LpR Article | Jul 14, 2016

Light-Emitting Surface (LES) Concept Enables Comparison of Photometric Properties by Osram GmbH

Light-Emitting Surface (LES) Concept Enables Comparison of Photometric Properties by Osram GmbH The concept of the light-emitting surface (LES) has been developed by the Zhaga Consortium to enable comparisons of the photometric properties of different LED light engines. Stefan Lorenz, a Systems Architect with Osram GmbH, describes the theory behind the LES and how it applies to the different Zhaga Books. Read more »

Technology | Jan 10, 2013

Dimming with Warmer, Cozier White Light - NXP Transforms LED Color Quality

“Sensorless sensing” technology enables accurate correction of temperature effects on LED performance, improving light quality while reducing costs When comparing LEDs to incandescent light bulbs, there is a noticeable difference in light quality: LED lamps when dimmed are perceived to be “colder” than incandescents. At CES 2013 this week, NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) is demonstrating a groundbreaking solution that allows LED lamps to closely mimic the traditional incandescent light bulb, to produce a warmer, cozier white light as they are dimmed. Featuring “sensorless sensing” technology, developed and patented by NXP, this solution also has the advantage of driving down LED system costs by eliminating external temperature sensors, reducing the size of the heat sinks required for LED system cooling, and significantly improving reliability. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 22, 2011

New Cree XLamp® MT-G LED Delivers Unprecedented Performance

Cree's new XLamp MT-G LEDs enable customers to address high-output halogen retrofits Cree, Inc., a market leader in LED lighting, announces a new lighting-class LED designed for high-output, small form-factor directional lighting applications. The XLamp MT-G LEDs are optimized for 35W-50W halogen MR16 retrofit bulbs and other accent, track, display and down lighting used in retail stores, residential settings, museums, art galleries, hospitality and landscapes and are the first commercial LEDs to deliver sufficient light output for these applications. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 13, 2012

GE Debuts Zhaga Conform LED Modules at Light+Building

GE's Infusion M4500 Module is designed to the approved Zhaga ‘Book 5’ specification GE Lighting has made a significant breakthrough in the move toward greater standardization of LED light engines with the announcement of its first *Zhaga-compliant products. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 23, 2012

Megaman® Launched TECOH® OEM LED Module at Light+Building

Megaman's TECOH® MHx (left) is intended to design TCH reflector equivalent solutions to replace 35W metal halide lamp, while the TECOH® CFx (right) allows to design downlights that can replace 50W halogen and 2x13W and 2x18W compact fluorescent lamps Megaman® which leads the way in energy-efficient lighting, brought its first OEM LED module range, TECOH®, to Light & Building 2012. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | May 09, 2012

ALT, Inc. Introduces High-Efficiency Monolithic LED Driver Technology

ALT's AC LED Light Engine Driver Prototype PCB Advanced Lighting Technologies, Inc. (ALT) today announced a high-efficiency and highly reliable LED lamp driver solution (LED driver) comprising no bulky, unreliable components such as capacitors, coils or EMI filters. ALT''s ultra reliable “AC LED Light Engine”consists of an LED array and ALT’s novel driver, requiring no other parts except two AC power wires. ALT’s driver is compatible with all dimmers, is over 90% efficient, has a power factor greater than 0.95, and the entire driver can be integrated into a tiny 16 pin or 8 pin chip. Read more »

LpR Article | Jul 02, 2016

Using Integrating Spheres Correctly to Measure LEDs

Using Integrating Spheres Correctly to Measure LEDs LEDs have opened up new dimensions of design freedom, allowing architects and designers to give free rein to their creativity. Light-emitting diodes permit manifold design solutions as a light source in illumination products. However, a suitable measuring method for comparing key technical data is required in order to get the best out of the diversity of illumination products available. Mikolaj Przybyla from GL OPTIC, a Just Normlicht GmbH division, explains crucial product requirements and what to take care about when calibrating a measurement system. Read more »

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WHITE PAPER: "LED Reflector and Lens Simulation using TracePro® Illumination Design and Analysis Software"

Complex reflector with 11 LEDs as modeled in TracePro TracePro® allows users to design, analyze, and optimize LED lighting systems using software simulation prior to building hardware. The resultant accuracy of these models depends on the accuracy of the components that make up the model. These include light source characteristics, surface and material properties, and model geometry. Read more »


Exclusive Interview: Nobel Prize and Global Energy Prize Winner Prof. Shuji Nakamura

Shuji Nakamura On June 19th, 2015 Nobel and Millennium prize winner, Professor Shuji Nakamura was awarded the Global Energy Prize in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Global Energy Prize is given to researchers in the field of energy efficiency and renewable technologies on a global scale. During the Global Energy Prize Event in St. Petersburg, Professor Nakamura gave an exclusive interview about the developments and future of solid-state lighting. Siegfried Luger, CEO of Luger Research, Event Director of the LpS 2015 and Publisher of LED professional, talked with Professor Nakamura about LED substrate technologies, violet and ultra-violet emitters, nano-technologies, OLEDs and laser technologies. Read more »

Resources | White Papers | Thermal Management

WHITE PAPER: "High Intensity UV LED Sources Enabled by Next Generation Substrates"

SEM images of Nanotherm dielectric compared with anodic layers on Al substrate Thermal management of high-power UV LEDs is substantially more demanding than for white LEDs. This arises due to their lower efficacy combined with the end use requirement for intense light sources. Critical to the thermal management of densely packed LED arrays is the substrate the semiconductors are mounted on. This whitepaper investigates how next generation Nanoceramic substrates can benefit the LED industry and presents a case study of a 75W UV LED module, just 2cm². Read more »

Technologies | Light Conversion | Quantum Dots | Nov 25, 2015

Cadmium-Free Quantum Dot Technology in LED Lighting

Cadmium-Free Quantum Dot Materials (Photo by Katharina Fink) Nanoco and its partner Marl International, a pioneer of the LED lighting industry, demonstrated four product lines based on Nanoco’s CFQD® quantum dot film technology last week at LuxLive. The CFQD® Quantum Dot technology as a revolutionary solution for high-end lighting applications in retail and specialty, architecture, and agriculture, where maintaining true-to-life color representations maximizes user experience and value. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 19, 2013

Osram Expands the Duris LED Family for Linear and Area Indoor Lighting

The new Duris S 5 adds three brightness levels to the existing product family. Duris S 5 is the latest high-tech addition to the Duris LED family from Osram Opto Semiconductors. This new LED component offers an impressive lifetime of more than 35,000 hours. And in contrast to other components it can withstand much higher temperatures in the applications – up to 105 degrees Celsius (°C). Duris S 5 is ideal for indoor lighting – in retrofits, in downlights or in panel luminaires. Read more »

White Paper | IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Jan 03, 2013

DoE Releases CALiPER 2012 Year in Review Report

The CALiPER 2012 Year in Review report contains several graphs like this one showing overall test results since 2006 The CALiPER program has tested more than 500 products since its inception in 2006, revealing a variety of performance trends, holding manufacturers accountable for claims, and identifying concerns that limit adoption. Over the past six years, the LED marketplace has changed substantially; previously relegated to niche status, LED products are now a viable alternative in many product categories and market share is expected to grow rapidly. Starting in 2012, Summary Reports focus on a single product type or application. Read more »

White Paper | Technology | Jan 09, 2013

Scientists Mimic Fireflies to Make Brighter LEDs

The misfit scales (bottom right) found on the lantern of the Photuris firefly (top right) are the inspiration for a GaN LED, coated with a "factory-roof" pattern (left) that increased light extraction by more than 50 percent The nighttime twinkling of fireflies has inspired scientists to modify a light-emitting diode (LED) so it is more than one and a half times as efficient as the original. Researchers from Belgium, France, and Canada studied the internal structure of firefly lanterns, the organs on the bioluminescent insects’ abdomens that flash to attract mates. The scientists identified an unexpected pattern of jagged scales that enhanced the lanterns’ glow, and applied that knowledge to LED design to create an LED overlayer that mimicked the natural structure. The overlayer, which increased LED light extraction by up to 55 percent, could be easily tailored to existing diode designs to help humans light up the night while using less energy. The work is published in a pair of papers today in the Optical Society’s (OSA) open-access journal Optics Express. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Dec 14, 2012

Toshiba to Start Sales of White LED Packages Based on GaN-on-Si Technology

Toshiba's new LED product uses GaN-on-Si technology and is manufactured on 200mm silicon wafers Toshiba Corporation today announced that the company will start sales of white light-emitting diode (LED) packages that offer makers of general purpose and industrial LED lighting solutions a cost-competitive alternative to current LED packages. Mass production will start this month. Read more »


Emergency Lighting Just Got Smarter

Emergency Lighting Just Got Smarter NEW NOW: OSRAM’s standalone solution for emergency lighting testing, reporting and maintenance. Meet the QBM DALI EL-T CONV, a converter transforming existing DALI emergency luminaires into wireless ones, all controlled by the same lighting system. Its benefits? Allowing you to design all the ... Read more »


Continuous versus Discrete Calibration Sources: Consideration for Use

Continuous versus Discrete Calibration Sources: Consideration for Use Rapid advancements in the field of solid-state lighting have presented opportunities for the use of LED-based systems for calibrations typically performed with lamp-based sources. Their highly efficient and long-lived performance, rapid power up, and compact size have made LED-based sources an ... Read more »


LUXTECH Offers First Compelling Flex Modules Designed to Replace Traditional Rigid Modules: LUXroll (UL Listed)

LUXTECH Offers First Compelling Flex Modules Designed to Replace Traditional Rigid Modules:  LUXroll (UL Listed) The Indirect Costs of Using Rigid Boards Make Switching to Flexible LED Modules a Compelling Choice. Read more »


New LUXEON Rubix Cyan LED Enables 96-98 CRI Across CCT Range in Color Driven Solutions for Entertainment, Stage, and Studio

New LUXEON Rubix Cyan LED Enables 96-98 CRI Across CCT Range in Color Driven Solutions for Entertainment, Stage, and Studio Lumileds added cyan, its eighth color, to the LUXEON Rubix high-power LED family enabling multi-color driven systems to produce very high CRI white light that is so important in entertainment lighting. Adding the cyan LED fills a significant wavelength gap between blue and green in a system and ... Read more »


New date: Light + Building Autumn Edition 2022

New date: Light + Building Autumn Edition 2022 Frankfurt am Main, January 10, 2022. As the pandemic situation continues to develop very dynamically, Messe Frankfurt is postponing the world's leading trade fair for light and building technology to autumn 2022. Last December, intensive discussions with customers and cooperation partners had ... Read more »