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LED professional Symposium +Expo (LpS) – Experts Present their Most Recent Results in the Areas of LED and OLED Technologies

From September 24th to 26th, 2013, researchers and designers will discuss their newest insights and future trends in the areas of general, architectural and industrial lighting in Bregenz, Austria. 45 informative lectures, 5 detailed workshops and networking opportunities combined with a diversified exhibition make this a “must go” event for experts in the areas of LED and OLED technology.

Early Bird Discount and FREE Expo tickets available until June 30, 2013!

Preview: LED and OLED Technology Trends

Innovation and Design: “LED and OLED technologies are evolving dynamically.  This means that lighting systems have to be improved and adapted continually.  For this reason it is imperative to be able to recognize technical trends for future innovations in this area.  This year the LpS program encompasses design, technology and implementation which creates a deeper understanding for the requirements of future lighting systems,” said Siegfried Luger, the event director and publisher of LED professional.  In the course of the symposium, topics like “Technology for the Next Generation of Flexible OLEDs for Lighting” by Dr. Christian May from Fraunhofer or “Trends of Chip-on-Board Technologies” by Siegmund Kobilke from Excelitas Technologies ELCOS GmbH will be presented.  In addition to the expert talks, a complete lighting solution in the form of a modern lighting installation by Zumtobel will be displayed in the newly opened Vorarlberg Museum on the first evening.

System performance and reliability: "The reliability of the LED-system is the most important issue of the current LED-luminaire technology and has a substantial impact on the determination of the maintenance factor which has to be defined and determined by the luminaire manufacturers before the LED-luminare installation can start in real LED-lighting projects" emphasized Prof. Tran Quoc Khanh, Technical University in Darmstadt. For this reason, the symposium will feature a number of lectures and a workshop that focus on this subject. One of them is the talk by Matteo Meneghini from the University of Padua titled “Degradation Mechanisms and Methods for Lifetime Extrapolation of LEDs”.  Another interesting lecture will be “Long-Term Electrical, Optical and Thermal Behavior of LED Light Bulbs” by Laurent Massol from LED Engineering Development.  In addition to that there will be the “LED Luminaire Design” workshop, presented by Cree.

Smart Lighting and Digitalization: In an interview with Siegfried Luger in May, 2013, Franco Musiari, technical director of the Assodel organization said that he thought the new main trend is going in the direction of “Differentiation through Smart Lighting”.  Ed van den Kieboom, the Conference director at Smart Lighting in Frankfurt mentioned, that the introduction of Solid-State-Lighting in the lighting industry will end up being digital.  He also said that, through this, light management would become more efficient but at the same time would have to be adapted more and more to the needs of the buyer and user.  With the correct light, optimal work and living conditions can be created that, in the long run, can even influence our health.  Digital approaches are also given a lot of attention at the symposium.  One of the talks on this subject will be given by Stefan Zudrell-Koch from Dialog Semiconductors titled “Digital Signal Processing Techniques in Retrofit Lamp Driver ICs”.

Program Overview

The keynote speeches by Dietmar Zembrot, President of Lighting Europe, Menno Treffers of the Zhaga Consortium and Alfred Felder from Tridonic will be followed by two parallel lecture tracks with a total of 45 expert talks on the subjects of LEDs, OLEDs, LED Future, LED Systems, Drivers and Steering Elements, Optics, Thermal Management and Implementation.  Concurrent to the lectures, there will be two workshop tracks with a total of five distinctive workshops.  These workshops will offer symposium attendees detailed information about UL standardizations and certifications, 3-D module designs, printed optic technologies, LED system design tools and LED test procedures. In addition to all that, there will be two interactive tech-panels where attendees can discuss topics of the future in the area of LEDs and OLEDs.  More information about all the symposium activities can be found at: www.LpS2013.com/program.

In addition to the symposium program, visitors can get first-hand information from internationally renowned companies who will be showing their newest developments and products at the ground-breaking exhibition.  The Light Art project and dinner on a cruise ship on Lake Constance make the evening events something that shouldn’t be missed.  Guests will be able to make contacts, discuss ideas and wind down to the sound of live music in a relaxed atmosphere.

Early Bird Discount and Exhibition

Early birds will get free entry tickets to the exhibition and reduced prices for symposium tickets if they book by June 30th.

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Background Information

Bregenz is located on the shores of Lake Constance and is one of Austria’s leading cultural and leisure areas and is at the same time at the heart of Europe. It is the capital city of the state of Vorarlberg and the seat of the provincial government with a population of 28,000. The area is known as a high tech region in the heart of Europe and is only a 2-3 hour drive from other technology hubs in northern Italy, France and Germany.  Vorarlberg borders on Germany, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Bregenz can be reached directly by rail and the airports of Altenrhein, Friedrichshafen and Memmingen. The major airports of Munich, Zurich and Stuttgart are less than a two hour drive away.

Event Location
Festspielhaus Bregenz

Platz der Wiener Symphoniker 1
6900 Bregenz


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