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Products | Thermal Management | Aug 21, 2015

GlacialTech Announces 120 W LED Flood Light Heatsink Kit for High Output LED Lighting

GlacialTech's new Igloo SS120 heat sink can be configured to support applications with up to 360 W of LED illumination GlacialTech, the diversified LED technology provider, announces a new 120 W heatsink kit for outdoor flood lights. The Igloo SS120 features an efficient heatsink with thermal resistance of just 0.34°C/W and includes a mounting bracket with 90 degree adjustability. A glass lens accommodates CoB LEDs and a waterproof LED cover is available for outdoor applications. Besides the default single unit kit, the Igloo SS120 also comes in double, and triple unit configurations for up to 360 W of LED ... Read more »

Products | Test Equipments | Aug 21, 2015

Konica Minolta Launches a New Compact, Easy to Use CRI Illuminance Meter

Konica Minolta's new CL-70F CRI Illuminance Meter provides easy measurement and display of CRI, CCT, chromaticity, spectral information and gives a quick overview of all relevant values The CRI Illuminance meter CL-70F is a compact, lightweight, handheld entry-level instrument for measuring the colour and illuminance of light sources (including new LED and EL light sources). Measurement data is displayed in terms of CRI, tristimulus values, illuminance, chromaticity, dominant wavelength, excitation purity, correlated colour temperature, and difference values from a target. Read more »


WEBINAR - INFINEON: "CoolMOS™ CE and LED Driver ICs- The Ideal Combination from LED Tubes to LED Drivers" by Infineon - Sept 29, 2015

LED Bulb Application. Infineon, as a well-known system provider, offers the optimal solution for LED Lighting applications starting from LED tubes up to high power LED drivers with the powerful combination of CoolMOS™ CE and the suitable LED Driver ICs. CoolMOS™ CE offers an ideal price/performance value with no compromise on the proven benefits of superjunction technology: it comes with low conduction and switching losses that improve efficiency and ultimately reduce power consumption. CoolMOS™ CE comprises 500V, ... Read more »

Products | Coatings | Aug 20, 2015

Ellsworth Adhesives Now Supplies the Latest in Reflective Optical Coatings

Dow Corning's CI-2001 highly reflective optical coating is now available from Ellsworth Adhesives Ellsworth Adhesives, a global distributor of adhesives, specialty chemicals and dispensing equipment, is pleased to announce that they now supply CI-2001 from Dow Corning®, a silicone white reflective conformal coating used in the manufacturing of LED lamps and lighting assemblies. Read more »

Products | LED Modules | Aug 19, 2015

Universal Announces Everline LED with CRI 90Zhaga Compliant ZH and ZHL Modules

In addition to Universal's current 80 CRI modules, the 90 CRI option will nearly double the available selections of Everline ZH and Everline ZHL families on the market Universal Lighting Technologies announces a 90 Color Rendering Index (CRI) option for its Everline® Zhaga Hybrid (ZH) and Zhaga Hybrid Low (ZHL) Linear Modules. The 90 CRI option produces a vibrant color rendering that creates a crisp visual and better lighting solution. Read more »

Products | White High Power Array-LED | Aug 17, 2015

Osram Presents New Soleriq S 19 Version with Higher Efficacy

Optimal LED for shop lighting: The Soleriq S 19 “Brilliant Color” enables the colors of illuminated objects to look more saturated Osram Opto Semiconductors complements its Soleriq S 19 portfolio: The new “Brilliant Color” LED is especially designed for retail and shop lighting applications as it features a high color quality which is very similar to that of high intensity discharge lamps (HID). This enables rich and saturated colors and provides a high quality of white. The high-tech company also launches product versions with an increased efficacy of up to 15 percent, depending on the LED type. The performance ... Read more »

Products | LED Driver Modules | Aug 13, 2015

Thomas Research Products Introduces New PLED60W High-Performance LED Driver

TRP's new PLED60W LED driver offers similar features and better performance than its predecessor while being 25% smaller Thomas Research Products has added the new PLED60W to the PLED series of high-performance LED Drivers. And with it, the entire PLED line is now UL Type HL rated for use in hazardous locations. Thomas Research Products manufactures complete SSL power solutions. Read more »

Tech-Talks Bregenz

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Daniel Doxsee, Nichia Europe, Deputy Managing Director

Daniel Doxsee Nichia is arguably the company with the longest history of manufacturing white LEDs. Recently, however, new competitors especially from China, have started challenging Nichia’s market share. Nichia’s role in strategic and technical solid-state lighting issues and its past, present and future were discussed with Daniel Doxsee, Nichia Chemical Europe’s Deputy Managing Director. Read more »

Products | LED Optics * | Aug 10, 2015

NEMA Optical Systems from Khatod Make Your Arena Lighting the Brightest Experience

Khatod's LED optics deliver high-intensity illumination for arena lighting NEMA OPTICAL SYSTEMS enable optimization of the high intensity light output of the most current Power LEDs. Deliver great solutions for the most diverse Lighting applications in sporting facilities, arenas and stadiums as well as in industrial and commercial buildings. In high bay and low bay as well as in floodlight applications, indoor and outdoor, the LED optics always offer outstanding light quality. Read more »

Products | LED Fixtures | Aug 10, 2015

Excellent Lighting Conditions for Excellent Visibility

All ShinyU products have in common their excellent thermal design for a long reliable lifetime Shinyu 150 W of Long-distance Spotlight with a unique optical design, by using only 16 units of 150 W each for total 2400 W projection lamp at a distance of over 120 m which can light up with no dark spot for 200 m of the sports filed. It also does not waste any of the luminous efficiency, in the same space the same units of the lamp were used are less than the traditional energy saving lamps. More, comparing the traditional lamp, Shinyu 150W achieving the cost saving for more than 6 times. ... Read more »