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Rich document Octet Stream Signify Expands Offering for Smart Cities by Acquiring Telensa
Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, announces today that it acquired Telensa Holdings Ltd, a UK-based expert in wireless monitoring and control systems for smart cities. With Telensa, Signify adds a narrow-band and TALQ-compliant solution to its feature-rich, open and secured systems. This will enable Signify to service a broader group of customers, by making smart city infrastructure affordable to cities utilizing the unlicensed radio space. Telensa will continue to sell its systems under its own brand name.
Rich document PS document NICHIA Introduces High-Power 1800K LED as Industry’s Only True Alternative to High Pressure Sodium Lamps
NICHIA, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of the high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces its 219F series of high-power LEDs, uniquely positioned as a true alternative to High Pressure Sodium lamps (hereinafter abbreviated as HPS). Global efforts to phase-out the use of HPS continue to be met with a resistance to using white LED replacements. Due to this lack of a viable and sustainable alternative, HPS have remained exempt from the list of banned products under the Minamata Convention on Mercury, meaning HPS remains ubiquitous. With the introduction of the 219F, NICHIA becomes the first LED manufacturer to provide that alternative. NVSW219F eradicates mercury but increases efficiency and lifetime, with a low (1800K) correlated color temperature output that works with HPS to retain the element of ‘nostalgic landscape’ lighting, making it a true alternative.
Rich document LED Driver Solutions from ON Semiconductor Add Intelligence to Connected Lighting
ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON), driving energy efficient innovations, has announced two new devices designed to enhance the performance of connected lighting systems. The NCL31000 and NCL31001 LED drivers allow manufacturers to develop LED luminaires with light-based positioning technology and visible light communication. By adding data intelligence and accurate positioning (up to 30 cm), these solutions will revolutionize lighting in a variety of spaces including supermarkets, warehouses, hospitals, and airports.
Rich document Enabling Optical Fingerprint Sensors with IR Wavelength at 1380 nm
Instrument Systems has developed a modular high-end IR test solution that meets the requirements of optical under-display fingerprint sensors with wavelengths above 1100 nm. As the IR radiation at 1380 nm is verified to avoid burn-in phenomena, the requested test equipment needs to be a high-end solution: high-resolution and calibrated for precise measurement of radiometric quantities, pulse measurement in the µs range and with temperature control.
Rich document LightingEurope Advocates for All Building Renovations to Include an Upgrade of Lighting Installations
With its Renovation Wave Initiative (RWI), the European Union (EU) intends to at least double the rate of building renovations in Europe over the next 10 years. In doing so, the European Commission hopes to reignite Europe’s economy for a post-pandemic world and ensure that the EU meets its Green Deal climate objectives of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 % by 2030 and becoming climate neutral by 2050.
Rich document First Zhaga-D4i Controller Earns Certification
The world’s first Zhaga-D4i RF Node, which allows control and monitoring of public lighting, has been certified by the Zhaga Consortium and the DALI Alliance. This Tridonic controller enables Zhaga-D4i certified luminaries to connect with IoT/Smart City platforms for intelligent use cases and energy savings.
Rich document Marco Steffenmunsberg – New CEO at Regiolux
Since 1 June, Marco Steffenmunsberg has been the new Chief Executive Officer of Regiolux GmbH ( The 47-year-old made the transition from the role of Business Unit Manager at RZB Rudolf Zimmermann, Bamberg GmbH to the luminaire specialist for the technical lighting sector based in Königsberg, Bavaria.
Rich document YUJILEDS Introduces AP Series Full-Spectrum LEDs
Full-spectrum technology enters a new era. YUJILEDS releases the AP Series full spectrum LEDs powered by the company's advanced phosphor and packaging technologies. The new product features an ultra-homogeneous spectrum achieving the closest match with the spectrum of natural sunlight in the industry.
Rich document D source code Lecture: Smart Lighting in Times of Covid
Smart lighting systems have the potential to close the gap between lighting control and building data analytics. Data – such as space occupancy – that was previously used only to control the lighting itself, is now available for additional services. The agility of wireless smart lighting systems removes previous restrictions for re-configuration and re-purposing to new, unexpected, and therefore unplanned use cases.
Rich document New OEM Leader at Signify for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland: Hendrik Theiß Succeeds Franz Jansen
Effective July 1, Hendrik Theiß will take over as head of Signify's OEM business in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (D/A/CH). He succeeds Franz Jansen, who will end his career after more than thirty-five years of service to Philips, Philips Lighting, and Signify.
Rich document Zhaga: Standardizing Interfaces, Enabling Interoperability
Lighting must become both connected and serviceable to unlock IoT related business opportunities, enable the circular economy, and meet regulatory expectations. But doing so requires standardized interfaces that support interoperable components – which is where Zhaga comes in.
Rich document Pascal source code Signify Launches New Philips Hue App
Signify is further enhancing the user experience of millions of Philips Hue users around the globe as it launches the fourth generation of the Philips Hue app. Rebuilt from the ground up, the all-new Philips Hue app has been designed as the foundation for the future of smart lighting. New technologies improve app performance both in overall function and in communication with your smart lighting system, while also delivering an intuitive and enhanced user experience.
Rich document Citrix ICA settings file Acuity Brands Acquires the ams OSRAM Digital Systems Business in North America
Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) (“Acuity”) a leading industrial technology company announced it has signed a definitive agreement to purchase ams OSRAM’s North American Digital Systems (DS) business. Acuity’s ownership of ams OSRAM’s North American DS business will bring a strategic fit and perspective to customers and associates, and a growth strategy for the business. Acuity expects the transaction to close during the summer of 2021.
Rich document J Series® 2835 G Class Mid Power LEDs
J Series 2835 G Class LEDs combine high efficacy and superior value in an industry-standard package. Optimized for both horticulture and general illumination applications, these LEDs are valued for their high efficacy and uniform appearance in applications such as downlights, troffers, panels and grow lights or for lighting applications where color quality is critical. J Series 2835 G Class LEDs are smaller, less expensive, better performing and higher efficacy than 3030s.
Rich document VCS/ICS calendar Low Pressure Molding Technology for Lighting Electronics | Henkel’s Technomelt
Henkel’s Low Pressure Molding technology for encapsulating electrical and electronic components in its Technomelt polyamide adhesive molding compounds is increasingly being adopted for lighting, electronic components, power and industrial automation, and HVAC applications. The technology offers numerous economic, process control, design and environmental advantages over alternative systems such as potting with reactive resin systems and high-pressure injection molding.
Rich document TRIZ@Light Workshop – Part I
Luger Research organized the first TRIZ@Light workshop and pointed out the general development trends in this first part. The first main trend was presented in the workshop and discussed with the participants.
Rich document Extended Flexibility in LED Luminaires Configuration with NFC Programming
Reduced complexity together with increased functionality and efficiency are dominating the agenda of all lighting manufacturers. In this regard, Osram and Infineon Technologies AG now join forces to enable Near Field Communication (NFC) programming for the industry. Osram’s new OPTOTRONIC ® FIT product family features Infineon’s NLM0011 and NLM0010 dual-mode NFC wireless configuration integrated circuits (ICs) with pulse width modulation (PWM).
Rich document DOE Announces New L-Prize for Next Generation LED Lighting
The Lighting Prize (L-Prize) is designed to advance the U.S. clean energy economy for next-generation LED lighting, encouraging innovators and researchers to engage in advanced lighting system development that leads to transformative designs, products, and impact. The L-Prize will reward innovations that move rapidly to improve lighting performance, resulting in energy, carbon, and cost savings for American businesses and consumers.
Rich document New Mid-Power LED Enables Luminaires to Meet Latest DLC V5.1 Premium and EU’s ErP Ecodesign Requirements to Accommodate Evolving Needs of the Lighting Industry
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced digital component solutions, today introduced the LM301B EVO, a new mid-power LED package that has been designed to set the pace in light efficacy and color quality for indoor and industrial applications.
Rich document LUXEON 5050 Offers Advanced Options for the Horticulture Industry
Lumileds, a global leader in innovative lighting solutions and the originator of the 5050 LED, is again improving LUXEON 5050 Round performance and is characterizing the LED for use in the horticulture industry. For illumination applications, 70 CRI lumen performance increases by as much as 5lm. In the case of a minimum 15,000 lumen streetlight, this equates to a 10% reduction in LEDs and significant cost savings.

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Continuous versus Discrete Calibration Sources: Consideration for Use

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New LUXEON Rubix Cyan LED Enables 96-98 CRI Across CCT Range in Color Driven Solutions for Entertainment, Stage, and Studio

New LUXEON Rubix Cyan LED Enables 96-98 CRI Across CCT Range in Color Driven Solutions for Entertainment, Stage, and Studio Lumileds added cyan, its eighth color, to the LUXEON Rubix high-power LED family enabling multi-color driven systems to produce very high CRI white light that is so important in entertainment lighting. Adding the cyan LED fills a significant wavelength gap between blue and green in a system and ... Read more »


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