Products | LED Driver Modules | Oct 15, 2014

Two New 480 V 40 W LED Driver Lines from Thomas Research Products

Thomas Research Products' new 40 W LED drivers are designed for high voltage applications with  347-480V Thomas Research Products has introduced two new series of 40W LED Driver designed to operate on 347V or 480V mains. Thomas Research Products is a leading manufacturer of SSL power solutions. Read more »

Products | LM Testing | Oct 14, 2014

After 6000 Hour LM-80 Test Completion - Luminus Gives 5 Year Warranty on XNOVA Chip-On-Board Array LEDs

Luminus Devices' XNOVA COB LEDs which are available as High-CRI versions and narrow 2-step binning now are backed with a 5 year warranty Luminus, Inc., a global manufacturer of highperformance LEDs and solid-state light sources, announced today a five year limited warranty for the XNOVA family of chip-on-board (COB) arrays designed for both indoor and outdoor directional lighting applications. The company introduces this warranty on the heels of competing their 6000 hour LM-80 testing which demonstrated long term color stability and robust lumen maintenance, even under extreme conditions including both high temperature and high ... Read more »

Products | White High Power Array-LED | Oct 08, 2014

Osram Announces New Soleriq S 19 Versions with Two Different CRIs

Osram's updated Soleriq S 19 LEDs offer CRI 80 or 90 and between 2,000 lm an 5,000 lm Osram Opto Semiconductors launches new product versions of the Soleriq S 19 with two different color rendering indexes (CRI). As with all versions of the S 19 the new LEDs can be used in all applications where high lumen packages from a compact light source are needed. They are especially suited for professional downlight and spotlight applications, for example in shop and office environments. Read more »

Products | LED Driver ICs | Oct 08, 2014

TI's New 450-V Linear Controller Simplifies Offline LED Lighting Design

The TPS92410 operates over a wide 9.5-V to 450-V input voltage range Texas Instruments today introduced a 450-V linear controller that simplifies current regulation of high-voltage LED strings. The TPS92410 controller integrates a multiplier and tunable phase dimmer detection, as well as analog dimming inputs and drive circuit protection functions to ease design of downlights, fixtures and lamps powered from an offline AC or conventional DC power source. Read more »

Products | Lamps | Oct 08, 2014

Soraa's New Full Visible Spectrum MR16 LED Lamps are Now 30% More Efficient

With the 3rd generation, Soraa improves the efficiency of their GaN on GaN™ technology based MR 16 LED Lamps by 30% Soraa, the world leader in GaN on GaN™ LED technology, launched today a complete new line of high performance MR16 LED lamps powered by the world’s most efficient LED - the company’s third generation GaN on GaN™ LED. Featuring the company’s signature elements of full visible spectrum light, Soraa’s new MR16 LED lamps feature a 30% improvement in efficiency, creating a no-compromise lighting solution for restaurants, retail, high-end residential, and office environments where superior light ... Read more »

Products | UV-LEDs | Oct 06, 2014

LG Innotek Introduces UV LEDs with World-class Power Performance

Mass-Production of the new UV-LED commences in October for 275nm UV-C LEDs for air purification and water sterilization applications LG Innotek, a global components manufacturer, today announced that the company succeeded in the mass-production of the world’s highest power 275nm UV (ultraviolet) LEDs. Such success is expected to trigger an explosion of UV LEDs for purification and sterilization applications. Read more »

Products | LED Modules | Oct 06, 2014

Sharp Devices Europe New Intermo extends Sharp's LED Portfolio

Sharp Devices Europe's new Intermo  modules were for the first time demonstrated to the public at LpS 2014 in Bregenz/Austria Sharp Devices Europe has launched an important new portfolio of LED modules dubbed Intermo. This latest addition to Sharp’s range of LED products includes two easy-tointegrate module packages. Read more »

Products | LED Modules | Oct 06, 2014

Edison Opto Launches 0.8 W Filament to Mimic Incandescent Lamps

Edison Opto's new LED filaments bring a visual experience which is similar to traditional incandescent lamps With the rise of global environmental awareness, incandescent bulb is banned in various countries successively which drives traditional lighting manufacturers to transform into LED lighting. Aiming for this opportunity, the Taiwanese LED packaging manufacturer, Edison Opto, branches out into filament market and releases 0.8W LED filament. Used in 4W bulb, the LED bulb can replace 40W incandescent bulb, bringing the advantages (energy saving and high efficiency) of LED into full play. Edison ... Read more »

Products | LED Driver Modules | Oct 01, 2014

ELT Introduces New Driver Series and New Members of Exisiting Product Lines at LpS 2014

LC-XT - just one of the new drivers that ELT introduces to the market at LpS 2014 In the area of lighting, the progress made over the last few years is incredible. So much that products which were state-of-the-art only three years ago are currently out of the market because they have been completely left behind by others. The reason behind this technological progress lies within the power of R+D and the effort that leading companies are continuously making. This is the only way to go if you want to be part of the sector’s avantgarde. Following the way of innovation, ELT has ... Read more »

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