Products | Optical Materials | Feb 26, 2015

Bayer Introduces New Polycarbonate Sheet Products for Lighting Lenses

Makrolon® sheets are available with different surface structures, colors and grades LEDs are advancing lighting options, both in design and functionality, yet consumers are looking for more. They look for high-quality lighting, durability, safety and attractive aesthetics. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) require these same properties in materials to meet consumer needs. Bayer MaterialScience LLC offers OEMs a broad range of polycarbonate sheet materials for their lighting needs. Bayer is further expanding its broad range of polycarbonate sheet products for lighting ... Read more »

Products | LED Driver ICs | Feb 23, 2015

Infineon Introduces ICL5101, a High-Voltage Resonant Controller with PFC for LED Drivers

Infineon's ICL5101 is targetting Indoor and outdoor high-power LED lighting applications like high-bay/low-bay lighting or street lighting Introducing the ICL5101, Infineon Technologies AG extends its portfolio of lighting control ICs, addressing lighting systems in the range of 40 W to 300 W. The new high-voltage resonant controller IC provides a high level of integration which translates to a reduction in system cost. Typical applications which benefit from these features include indoor and outdoor LED lighting, high-bay and low-bay lighting, street lighting, parking garage and canopy lighting, office lighting, retail and shop ... Read more »

Products | Test Equipments | Feb 23, 2015

Chroma ATE's LED Driver Test Equipment Available from MDL

Beside Chroma ATE's LED driver test equipment, an extensive range of equipment for testing LED drivers is available from MDL Technologies Drivers are a key element in the performance and reliability of LEDs, and an extensive range of equipment for testing LED drivers is now available from MDL Technologies. The Chroma instruments include programmable AC and DC sources, high precision power meters and an LED load simulator specifically designed for LED power drivers. Read more »

Products | White High Power Array-LED | Feb 23, 2015

Flip Chip Opto Introduces 300 W, 600 W and 960 W CoB LEDs

Flip Chip Opto's 300 W, 600 W and 960 W CoB LED moules are based on their patented 3-Pad LED Flip Chips with Pillar Metal Core PCBs Flip Chip Opto, a LED lighting technology company, announced its innovative P-Series of high-power LED Flip Chip / Chip-on-Board (COB) products. These high-performance lighting modules are comprised of patented 3-Pad LED flip chips with a Pillar Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (P-MCPCB) to substantially reduce module thermal resistance, and results in lower junction temperature, lower thermal decay and the feasibility of smaller light emitting surface (LES). Our innovation enables designers to ... Read more »

Products | LED Light Controller | Feb 18, 2015

EnOcean Launches Complete Wireless LED Control System for the US Market

The comprehensive LED control portfolio is based on the widely adopted energy harvesting wireless standard including transceiver module, LED relay zone controller, accessories and commissioning tool LED lighting is one of the most promising and fast-growing technologies of today. EnOcean now enables OEMs to unlock the full potential of LEDs with simple, easy to install, industry standard tools that offer personal control, energy conservation and compliance with increasingly stringent building standards. EnOcean, the leading provider of energy harvesting wireless solutions, announces a comprehensive LED control system for the North American market based upon innovative self-powered sensors ... Read more »

Products | Thermal Management | Feb 18, 2015

MechaTronix Launches Universal LED Cooler for BJB LED Module

MechaTronix' star cooler GH36d accommodates all versions of BJB modules and holders The BJB LED star cooler GH36d is specifically designed for luminaires using the BJB GH36d series LED modules and various brands of COB LED modules mounted by BJB Zhaga Book 3 or Zhaga Book 11 LED holders. The compact module GH36d consists of a based and encapsulated LED lamp with suitable Twist&Lock lamp holder. Read more »

Products | LED Driver Modules | Feb 18, 2015

New 480 V High Wattage LED Drivers from Thomas Research Products

TRP's PLED96W LED driver perfectly accommodates both high wattage indoor or outdoor LED luminaires Thomas Research Products has introduced new 277-480 V LED drivers with 96 W output. This eliminates the need for step-down transformers inside luminaires. Thomas Research Products is a leading manufacturer of SSL power solutions. Read more »

Products | Simulation Tools | Feb 13, 2015

PI’s Flexible Power Supply Design Tool Is Now Available as a Cloud-Based App

Power Integrations' PSU design Tool, PI Expert™ Suite, is now also available as a cloude-base app Power Integrations, the leader in high-voltage integrated circuits for energy-efficient power conversion, today announced that its powerful, flexible power supply unit (PSU) design tool, PI Expert™ Suite, is now accessible as a cloud-based app. Previously, users downloaded the tool to a local PC or workstation; with the cloud-based version designers may access the design tool from any internet browser and can be sure that they are always using the most up-to-date version. Read more »

Products | White Mid Power LEDs | Feb 13, 2015

Osram Opto Updates Duris E 3 for Cost-Effective Linear LED Tubes

Osram Opto's new Duris E 3 offers high power, compact size and excellent price-performance ratio Osram Opto Semiconductors is presenting a new version of the well-established Duris product family: the Duris E 3 (GW JCLMS1.EC). Featuring a new leadframe material, the LED offers a longer lifetime and greater performance reliability than its predecessors. In linear tube lighting applications, the new Duris E version boasts a high efficacy of typically 135 lm/W at 4000 K and 65 mA as well as one of the best lumen/cost ratios in the series. Read more »

Products | LED Modules | Feb 13, 2015

Tridonic's 3rd Gen TALEXXmodule LLE Makes Switching to LED Technology Quick and Simple

Schematic depiction of a TALEXXmodule LLE. Tridonic states that the low operating costs offset the procurement costs in less than two years LED light sources open up new possibilities in lighting design. Not only are they highly durable, they are extremely energy efficient. But switching to LED technology is an option not only when planning a new lighting system. With the new accessory set for TALEXXmodules LLE from Tridonic, existing linear luminaires equipped with T5 or T8 fluorescent lamps can be quickly and easily upgraded to state-of-the-art LED technology. Read more »

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