Products | White High Power Array-LED | Dec 17, 2014

Everlight Electronics Adds Advanced CoB LED Series with Easy Assembly and Color on Demand Options

Everlight’s new CoB lines, from which first samples were already demonstrated at LpS 2015, consist of the highly efficient 36V XUAN high-power series and the fully white tunable 9-29W Color Choice© series Everlight Electronics, a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry, announces two new Chip-on-Board LED families, the XUAN series of high-power COBs and the Color Choice® (Color on Demand) COB series CHI. Read more »

Products | Simulation Tools | Dec 17, 2014

Online Calculator Enables Quick and Simple LED Heat Sink Analysis and Design

HeatSink Calculator allows simple but reliable modelling of thermal management systems Introducing the HeatSinkCalculator, an online calculator used to design, analyze and optimize heat sinks in various flow conditions. This simple yet powerful calculator allows the rapid design and analysis of heat sinks by novices and experts in thermal analysis. Read more »

Products | Multicolor LEDs | Dec 09, 2014

New Osram Ostar Stage for Even Brighter Stage Lighting

Osram Opto's new Ostar Stage - Much greater output from an area only one third larger than its predecessor Osram Opto Semiconductors presents a new LED for stage lighting. Compared with previous members of the product family, Osram Ostar Stage offers more than twice the lumen output. At the same time, the component surface is only 30%t larger. The new version contains 2 mm² high-current chips per color which can handle a maximum of 4.5 A per chip. This will enable moving heads for stage and exhibition lighting to be more compact and more powerful. Read more »

Products | LED Optics | Dec 03, 2014

NACTUS from KHATOD: Even more… SMART…. Solutions

Khatod's NACTUS series got 8 new family members NACTUS SMART is a square module - 55.88 mm side – made up of 4 optics. Designed for LEDs of latest generation, from 100 lm/W to 300 lm/W. Every model has individual photometry and performs a typical lighting pattern. Offers countless opportunities to customize your lighting fixtures. Use modules of the same type or mix different models in the same structure to create lighting fixtures of desired dimensions and configurations. On request, available IP protected with integrated silicone gasket. Read more »

Products | White High Power LEDs Products | Colored LEDs | Dec 03, 2014

Kingbright Announces High-Powered KTDS-3536 Series of LEDs

Kingbrights lates 1 W LED is available in white and different colors The KTDS-3536 Series is the latest SMD LED range to be released from Kingbright. Featuring a 3.24x3.45mm moulded silicone lens package size, the KTDS-3536 Series offers optimal reliability and light extraction efficiency. Read more »

Products | LED Driver ICs | Dec 02, 2014

Taiwan Semiconductor LED Drivers Deliver Constant LED Currents up to 2 A and up to 91% Efficiency

The TS19310 is Taiwan Semiconductor's latest amendment to the TS19xx LED driver IC series With their TS193x, TS194x and TS197x LED constant current drivers, Taiwan Semiconductor is introducing high-efficiency, buck-boost-converter based solutions for the control of white LEDs. The TS19371CX6 step-up converter/driver (boost) for white LEDs meets all the demands placed on a modern switching-regulator-based LED driver Read more »

Event News | Dec 01, 2014

Call for Papers - 3rd International Conference on Photonics, Optics and Laser Technology

Optical systems are ubiquitous in modern society, from medical sciences to space exploration, telecommunications, information processing and inumerous industrial and military applications of all kinds. This 3rd edition of PHOTOPTICS will feature 3 different tracks on Optics, Photonics and Lasers, covering both theoretical and practical aspects. Researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in any of these fields are welcome to join us in Lisbon and present their work on new methods or ... Read more »

Products | LED Modules | Dec 01, 2014

ParagonLED Offers Dimmable High Efficiency Driver-on-Board COB Series

ParagonLED's driver-on-board AC CoB series offers dimming functionality while maintaining a THD below 15% In order to give clients nicer and improving products, and friendly using experience, ParagonLED® keeps developing better and multi-functional products. Our latest dimmable high efficiency driver-on-board COB is such an example. It is not merely AC power input directly COB, it is also with dimming function. Moreover, it is with low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD<15%). We design it in perfect match with Triac dimmer, which is tailored to worldwide lighting industry usage habit. Products are ... Read more »

Products | Sockets & Connectors | Nov 27, 2014

Hirose Introduces DF59M/S/SN Series, High Current, Low Profile, Multifunctional, Mono-Pole Connection System

Hirose's DF59M/S/SN series low profile connectors are primarily dedicated to LED lighting applications Hirose would like to announce the new DF59M/S/SN series. It is primarily dedicated for the LED lighting market but also for other applications where ultra small connectors are required. The multifunctional connector is applicable for wire-to-board power supply connections and board-to-board coplanar connections. Read more »

Products | Lamps | Nov 26, 2014

Soraa Improves Efficiency of GU10 LED Lamps by 40%

Soraa's updated GU10 LED lamps now achieve 400 lm for the 95CRI Vivid series and 500 lm for the 80CRI Brilliant models Soraa, the world leader in GaN on GaN™ LED technology, announced that it has upgraded the performance of its award winning MR16 GU10 base 120 V and 230 V LED lamp line with the world’s most efficient LED - the company’s third generation GaN on GaN™ LED. Featuring the company’s signature elements of full visible spectrum light, Soraa’s new GU10 LED lamps are the perfect lighting solution for retail, hospitality, high-end residential, and museum environments where superior light quality and ... Read more »

Products | Test Equipments | Nov 21, 2014

GL Optic GL Spectis 6.0 and GL Opti Sphere 500 for Large – Scale LED Measurement

The GL Spectis 6.0 is a laboratory-grade product engineered for large scale purposes In the realm of LED measurement and testing, a lot of attention has as of late been given to the development of small, handy size devices, allowing for the quick and easy assessment of any light source. GL OPTIC has therefore been continually developing its range of hand-held state-of-the-art spectrometers. Yet the need for top performing spectrometers in industrial or extensive laboratory settings has by no means diminished. Read more »

Products | Thermal Management | Nov 21, 2014

MechaTronix Announces First Standard LED Cooler for High Bay Lights

Example of a high bay sub assembly with the Mean Well HBG-100 LED driver, ModuLED Mega 134100 LED cooler, Laird TPCM phase change thermal pad, Cree CXA3070 COB module and BJB Zhaga LED holder Since most LED package manufacturers have launched recently COB LED modules with output lumens far exceeding the levels needed for spot and down light applications, now also the need for standard high bay LED coolers became a fact. Read more »

Products | LED Modules | Nov 21, 2014

Litecool Achieves Light Density Breakthrough with LineX Module

Litecool's new linear module delivers 3000 lumens at 135 lumens per watt, with colour consistency and uniformity Litecool, a leading innovator in LED packing and thermal performance, announced today that its LineX modules achieves new levels of light output, efficiency and light intensity. This enables more high powered lighting applications with minimal form factor and maximum reliability. Read more »

Products | LED Fixtures | Nov 21, 2014

ALTLED Extends Orion Series with HIgh CRI Products and Patterned Panel Lights

ALTLEDS recessed Orion series (top) is now available with high CRI, while the panel lights can have a customized pattern design Aeon Lighting Technology, a Taiwanese high power LED manufacturer, has enhanced its Orion series by increasing CRI and brightness. In addition, it also allows customized patterns on panel lights, which can make commonplace panel lights more creative and appealing. All these new features not only can greatly boost the brightness, but also can render the colors of objects more naturally and faithfully. And they can even further have positive influence physically and psychically to users. Read more »

* Products | LED Modules | Nov 20, 2014

Willighting Releases Super Bright Flexible SMD4014 LED Strip with Infineon IC

 White, nature white and warm white could be available Willighting releases a new and super bright flexible SMD4014 strip. With constant current Infineon IC driver, the leds’ brightness will be higher, about 3500 lm/m in white and won’t be changed anything when the input voltage changes a little. What’s more, the LEDs on the strip can’t be seen when the strip is in a state of work which is another special advantage compare to other strips. The PCB could be gold-layered to avoid any oxidation. Read more »

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