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Rich document DALI-2 Emergency Lighting Control Strengthens Interoperability for Safety-critical Applications
The DALI Alliance has extended its highly successful DALI-2 certification program to include control gear for self-contained emergency lighting. Focused on device interoperability, DALI-2 certification is built on open, international standards.
Rich document deLIGHTed Talks: Good Light – Good Life in Wintertime, November 3, 2021
The Good Light Group, together with the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms (SLTBR), the Daylight Academy (DLA), the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), and Luger Research (LR), are organizing and presenting the “Good Light – Good Life” lectures. The webinar explains what the bad effects of daylight saving time are and how to cope with the dark period of the year.
Rich document How Zhaga addresses Sustainability and the Circular Economy
The Zhaga Consortium has published the White Paper “How Zhaga addresses Sustainability and the Circular Economy”. The publication points out that durable, repairable, and upgradeable LED luminaires are key elements to sustainable lighting. It explains that Zhaga is developing and standardizing interface specifications for components of serviceable luminaires, to help facilitate a new market framework called “Circularity Lighting”.
Rich document D source code Top Engineering Develops Micro LED Inspection Equipment To Improve Production Yield
Top Engineering has developed an inspection equipment that can improve the production yield of micro light emitting diode (LED) displays. It is an equipment that can prevent the production of bad pixels by screening the defective chips before transferring the micro LED chip to the panel. It is expected to reduce the cost and time of the micro LED pixel repair process, which solves difficulty of mass production.
Rich document D source code NICHIA Unveils High Radiant Flux Density UV-C LED
NICHIA, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of the high-brightness blue and white LED, has launched a high radiant flux density UV-C LED that can help target the inactivation and sterilization of various bacteria and viruses, including the new coronavirus.
Rich document DALI Lighting Awards 2021 Open for Entries
The DALI Alliance (DiiA), the global industry organization for DALI lighting control, announces the call for entries for the DALI Lighting Awards 2021.
Rich document C source code Circadian Stimulus Calculator 2.0 from LHRC
The Light and Health Research Center (LHRC) at Mount Sinai has released a web-based version of its CS calculator with more robust and flexible functionality to help lighting professionals select light sources and light levels that will increase the potential for circadian-effective light exposure in architectural spaces. This calculator provides additional functionality not included in earlier versions. (Release date: March 12, 2018)
Rich document Significant Improvement of the Thermal Efficiency of Headlamps for Vehicles
Seoul Semiconductor announced that it launches WICOP TE (Top Electrode) designed to significantly improve the thermal efficiency of headlamps for vehicles. WICOP LED was applied to 10% of the global vehicle production in 2020, and is expected to see an increasing demand in the future electric vehicle market. Seoul Semiconductor expects to accelerate the move to expand its market share in the global automotive lighting LED market worth approximately USD 2.7 billion.
Rich document Avegant Introduces The World's Smallest LED Light Engines For Augmented Reality
Building on its long history of delivering cutting edge AR light engines, Avegant today announced its latest products -- the AG-30L 30º and AG-50L 50º LED light engines. Avegant's 30º AR light engine uses proprietary illumination technology to dramatically reduce engine volume and weight while preserving efficiency and MTF. The next generation Avegant light engine, the AG-50L, enables a larger field of view and a more immersive AR experience for users while maintaining the compact, light glasses form factor made possible by the AG-30L product.
Rich document Lufthansa Improves Travel Experience with Innovative Cabin Including HCL
Lufthansa passengers can now enjoy a whole new flying experience on short and medium-haul routes. Thanks to a new innovative cabin, the airline is noticeably improving travel comfort. Tomorrow, the first Airbus 321neo with the modern Airspace Cabin will take off from Frankfurt for Fuerteventura.
Rich document C header EGLO Took Over the Majority of Bartenbach
On August 24, 2021 the company EGLO acquired the majority of the Bartenbach Holding. EGLO is a family owned business with more than 50 years of history and is credited as being the largest residential lighting supplier in Europe.
Rich document New Ecodesign & Labelling Rules Become Applicable Today
The Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations for light sources adopted in 2019 and revised in February this year become applicable today in all EU Member States. Updated LightingEurope Guidelines are available for the market.
Rich document Signify Introduces Philips LED’s First Most Energy-efficient A-class Bulbs
Signify introduces the first Philips LED A-class bulbs that meet the more stringent EU Ecodesign and Energy labeling regulations that come into effect on September 1, 2021. The new Philips LED bulbs with a longer lifespan provide consumers with a smart investment for both the planet as their purse. The more sustainable LED bulbs, available in 40W and 60W equivalents, will hit the shelves on September 1, 2021.
Rich document 25th Anniversary Of The White LED – Invented by Nichia, Japan
Established in 1956 to produce chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry, Nichia quickly evolved to become one of the world’s largest phosphor manufacturers, a leadership position Nichia held into the 2000’s. After significant investment into a technology believed impossible, in 1993 Nichia commercialized the very first high luminous blue LEDs. With these high luminous blue LEDs and its then 30+ years of phosphor expertise and history, Nichia created a revolutionary technology. In September of 1996, Nichia combined Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG) phosphor with its innovative blue LEDs to officially produce the first ever white LEDs. The world suddenly had a new trajectory for applications utilizing white light, one with many significant benefits.
Rich document Near-field Analysis of VCSEL Arrays
The VTC 4000 is Instrument System‘s VCSEL testing camera for comprehensive near-field analysis of complete VCSEL arrays. It enables the absolutely calibrated, traceable and polarization-controlled 2D characterization of all relevant parameters for every single emitter on the array. The VTC 4000, consisting of a camera and corresponding microscope optics, is capable of simultaneously determining position, radiant power and polarization of single emitters on a VCSEL array in a single-shot camera measurement. This allows quick and easy detection of defect emitters on the array. The integrated polarization analysis ensures an unprecedented radiant power measurement accuracy with minimal error budget.
Rich document LUXEON 7070: For High Light Output & Efficiency Applications
More lumens, higher efficacy, and lower system costs are the driving forces behind new designs for a broad range of indoor and outdoor high light output applications. Lumileds new LUXEON 7070, introduced today, is designed to outperform similar lead-frame and ceramic high-power solutions with leading efficacy and light output in a robust, small surface mount package. For any new or redesigned street light, high/low bay, horticulture, or other application that requires many thousands of lumens, LUXEON 7070 will be the clear choice.
Rich document XLamp® XP-G3 S Line LEDs Shine Brighter
Our name changed, but our commitment to superior LED technology, reliability, innovation, support, and service remains steadfast. The same teams with years of Cree LED experience are newly energized to help our customers improve their LED-based products and develop new applications. Our global distribution channels and sales team remain in force. Operations continue at full speed. Our new name embodies our relentless focus on advancing LED technology.
Rich document LUXTECH Launches Fingerboards: 4 Versatile Area LED Modules
Fingerboards are designed to make it easier than ever to fill area fixtures with architectural-grade light; available in White, Tunable White, RGB, and RGBW to suit the demands of any lighting application.
Rich document New EnOcean CEO: Raoul Wijgergangs Supersedes Andreas Schneider
Raoul Wijgergangs was appointed EnOcean's new CEO, starting from 1 August 2021, succeeding co-founder Andreas Schneider. In this role, Wijgergangs will further expand EnOcean's position as a market leader in the field of battery-free radio technology and wireless solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).
Rich document Phosphor-free White LEDs – Saga University, Japan
Saga University in Japan has reported work towards white light-emitting diodes (WLEDs) based on rare-earth (RE)-doped gallium oxide (Ga2O3) [Yafei Huang et al, Appl. Phys. Lett., v119, p062107, 2021].

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