Products | Lamps | Mar 27, 2015

Soraa's New PAR20 LED Lamp for Perfect Lighting Design

Many lighting designers prefer PAR20 lamps for their installations because they recognize them to have the perfect size Soraa, the world leader in GaN on GaN™ LED technology, announced today that it has added to its full visible spectrum LED product portfolio a PAR20 lamp with incredibly high CBCP, flawless beam definition and edges, and outstanding color and whiteness rendering. Ideal for both commercial and residential applications, the PAR20 features the company’s Point Source Optics™ and Violet-Emission 3-Phosphor (VP₃) Color™ and VP₃ White™ technologies—providing a superior replacement for 75 W to 90 W ... Read more »

Products | LED Driver ICs | Mar 27, 2015

Synchronous Step-Down LED Driver Delivers up to 40 A of LED Current

Schematics of a high current synchronous step-down LED driver with 4-state control Linear Technology announces the LT3744, a synchronous step-down DC/DC converter designed to deliver constant current to drive high current LEDs. Its 3.3 V to 36 V input voltage range makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications, including industrial, DLP projection and architectural lighting. The LT3744 uses two external switching MOSFETs, delivering up to 20 A (80 W) of continuous LED current from a nominal 12 V input. In pulsed LED applications, it can deliver up to 40 A of LED current ... Read more »

Products | LED Driver Modules | Mar 27, 2015

Universal Lighting Technologies Adds New Compact and Linear Drivers to the Everline® Family

Everline LED Class 2 Compact Drivers are available for different current and power ratings Universal Lighting Technologies has added to its already extensive line of well over 1,000 LED products, with the launch of two new Class 2 UNV and 347V Everline® LED Driver Families with tunable constant power output -- Compact Drivers and Linear Drivers. The two new driver families are available with a variety of output current and power options that provide even more design flexibility for LED lighting. Read more »

Products | Test Equipments | Mar 26, 2015

Well Established GL Spectis 1.0 Touch Now also Measures PAR & PPFD

GL Optic's GL Spectis 1.0 touch PAR/PPFD smart spectrometer also measures photon flux density relevant in plant growth applications The GL Spectis 1.0 touch by GL Optic is an intuitively operated spectral measurement instrument with touchscreen for mobile light measurement. Offering the accurate determination of photometric and radiometric values, such as the color rendering index (CRI), correlated color temperature (CCT), color coordinates, radiant power or luminous flux, the instrument provides data significant in quality control or research processes. The device, originally developed for lighting designers or luminaire ... Read more »

Products | Smart Lighting - IoT | Mar 20, 2015

NXP Launches the World’s first NFC-Commissioned Smart Home and Lighting Solution

Basic block diagram of NXP's current NJ516x product line NXP Semiconductors has today announced the launch of its new best-in-class, low power and long range JN5169 wireless microcontroller and accompanying smart home and smart lighting solutions, featuring certified ZigBee LightLink, Home Automation, GreenPower software stacks and, the first in the market, a NFC-commissioning option that allows users to connect systems intuitively with just one tap. An on-chip +10dBm power amplifier within JN5169 doubles the connectivity range of NXP’s existing ... Read more »

Products | Sockets & Connectors | Mar 20, 2015

TE Connectivity Adds 28x28 mm CoBs to the LUMAWISE LED Holder Series

TE's LUMAWISE LED 28x28 mm CoB LEDs solderless holder enables faster assembly and mass adoption of CoB technology TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity,introduced a new addition to its innovative line of LUMAWISE LED holders at the 2015 Strategies in Light exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new, high-performance Z50 28x28 LED holder enables the electrical, thermal, mechanical and optical connectivity of chip on board (COB) LEDs in a fixture with a solderless connection. The LED holder provides quick and easy solderless connection to support various LED brands on one platform. Read more »

Products | LED Fixtures | Mar 16, 2015

Lumibright Introduces Grain Series LED Spots

Lumibright's Grain series LED fixtures impose especially  because of the combinitaion of an elegant and compact body with high performance and long lifetime Grain series has been designed and developed with LED sharp chip with an elegant and compact body which gives 50,000 hours of stylish lighting. In this series, it offers many options in terms of the model and type of spot light which is most useful in indoor lighting recommended for various applications in your bedroom, kitchen, washroom, living room or study room. It is an easy to use ceiling recessed spotlight, available in fixed as well as adjustable fixture to focus the light in your ... Read more »

Products | LED Fixtures | Mar 12, 2015

Verbatim Launches Zero Flicker, Anti-Glare LED Ceiling Panels

Verbatim's new LED ceiling panels offer low glare, high luminous flux, and are EN60598-1 compliant Verbatim has launched a set of high performance zero flicker LED ceiling panels available with two different diffusers: a prismatic version to produce soft, diffuse lighting that avoids uncomfortable glare in workspace areas and a high lumen output option for use in corridors and hallways. Read more »

Products | Certifications | Mar 12, 2015

ALT’s MR16 Gets UL Certification for Use in Enclosed Fixtures

ALTLED® MR16  has successfully passed UL testing standards and received UL certification Taiwanese high power LED lighting company Aeon Lighting Technology Inc.(ALT) successfully debuted its first MR16 spotlight suitable for enclosed fixtures due to its advanced thermal technology and heat dissipation structure. The product has successfully passed UL testing standards and received UL certification. Read more »

Products | Sockets & Connectors | Mar 12, 2015

AVX Introduces the Lowest Profile Poke-Home Connector

AVX's new 9296 Series horizontal connector provides maximum mechanical stability & wire retention in a sleek 3.0mm pitch by 2.5mm high SMT package, and therefore is ideal for a broad range of harsh industrial, commercial, & medical applications AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has introduced the lowest profile poke-home connector currently available on the market. Featuring its industry-proven 2mm dual beam, high spring-force, phosphor bronze poke-home contacts in a sleek 3.0mm pitch by 2.5mm high SMT package, the new horizontal 9296 Series connector is certified to UL 1977 and CAN/CSA C22.2 specifications, and accepts any combination of 20–26AWG solid or stranded wires, ... Read more »

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