
Even in 2014, three awards will recognize excellence in products and installations, in order to increase LED lighting culture.

The Ecohitech Award, in its sixteenth edition, is addressed to public administrations and municipalities which adopted LED technology in urban lighting, obtaining significant results in terms of energy savings, reduction of CO2 emissions and citizens’ well-being.

The LEDin Award (along with the Custom Prize) strives on young talents and new ideas, offering the possibility to realize a lighting project or product, thanks to the collaboration of manufacturers.

Last but least, the Codega Prize – International Light Design Prize, focuses on creativity, enhancing LED installations in the Contract/Commercial sector. The Codega Prize is assigned to lighting designers and professionals who presented remarkable projects and solutions in Commercial (*) applications.

A prize promoted in Venice by professional authorities, in occasion of Illuminotronica, pointing to projects and solutions using SSL - Solid State Lighting - technologies.

Note concerning the etymology: From the greek "odegos" (guide), Codega was the name given in Venice to the "carrier of light" after that a law, in 1450, had imposed on citizens the use of a light for people walking in the city after three in the morning, because of the darkness and the increasing aggressions.

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