Business News | Sep 17, 2010

Energy Smart Industry Brings Outdoor LED Lighting

ESI or the Energy Smart Industry, which is known to come up with smart and energy efficient lighting solutions now launches special outdoor LED lighting. With the new lightings, people can look forward to get powerful lights for outdoors and can also get to save on their electricity bill. The outdoor lighting retrofitting program offered by the company comes along with a special 5 years all –inclusive protection plan. Read more »

Business News | Sep 15, 2010

SDK Ups Blue LED Chip Production Capacity to 340 Mil. Units/Month

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has increased its production capacity of blue LED chips at its Chiba site to 340 million units per month, from 200 million units per month. After completion of expansion work in July, SDK made a trial run to secure product quality and stable operations. Commercial operation has already started. Read more »

Business News | Sep 14, 2010

HEICO Lighting™ and Future Electronics Sign a Worldwide Distribution Agreement

The agreement also includes products using the patent pending contactless energy transfer technology. HEICO Lighting™ and Future Electronics are pleased to announce that both companies have signed a worldwide distribution agreement for HEICO Lighting™ LED lighting solutions. Read more »

Business News | Sep 09, 2010

FTC Sues Over Company’s False Claims for its Light Emitting Diode (LED) Bulbs

Lights of America - Accent LED Light Bulb - Inside. Agency charges Lights of America with misrepresenting the light output and life expectancy of its Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs. One LED bulb promoted as producing 90 lumens allegedly tested at 43 lumens, less than half the company claimed. Read more »

Business News | Sep 09, 2010

Energy Smart Industry Announces LED Retrofit Program for Industrial Lighting

Energy Smart Industry or ESI, which has proven to be one of the leading providers of LED retrofitting, announces LED Retrofit Program for Industrial Lighting. With this new lighting solution the industries can look forward to a noticeable reduction in electricity bills and can enjoy the advantages that are offered by LED lightings. The company claims that it would be providing the industries with customized lighting solution that suits their individual requirement. Read more »

Business News | Sep 06, 2010

Epistar expects 35% in 3Q10 gross margin

Although Taiwan-based LED chipmaker Epistar will adjust its shipment mix in the wake of a demand slowdown from the LED-backlit TV segment, the company's internal target for third-quarter 2010 gross margin remains at 35%, according to industry sources. Epistar pointed out that September revenues could be affected due to the adjustment but should at least reach the level of August and gain modestly from that of July. The company expects full utilization of blue LED capacity into September and about 75-85% for red LEDs. Epistar registered first-half revenues of NT$9.274 billion (US$290.767 million), gross margin of 37.75% and after-tax profit of 2.692 billion or NT$3.5 per share. The company pointed out that orders were in excess of capacity by 30-40% in the first half and expects demand and supply to be more balanced in in the fourth quarter. Read more »

Business News | Aug 31, 2010

The Taiwan-based LED Manufacturer Lextar Electronics Is Busy Building New Facilitates and Expanding its MOCVD Growth Capabilities.

Lextar Electronics Corporation, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of LED chips, epiwafers and packages, as well as solid-state Lighting products, has reported strong quarterly results and is planning to install MOCVD systems that are capable of LED growth on 6-inch wafers. Read more »

Business News | Aug 04, 2010

Philips Lumileds Crosses 1 Billion LUXEON LED Benchmark

luxeon_rebel_es_now_delivers_300_lumens-jpg Philips Lumileds today announced that it shipped its billionth LUXEON power LED in the 2nd quarter of 2010. The company’s capacity and infrastructure investments over the last several years have enabled it to meet customer needs for high volumes of products, with the company delivering over 750 million LUXEON power LEDs in the past two years to automotive, illumination and consumer electronics customers. Read more »

Business News | Jul 31, 2010

2050 Pathways Analysis - UK

Climate change affects the entire planet, and is by definition a global issue. The UK is taking world-leading action at home to address the problem, but ultimately we need global solutions. Energy is a global issue too. The UK imports an increasing amount of its energy, and, the supplies are to remain secure and priced competitively. Read more »

Business News | Jul 21, 2010

High Efficient Citizen CL-L251 Now Available from Marl

The CL-L251 series LEDs are predestined to replace conventional MR16 halogen lamp applications. Available in the UK from Marl, the 4.5W Citizen CL-L251 delivers 290 lumens of light output at a colour temperature of 3000K with good colour rendering “Ra85”, equivalent to a standard 20W MR16 halogen. The range is available with colour temperatures up to 5000K, delivering up to 425 lumens from 4.5W. The CL-L251 has a luminous efficiency of up to 106 lumens per watt, compared to 16 lumens per watt for a halogen light. Since the drive voltage of the CL-L251 is 9-10V, the LED can be packaged as a drop-in replacement for the standard halogen light. Read more »

Business News | Jul 09, 2010

Nuventix’ LED Cooling Solutions Now Available from Future Lighting Solutions

Nuventix, Inc., developer of SynJet® thermal management solutions for LED luminaires, today announced a distribution agreement making the company’s reliable LED cooling products available from LED lighting component and support services provider Future Lighting Solutions. Nuventix solutions help increase the brightness and LED lifetime of solid state luminaires by actively displacing heat, even in small spaces such as recessed downlights and spotlights. Read more »


WEBINAR (May 14th): How to Achieve Better Products to the Eye Through Virtual Prototyping?

WEBINAR (May 14th): How to Achieve Better Products to the Eye Through Virtual Prototyping? In the CADFEM webinar on May, 14, 2020 you will learn, how physics-based simulations - virtual prototyping - contribute to develop better lighting products. The live presentation pictures the whole process - from editing the geometric model to the definition of light sources and sensors to the use ... Read more »


EuControls Introduces Its Zigbee Compatible Ceiling Mount Multi-Sensor 810-PLT-DZB

EuControls Introduces Its Zigbee Compatible Ceiling Mount Multi-Sensor 810-PLT-DZB EuControls is excited to announce the addition of a compact ceiling mount multi-sensor/controller to its growing wireless lighting controls product portfolio. The S810-PLT-DZB is a unique Zigbee compatible energy management device aimed at new and retrofit indoor lighting projects that require ... Read more »


Selecting the UV LED Wavelength for Purification Applications

Selecting the UV LED Wavelength for Purification Applications Patrick Durand is the Worldwide Technical Director at Future Lighting Solutions (FLS) with over 15 years of experience in the solid state lighting industry. Patrick leads the FLS Technical Marketing teams and FLS laboratory teams located in multiple regions around the world with the objective of ... Read more »


Nichia Showcases LEDs with 'Light so Good'

Nichia Showcases LEDs with 'Light so Good' At Light + Building 2020 held in Frankfurt, Nichia – the leader in high-performance LED solutions – reveals it will present at least three complementary technologies to improve the delivery of light quality under an over-arching banner of 'Light so Good'. Read more »