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Rich document The Head of the Seven Wonders - Beijing Daxing International
Airport is completed, which use of MOSO LUP series LED Drivers. According to the 2016 “Guardian” selected the Seven Wonders of the New World, China has taken two seats. One is the Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macau Bridge, and the other is the top-ranked Beijing Daxing International Airport!
Rich document Semi-Empirical Characterization of Freeform Microlens Arrays
LpR 72 Article - page 42: Microlens arrays (MLA) have been used for imaging and non-imaging applications for a long time as cost-effective solutions. Non-symmetrical beam shapes require more advanced non-symmetrical freeform microlens arrays (FMLA). The required FMLA molding tools convey a high cost and an iteration process is required for the final design. Oscar Fernández, Tamara Aderneuer, Rolando Ferrini from the Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique, CSEM, and Julien Duchene from ANSYS proposed a method to overcome these limitations based on 3D surface sampling, computer generation of a ray-traceable model and ray-tracing performance simulation and demonstrate feasibility for several commercially available freeform asymmetric thin-film diffusers.
Rich document Technologies for Shared Office Space
LpR 72 Article, page 66: Shared office spaces are gaining popularity as a flexible, resource-efficient and creativity-inspiring way to work. The dynamic nature of such office spaces requires building automation and lighting control solutions that can quickly be deployed and easily be adapted to new office layouts. Matthias Kassner, Vice President Product Marketing at EnOcean GmbH, takes a look at different connectivity architectures (wired, wireless, hybrid) and protocols (Bluetooth, ZigBee, EnOcean, PoE) to assess their usability and show how minimizing the need for maintenance is a key for increasing profitability of service-based offerings.
Rich document What the Heck Is Future Proof?
Commentary from LpR 72: The first time the question about future proofing LED systems came up seriously, was at LightFair 2018 when Siegfried Luger interviewed Patrick Durand. Since then, it has been the buzzword throughout the industry. Discussions concerning future proofing are often limited to wireless communications, IoT and some type of AI. But isn't there more?
Rich document Troff document Nationstar Overall Layout in UV LED Market
In August 2018, Nationstar set up the Non-visual Light Source Business Division, focusing on IR LED, UV LED, animal and plant lighting. Nationstar has been fully laid out on UVA/UVB/UVC. Since 2016, Nationstar has launched near-ultraviolet LED, deep-ultraviolet LED and modules, with wide wavelength range, high reliability and good feedback in the market. At present, we have established partnerships with many well-known manufacturers.
Rich document Gigahertz-Optik Updates MSC15 with Built-In Memory and Advanced Settings
As part of a product update, the range of functions of the compact MSC15 spectral light meter has been extended. The device is particularly suited to the measurement of LED based lighting in terms of illuminance, spectrum, color, CRI, PAR and human centric lighting metrics.
Rich document Xicato Releases Open Source Software for Future of Smart Buildings
Xicato, the leading provider of highest quality light sources and smart building wireless controls, announced the official release of its XIG API (Xicato Intelligent Gateway application programming interface) to the software developer and system integration community under the standard MIT Free Open Source Software (FOSS) license. The XIG API enables configuration, control, monitoring, data reporting and data analytics of large networks of Bluetooth Mesh nodes installations that integrate lighting, sensors, switches, and audio-visual effects in any type of commercial or residential smart space.
Rich document High Performance from Extraordinarily Thick Organic Light Emitting Diodes with Perovskite Layers
By combining thin organic layers with thick layers of hybrid perovskite, researchers at Kyushu University in Japan have developed micrometer-thick organic light-emitting diodes that could improve the affordability and viewing angles of high-performance displays and televisions in the near future.
Rich document ALAN May Be Increasing West Nile Virus Spillover from Wild Birds
We're in the midst of summertime mosquito bite season and cities across the country are reporting a heightened number of West Nile Virus (WNV) cases. The house sparrow is one of the most common carriers of WNV in urban areas. Mosquitos feed off the infected birds and spread the virus to humans. New research finds house sparrows exposed to artificial light at night, such as what's used in parking lots, maintain higher burdens of WNV for longer than those who spend their nights in the dark.
Rich document GlacialLight Announces New Natural Sunlight of GL-BL60-NL Series
GlacialLight, the LED lighting division of GlacialTech Inc., announces the natural sunlight GL-BL60-NL series. With a CRI of 97, as well as the CQS (Color Quality Scale) is up to 97. The color fidelity index (TM-30-15 Rf) and color gamut score (TM-30-15 Rg) are close to natural light. The GL-BL60-NL can be mounted on ceiling or ground surfaces to project onto walls, as well as comes in suspension chain, pendant rod and outdoor stake options. It also features with dimming function for greater lighting flexibility.
Rich document object code EPtronics Expands UL Type HL Rated LED Drivers Portfolio
EPtronics, Inc. (EPtronics) has expanded its LED driver selection for hazardous location luminaires by offering a complete line of high performance drivers from 25 W to 200 W output in constant current and constant voltage options. These LED optimized drivers are designed to operate inside HazLoc fixtures installed in dangerous or harsh locations. The LP, LD, LDAD, and LDHL Series EPtronics driver families are now UL Type HL rated, demonstrating product safety compliance when installed and operated in Class I, Division 2 Hazardous (Classified) Locations.
Rich document Infineon Launches Digital, Single-Stage Quasi-Resonant Flyback LED Driver Controller, the XDPL8210
Infineon Technologies AG releases a new LED driver IC to its XDP™ portfolio. The XDPL8210 is a constant current flyback IC with a high power factor and primary-side regulation. Key advantages of designing with XDPL8210 include outstanding functional performance for efficient designs as well as low bill-of-material (BOM) for small system cost and high flexibility. It enables excellent reliability for a long driver lifetime. For advanced products, the built-in features enable fast design cycles with little design efforts. The XDPL8210 is the best fit for innovative cost-effective, constant current, single-stage driver designs.
Rich document American Bright Introduces All-New 5mm Ultra-Slim Series
American Bright has introduced a brilliant new option to its already comprehensive line of flexible rope lighting with the AB-FH series of 5mm diffused side-emitting light. With its sleek dimensions and Ingress Protection rating of 67, adding light to almost any indoor and outdoor application is now possible. Select from either 12V DC or 24V DC with color options of white (warm, neutral or cool), green, blue, red, amber, RGB or RGB+IC.
Rich document The 24th Guzhen Lighting Fair Kicks off to Offer Global Buyers a Feast with 6 Highlights This Autumn
Recollection is like a song, outlook a poem. Since the first exhibition in 1999, the China Guzhen International Lighting Fair (hereinafter Guzhen Lighting Fair) has evolved all the way from a biennial, to an annual, and now a biannual fair featuring exhibitions and merchant networking. After many years of development, it has become a hub of procurement for the lighting sector, and an ambassador for Guzhen as the world center of lighting. The 24th Lighting Fair is slated to be held on October 22-26, 2019. The eight venues will be lit in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan, illuminating the town and shining a light on the industry.
Rich document Circadian-Friendly Light Emitters: From CCT-Tuning to Blue-Free Technology
Common levels of blue radiation are sufficient to disrupt the circadian cycle, calling for blue-depleted emitters in the evening. Most current solutions employ low-CCT and suffer from poor light quality. Aurelien David, chief scientist at Soraa explains the melanopic lumen and its possible sources of inaccuracy related to the uncertainty in assessing the circadian action spectrum. In addition, he also discusses the concept of a blue-free emitter with minimal melanopic lumen at very low CCT and how such a spectrum providing a good light quality can be optimized.
Rich document EU Policy Offers the Lighting Industry Risks and Opportunities
The European Union is pushing a number of policy initiatives in the coming months and years that will have a profound impact on the business models of firms competing in the European lighting industry.
Rich document "Glare" Is to Light as "Noise" Is to Sound - CIE Research Roadmap on Glare
Glare has always been a relevant topic, especially since electric light levels began to increase. With high intensity light sources like LEDs, the problem culminated in the last few years. CIE addresses this topic in its recent publication CIE 205:2013: "Review of Lighting Quality Measures for Interior Lighting with LED Lighting Systems". Furthermore the Joint Technical Committee JTC 7 is still working on this topic. A short overview on the topic and CIE's activities is presented.
Rich document DALI-2 Certification of Sensors and Input Devices Is Now Underway
The Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA), the global industry organization for DALI lighting control, has introduced DALI-2 certification for a range of products including light sensors, occupancy sensors, push-buttons, switches and sliders. These products, known as DALI-2 input devices, provide user-derived and environmental information to the lighting-control system.
Rich document NASA Low Outgassing Rated UV Curing Adhesive
Master Bond UV26 is a one part UV curable system featuring an exceptionally high glass transition temperature (Tg) ranging from 160 to 170°C. It is a NASA low outgassing certified compound that offers strong adhesion to a wide variety of substrates such as glass, surface treated metals and many plastics. As a coating and adhesive it is also capable of withstanding harsh chemicals including acids, bases, fuels and many aggressive solvents.
Rich document More Museums Install Pioneering UV-Free LED Technology
NICHIA, the leader in high brightness LED technologies, announces continued success with Optisolis – the world's first series of packaged LEDs and Chip-on-Board (COB) solutions that accurately mimics natural sunlight without producing any harmful ultraviolet (UV) light. The natural color rendering of Optisolis LEDs lets visitors experience artwork as the artist intended without degrading the work

Nationstar Overall Layout in UV LED Market

Nationstar Overall Layout in UV LED Market In August 2018, Nationstar set up the Non-visual Light Source Business Division, focusing on IR LED, UV LED, animal and plant lighting. Nationstar has been fully laid out on UVA/UVB/UVC. Since 2016, Nationstar has launched near-ultraviolet LED, deep-ultraviolet LED and modules, with wide wavelength ... Read more »


High Conductive Foils Enabling Large Area Lighting

High Conductive Foils Enabling Large Area Lighting Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP as one of the leading partners for research and development for surface technologies and organic electronics and Sefar AG, a leading manufacturer of precision fabrics from monofilaments, developed a roll-to-roll ... Read more »