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LpR85 | May/June 2021 

LED Business Interview with SAMSUNG's SVP Un Soo KIM p22
Circular Economy in Lighting Design with Mark RIDLER p30
Breakthroughs: ipRGC Tuned LEDs and DALI+ Networks p42, p48

Editorial: Core Trends in Lighting

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Science in the Spotlight for the International Day of Light 2021
by Prof. John DUDLEY, IDL 2021 Steering Committee Chair, France


Lighting & Biology with Prof. Robert LUCAS, UK

LED Business in Focus
Un Soo KIM, Senior Vice President of SAMSUNG Electronics, South-Korea
compiled by Editors, LED professional

Circular Economy from the Perspective of Lighting and Project Design with
Mark RIDLER, Head of Lighting at BDP, UK
compiled by Editors, LED professional

Bringing the Benefits of Natural Light Indoors
by Cristina TANASE, PhD, General Manager NatureConnect by Signify; Inge van der WOUW, Segment and Marketing Manager NatureConnect by Signify; Bianca van der ZANDE, PhD, Senior Scientist/Topic Lead HCL Signify Research, The Netherlands

ipRGC Sensitivity Optimized LED Spectrum and its Application in Color Temperature Tunable Solutions
by Menno SCHAKEL, Technical Marketing Engineer at Nichia Chemical Europe GmbH; Co-Authors: Sadakazu WAKUI, Kenji ASAI, Shigeharu YAMAUCHI, Xavier DENIS, The Netherlands/Germany/Japan

DALI+ and Wireless to DALI Gateways Increase Connectivity Options for DALI Lighting Networks
by Paul DROSIHN, General Manager, DALI Alliance, UK

Why Wireless Control Networks Are Taking Over Commercial Lighting
by Jason MARCEL, Marketing Program Manager, Bluetooth SIG, USA

High-power Diode Lasers and Rotating Phosphor Converters Revolutionize the White Light Generation Process
by Simon BRITTEN, Dr.-Ing., Technology Manager, Laserline GmbH, Germany

Package Level Thermal Analysis of White Light-emitting Diodes Based on Local Phosphor Particle Opto-thermal Behavior
by Mohammad AZARIFAR, MSc., Researcher; Ceren CENGIZ, BSc., Researcher; Dr. Mehmet ARIK, Professor | EVATEG Center Ozyegin University, Turkey

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LpR84 | Mar/Apr 2021 


NICHIA Celebrates its 65th Year of Continuous Innovation p22
Key Experts Shed Light on UV-C Disinfection p36
New LiFi Communication Standards Open Market Access p42

Editorial: Innovation Coupled with Sustainability

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Good Light is as Important as Good Food and Good Air
by Jan DENNEMAN, Chairman of the Good Light Group, The Netherlands


LiFi Seminar, China

Hiroyoshi OGAWA, President and CEO of NICHIA, Japan
compiled by Editors, LED professional

Replaceability of Light Sources and Separate Control Gears
by Carsten MÖLLERS, Dipl.-Kfm., CEO of Green Gems; Werner MOTZ, Electrical Engineering Technician & Master at BASF

UV-C: Disinfection Benefits, Safety, Comfort and Proof Points
by Georg NIEDERMEIER, Dr., EHS Professional at OSRAM; Armin KONRAD, Dr., Senior R&D Director at LEDVANCE; Lukas KASTELEIN, Ing., Standardization and Regulations Professional at Signify, Germany & The Netherlands

A Closer Look at LiFi Standardization
by Musa UNMEHOPA, Head of Ecosystems and Alliances for LiFi at Signify, The Netherlands

13-Bit RGBW Color Control for Accurate High-Quality Architectural & Stage Lighting
by Keith SZOLUSHA, LED Driver Applications Manager at Analog Devices, USA

New LED for Outdoor Lighting
by Markus HOFMANN, DI, Senior Key Expert for General Lighting at Osram Opto Semiconductors, Germany

Multi-Chip LEDs
by Sam ROGERS, Content Writer and Editor at Ushio; Fumihiko ODA, Dr., SSL Sales Strategy Deputy Manager at Ushio, The Netherlands & Japan

Why High-End Surgical Lights Have Become Imperative Invasive Equipment
by Ashish GUJARATHI, MBA, SEO Analyst at Allied Market Research, USA

LpR83 | Jan/Feb 2021 

Winning the Controls Business With Bluetooth Mesh p22
Design Backgrounds for China's Most Prestigious Applications p40
A New Lighting Paradigm With Double Dynamic Lighting p52

Editorial: Reboot With Plenty of Opportunities

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From Kelly to Double Dynamic Lighting
by Henrik CLAUSEN, Director at Fagerhult Lighting Academy, Sweden



Patrick DURAND, Worldwide Technical Director, Future Lighting Solutions (FLS), Canada
compiled by LpR Editors

Measuring the User Acceptance: User-centered Methods and Co-creation Processes in Luminaire Development

by Ganix LASA, Ph.D., Researcher at the Mondragon University, Spain

Live Healthier With Light
by Paula MISEIKYTE, Scientific Lead at LYS Technologies, Denmark

Latest Lighting Design Trends for Top Grade Chinese Hotels
by Carry YU, General Manager & Design Director of CSLC International Lighting Design Co., China

Human-Centric Lighting Will Usher in Another Once-in-a-Century Golden Era for General Lighting
by James TU, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Energy Focus, USA

Dynamic Lighting Complementing the Dynamics of the Sky and Sunlight
by Ellen Kathrine HANSEN, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof., Head of MSc Program and Lighting Design Research Group at Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark

III-Nitride Nanowire microLEDs on Si Substrate for Next Display Technology
by Ha Quoc Thang BUI, Ph.D.(c), Researcher, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

Early Stage Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Design Simulation
by Naghman KHAN, Dr., Technical Writer at SimScale, Germany

UV-LED Curing Process and Applications
by Stacy HOGE, Marketing Communications Manager at Phoseon Technology, USA

Planar Steerable Luminaires on the Way to Replacing Rotating Projectors
by Noé BORY, MSc., Lead Lighting R&D Engineer at Insolight, Switzerland

Short-Pulse Testing Eliminates Self-Heating Errors to Produce True L-I Graphs
by Jeff HULETT; Markus SCHNEIDER, Dr.; Founder and CTO of Vektrex (USA); Characterization of LED Products at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (Germany)

LpR82 | Nov/Dec 2020 

Are Lighting Controls Ready for Internet of Things p24
Understanding the Power Formula in the New Ecodesign Regulation p30
Innovative Ways in Lighting Fixture Designs p40

Editorial: A Time to also Rethink Lighting

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Future Strategic Directions for the Lighting Industry
by Ourania GEORGOUTSAKU, Secretary General of LightingEurope, Belgium




INTERVIEW - IoT Lighting Controls (p24)
Kristopher EVANS, Market Development Manager for Internet of Things (IoT) at Cree Lighting, USA
compiled by Arno GRABHER-MEYER, LED professional

The Energy Efficiency Calculation for “Light Sources” Under the New Ecodesign Regulation (EU) 2019/2020

by Fabio PAGANO, Technical Manager at ASSIL (Italian Association of Lighting Manufacturers), Italy

Opportunities and Obstacles While Exporting Luminaires to North America and the Middle East
by Hans LASCHEFSKI, Dr., Industry Marketing Manager – Lighting EMEA at UL, Germany

LED Lighting Fixture Design Between Tradition and Innovation
by Daria CASCIANI, Ph.D. and Manuela CELI, Ph.D., Assistant Professor abd Associate Professor both of Politecnico di Milano - Department of Design, Italy

Chromaticity Shift Behavior in LED Packages
by Monica HANSEN, Ph.D. and J. Lynn DAVIS, Ph.D., Principal Engineer at LED Lighting Advisors and Director of the Nano-enabled Devices Program at RTI International, USA

Analysis of Heat Paths in LED Retrofit Lamps
by Peter W. NOLTE, Ph.D., Research Team Leader at Fraunhofer Application Center for Inorganic Phosphors, USA

Micro-LED Displays: New Opportunities for Nitride-Based Red LED Technologies
by Atsushi NISHIKAWA, Dr. and Kazuhiro OHKAWA, Prof., CTO of ALLOS Semiconductors and Professor at King Abdullah University, Germany and Saudi Arabia

Quo Vadis Biogenic Phosphors?
by Rubén D. COSTA, Prof., Professor, Chair of Biogenic Functional Materials at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany

Characterization of UV Radiation Sources
by Marc BALLBÈ, CEO of Asselum, Spain

Appropriate Uses for UVC LED Technology for Disinfection Applications
by Theresa L. THOMPSON, Ph.D., Head of Application Scientist at Phoseon, USA

Optimum LED Lighting for Green Walls
by Amardeep M. DUGAR, Ph.D., Founder and Principal of Lighting Research and Design, India

LpR81 | Sept/Oct 2020 

The Future Potential of LiFi Communication p24
How the Lighting for Good Initiative will Change Our Minds p34
Modern Lighting Design is Inspired by The Poetics of Darkness p76

Editorial: Secure Decisions in Uncertain Times

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Visual Performance and Cognition by Stephen A. MASON, Dr.
Founder and Head of Sustainable Eye Health, Australia􏰵􏱰􏱉􏰴􏱖􏱉􏱜 􏰺􏱗 􏱴􏰺􏰵􏰽􏱁􏱳 􏰶􏱓􏱗􏱳 􏱂􏱙􏱈􏱜􏱫􏱉􏱓 􏱔􏱜􏱫 􏰾􏱉􏱔􏱫 􏱙􏱚 􏰵􏱈􏱇􏱰􏱔􏱛􏱜􏱔􏱥􏱎􏱉 􏰼􏱏􏱉 􏰾􏱉􏱔􏱎􏱖􏱳 􏰺􏱈􏱇􏱰􏱓􏱔􏱎􏱛􏱔




Musa UNMEHOPA, Head of Ecosystems and Strategic Alliances for LiFi at Signify, The Netherlands
compiled by Arno GRABHER-MEYER, LED professional

Thrust Area Analysis of LiFi Communication Patents 

by Günther SEJKORA, Dr., R&I Manager at Luger Research | CEO of Items, Austria

Lighting for Good
by Nicolas MARTIN & Tiphaine TREINS, Lighting Manager at LVMH & Founder and Principal of Temeloy Advanced Lighting Design, France & UK

New Requirements for Energy Efficiency and Labelling of Lighting
by Fabian FLIGGE, Product Expert at TÜV SÜD, Germany

Future Scenarios of the Lighting Industry: Towards a More Sustainable and Innovative Market
by Ganix LASA, Ph.D., Professor at the Mondragon University, Spain

Full Spectrum LED Study 1.0
by Daniel NEVES PIMENTA, Arch. & Lisa-Marie WADLE, M.Sc., Project Engineer & Researcher at Fraunhofer IBP, Germany

Average Spectral Difference -- New Metric to Evaluate the Naturalness of Artificial Light Sources
by Brian CUMPSTON, Dr., VP of Solutions Development at Bridgelux, USA

Facing the Challenges of Spectral Engineering with a New Software Tool
by Adrià HUGUET-FERRAN, Ph.D. Candidate at University of Barcelona | CTO at Kumux, Spain

Transient Infrared Thermography for Thermal Conduction Path Analysis of LED Modules
by Peter W. NOLTE, Dr., Research Team Leader at Fraunhofer Application Center for Inorganic Phosphors, Germany

Choosing the Right Inductor Technologies for Automotive LED Lighting
by Bill GISSELER, Senior Applications Engineer at TDK Corporation of America

LED LAMP MR16 (p72)
Combination of an Advanced Thermo-Transfer Technology and a Novel High Impact Light Source to Improve MR16 Products
by Bertrand OUELLET, Founder and Owner of LUBO Lighting, Canada

The Poetics of Darkness
by Monica LLAMAS & Florencia CASTRO, both of MFA Lighting Design, B.A. of Architecture, USA

Gaming in the Lighting Sector -- A Game Changer?
by Wolfgang BERNECKER, Founder and CEO of FutureACT, Austria

LpR80 | July/Aug 2020 

When Circular Economy Meets the Lighting Industry p 66
Ultraviolet Light for Disinfection and Sterilization p 82
Using Social Media Data in Modern Lighting Design p56

Editorial: Environment-related Lighting

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The Basic Sales Arguments for LED Lighting
by Donatas STOČŪNAS, Commerce Manager at ATKO



Designing with Dynamic Light Textures -- Enlightening Designers

Scott ZIMMERMAN, Founder and Chief Research Officier (CRO) of Silas, USA
compiled by Arno GRABHER-MEYER, LED professional

Atomic Layer Deposition -- Leading Thin Film Coating Technology for SSL
by Minna TOIVOLA, D.Sc.(Tech.), Marketing Manager at Picosun

HCL LED COMPONENTS | Advertorial (p38)
Optimized Light for Circadian Rhythm Synchronization Enhancing Indoor Lifestyle
by SAMSUNG Electronics

The Key Technology of Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) LEDs and Its Application
by Junxi WANG, Dr., et al, Researcher at Institute of Semiconductors,
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China 

Introduction of On-BBL Tunable White Technology
by Tomokazu NADA, Managing Director at ZIGEN Lighting Solutions

Ambient Lighting Design for Persuasive Environments Using Social Media Data
by Yasaman MAVVAJ, MSc., Product Designer at Koerner Design

When Circular Economy Meets the Lighting Industry (LCA)
by Deidre WOLFF, MSc., Project Engineer at Catalonia Institute of Energy Research (IREC)

EU's Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations
by Axel BASCHNAGEL, MarCom Manager at LightingEurope

Specifying LED Colors for Horticultural Lighting
by Ian ASHDOWN, P.Eng.(Ret), FIES, President and Senior Scientist for SunTracker Technologies

UV LEDs in Disinfection and Sterilization
by Norman BARDSLEY, Dr., Chief Analyst of the International Solid-State Lighting Alliance (ISA)

Open Source LIDAR Prototyping Platform
by István COSOMORTÁNI et al, FPGA Design Engineer at Analog Devices

LpR79 | May/June 2020 


Are Micro-LEDs Taking Over p30
The Ultimate LED Phosphor Report p48
Are there Limits in Flexible Lighting Systems p70

Editorial: Future Proofed Lighting Systems

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Future-Proofing - An Illusion in Lighting?
by Daniel Neves PIMENTA, Architect & Researcher at Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics



Personal Table Light - Intelligent Workspace Lighting

Hani KANAAN, Smart Lighting Technologies Business Development at CEA-Leti, France
compiled by Arno GRABHER-MEYER and Dr. Günther SEJKORA, LED professional

Degradation of Green High-Power LEDs - Influence on Color Stability of Multi-Channel Luminaires
by Alexander HERZOG, MSc, Research Assistant at TU Darmstadt

UV Disinfection | Advertorial (p46)
Characterization of UV Sources for Disinfection

Current Trends in LED Phosphor Developments
by Lin ZHANG, Dr., Chief Technology Officier at Beijing Nakamura Yuji Science and Technology

Case Study: Thermal Analysis of an LED Design
by Arnaud GIRIN, Technical Marketing Specialist at SimScale

Cost Benefit of Future Proof Solutions
by Walter WERNER, Dr., Owner and CEO, Director at Werner Management Services

PCB Space-Constraint Woes Eliminated by 2 MHz Monolithic, Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter and LED Driver
by Kyle LAWRENCE, Application Engineer at Analog Devices

New Flexible Lighting Systems Based on Atmospheric Plasma Metallization
by Yaser HAJ-HMEIDI, Development Specialist at Lumitronix

Lighting Controls - Futureproofing and Open Standards Lead the Way
by Pal KARLSEN, Senior Analyst in the Home, Building and City Technologies Group at OMDIA

LpR78 | March/April 2020 

LpR 78
Unified Glare Rating p 30
Photobiomodulation p 34
The Perfect Light p 48

Editorial: Individualization of Connected Lighting

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Why Comfortable Lighting Needs New Quality Parameters
by Kenneth MARTIN, Dipl.-Ing.(FH), Light Source Specialist at Zumtobel Group



Discomfort Caused by Glare from Luminaires with a Non-Uniform Source Luminance
by Peter THORNS BSc(Hons), CEng, FCIBSE, FSLL, Head of Strategic Lighting Applications and Global Lighting Applications at Zumtobel Group

TECH-TALKS BREGENZ Photobiomodulation (p 34)
Jürgen HONOLD, Program Director at Seaborough Life Sciences, The Netherlands
compiled by Arno GRABHER-MEYER, LED professional

New Directive in Europe: Flicker of LED Lighting
by Peter ERWIN, CEO and Design Engineer at Der Lichtpeter

In Search of the Perfect Light
by Stephen MASON, Dr., Managing Director at Sustainable Eye Health

A New Method to Tune an LED Spectrum
by Daniel HAN, Business Development Director at Beijing Yuji International

LED Lighting for Circadian Entrainment
by Bill CHAN, M.Sc., President of LiteController

How to Implement the Latest LED Technology for a Successful Application
by Marc JUAREZ, Technical Director Europe of Seoul Semiconductor

ADVERTORIAL | Measurement Devices (p 68)
Integrated Solution for Human Centric Lighting (HCL) / Integrative Lighting Assessment
by Gigahertz-Optik

Challenges for Measuring Multichip LED Light Engines for Interior Lighting Applications
by Mete MUSLU, MSc, Research Assistant at Ozyegin University

How to Increase the Efficiency of Two-Stage Drivers
by Dr. Michael WEIRICH, Senior Manager Application Engineering at Infineon Technologies

Designing an Invisible Driver for High-End Track Lights
by Mickey MADSEN, Dr., CEO of Nordic Power Converters

LpR77 | Jan/Feb 2020

LpR 77
Challenging EcoDesign p28
Awarded HCL LEDs p40
User-Centric Luminaries p62

Editorial: Light for the Third Industrial Revolution

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Paradigm Changes in Lighting
by Fabien Bubendorff, MSc, Dipl. Eng., CEO of Origin Services



Limits for Flicker and Stroboscopic Effects
by Dr. Günther Sejkora, Research & Innovation Manager at Luger Research e.U.

32 Dr. Christoph Wächter, Senior Scientist at Fraunhofer IOF, Germany
compiled by Guenther Sejkora, LED professional

HCL LEDs (p40)
LED Innovations for the Improvement of HCL Luminaires
by Menno SCHAKEL, Technical Marketing Engineer at Nichia

Volume Manufacturing of Mini and Micro LEDs
by Sean Kupcow, Senior R&D Engineer at Rohinni LLC

FF-MOEs — The Potential of Tailor-made Light-directing Structures on Film for Enabling New Design Possibilities for Luminaires
by Dr. Claude LEINER, Key Researcher at Joanneum Research

New Disruptive Fabrication Technologies for a Novel Design Approach by Enrico Cozzoni, PhD, Senior Scientist and Aerospace Engineer at Grado Zero Espace

User-centered Design Approach to Develop the Luminary of the Future
by Ganix Lasa, PhD, Researcher at Mondragon University

Offline Lighting Voice Controller — An Alternative to Voice Assistants
by Cezary Skotak, Owner and CEO of CEZOS, Poland

Smart Connector — A New Solution for Smart Lighting
by Ing. Rainer Reiter & Dr. Hugo Pristauz, CEO and CTO at Bluenetics

Benefits of Personalized Workplaces Solution
by Toni Anttila & Mirva Saarijärvi, Head of Workspaces at Ensto, Head of Marketing & Communication

LpR76 | Nov/Dec 2019 

LpR 76

Tech-Talks Bregenz: Ruairí O'Brien
Research: Freeform Micro-Optics
Technologies: Tuneable White & Smart Lighting
Special Topic: Peripheral Discomfort Glare

Editorial: Experience the Future of Lighting

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Personal Lighting Profiles Might Be the Key to Creating a Natural "Work Light Balance"
by Henrik Clausen, Fagerhult Lighting Academy   (p 08)

Ruairí O'Brien, Founder of Ruairí O'Brien Lighting Design
compiled by Dr. Guenther Sejkora, LED professional    (p 30)

Micro-Optics for Efficient LED Spotlights with Arbitrary Farfield Distributions
by Dr. P. Schreiber and Dr. Ch. Waechter et al., Fraunhofer IOF    (p 40)

Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation Reduces EMI
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 48)

A White Light Tuning Strategy that Fuels HCL
by Wouter Soer, Lumileds    (p 68)

A New LED Controller Technology to Expedite the Next Level of Smart Lighting
by Kurt Marquardt, Infineon Technologies (p 74)

Fluorescence-Free Radiant Flux Measurement of UV LEDs
by M. Clark, R. Zuber & M. Ribnitzky, Gigahertz-Optik (p 78)

New Ecodesign Regulation on Flicker and Stroboscopic Effect in LED Lighting
by M. Przybyla & P. Czarnecki, GL Optic    (p 82)

Measure Influence of Discomfort Glare on Task Performance Using the Stroop Task to Circumvent Participant Assessments
by Mads Mårbjerg, Buro Happold Engineering Berlin    (p 86)

LpR75 | Sept/Oct 2019

LpR 75

Tech-Talks Bregenz: Wilfried Kramb
Research: IR Thermography & Micro Optics
Technologies: EMI Reduction & Thin LED Modules
Special Topics: Circular Economy

Editorial: 75th Issue Jubilee

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Providing Better Light Should Still be the Focus of the SSL Industry
by J. Norman Bardsley, PhD, Bardsley Consulting (p 08)

Wilfried Kramb, Interior & Lighting Designer, a∙g Licht
compiled by Dr. Guenther Sejkora, LED professional (p 32)

Temperature Profiling of Secondary LED Optics by Infrared Thermography
by Peter W. Nolte et al., South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences,
Fraunhofer Application Center for Inorganic Phosphors & TRILUX (p 38)

On Life Cycle Assessment to Quantify the Environmental Impact of Lighting Products
by V. Ferreira, D. Wolff, & C. Corchero,Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC) (p 44)

Design and Tolerancing of Freeform Microlens Arrays for Solid-State Lighting
by Oscar Fernándezet al., CSEM (p 58)

Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation Reduces EMI
by Greg Zimmer & Kevin Scott, Analog Devices (p 64)

12 Years of Progress in Manufacturing White LEDs
by Rob Alferink, PicusLED & Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 70)

Inspiration from a Parallel Universe: Reviving the Vision of OLED
by Matt Hanbury, Lightly Technologies (p 76)

Lighting the Way to Greater Well-Being
by Makoto Ogawara & Giovanni Vecchio, Nichia (p 82)

The Adverse Ecological Impacts of Light Pollution: LEDs' Role in Mitigation
by Dr. C. J. Macgregor & Dr. D. M. Evans, University of York & Newcastle University (p 86)

LpR74 | July/Aug 2019

LpR 74 Cover

Tech-Talks Bregenz: David Schmidmayr
Research: Visual Light Communication & Surgical Light
Technologies: Machine Vision & Optical Materials for UV
Special Topics: Horticulture Lighting

Editorial: Quality of Light

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Selecting the UV LED Wavelength for Purification Applications
by Patrick Durand, Future Lighting Solutions (p 08)

David Schmidmayr, CEO, SANlight Research
compiled by Dr. Guenther Sejkora, LED professional (p 24)

Lighting System Based on Visible Light Communications
by René Grabher & Guido Piai, Interstate University of Applied Sciences NTB (p 32)

Tissue-Specific & Biodynamic Control of Surgical Lights - a Future Lighting Concept
by Prof.Dr.Dipl-Phys. P. Belloni & A. Gaertner, University Furtwangen (p 40)

The Trend Towards Improved Light Quality Continues at LFI
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 46)

LED Driver for High Power Machine Vision Flash
by Keith Szolusha & Kyle Lawrence, Analog Devices (p 62)

Transparent Material Considerations for UV Optics in Horticultural Lighting Applications
by Justine Galbraith & Sharayah Follett, Kopp Glass (p 66)

Growing Crops Under the Best Possible Conditions
by A. Kok, B. Van Zaal, Smart Greenhouses, B. Meulblok, Ophir (p 72)

Combining Sunlight and LED Grow Lights for Ultimate Plant Growth
by Luis Rivera, Advanced LED Lights (p 80)

LpR73 | May/June 2019

LpR 73
Tech-Talks Bregenz: Julian Carey
Research: LEDs for Harsh Environments
Research: Measurement of Tj
Special Topic: LiFi & AI

Editorial: Future Lighting

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Care, Caution & Awareness Are Needed When Using LED Lights
by Kyra Xavia, Light and Lighting Research Consortium (p 08)

Horticultural Lighting - The Root to International Standards
CIE, Division 6 (p 30)

Zhaga-D4i Certification Signals Plug-and-Play Interoperability
Zhaga and DiiA (p 32)

Julian Carey, Product & Technical Marketing Mganager at SLD Laser
compiled by Dr. Guenther Sejkora, LED professional (p 34)

Hermetic Polymer-Free White LEDs for Harsh Environments
by Dr. Michael Kunzer et al., Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics (p 42)

New Approach for Accurate and Fast Measurement of LEDs Tj
by Prof. Mehmet Arik et al., EVATEG / Ozyegin University (p 48)

LiFi as a Paradigm-Shifting 5G Technology
by Prof. Harald Haas, University of Edinburgh (p 54)

AI & Lighting
by Henri Juslén, Omar Nasir &Javad Nouri, Helvar (p 62)

LpR72 | Mar/Apr 2019

LpR 72

Tech-Talks Bregenz: Scott Wade
Research: Freeform Microlens Arrays
Technologies: Smart Buildings DC Grids
Applications: Office Lighting Controls

Editorial: Connected Miniaturized Lighting

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What the Heck is Future-Proof?
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 08)

ORGANIZATION NEWS: Zhaga & Zigbee Alliance (p 28 & 30)

Dr. Scott Wade, Technical & Certification Manager, DiiA
compiled by Dr. Guenther Sejkora, LED professional (p 34)

Semi-Empirical Characterization of Freeform Microlens Arrays
by Oscar Fernández et al., CSEM & ANSYS (p 42)

Thermal and Optical Challenges for SSL in Automotive Applications
by Umut Zeynep Uras et al., Ozyegin University & FARBA Corp. (p 50)

LED Lighting Systems in Smart Buildings with DC Microgrids
by Carsten Moellers, Abalights (p 60)

Technologies for Shared Office Space
by Matthias Kassner, EnOcean GmbH (p 66)

LpR71 | Jan/Feb 2019  

LpR 71
Tech-Talks Bregenz: Octavio Perez
Research: Medical & Human Centric Lighting
Technologies: Voice Control & Advanced LEDs
Special Topics: Healthy Light & Blue Light Issues

Editorial: Triggering Innovation

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Well-Being, Light and Exhibition Lighting
by Prof. Dario Camuffo, Polytechnic of Milan & Tech. Committee for Cultural Heritage    (p 08)


ORGANIZATION NEWS: LightingEurope    (p 30)

Dr. Octavio Perez, Adjunctant Researcher, Mt. Sinai Hospital
compiled by Dr. Guenther Sejkora, LED professional    (p 32)

Implications for Human-Centric Lighting Design in Tropical Nursing Homes: A Pilot Study
by Dr. Szu-Cheng Chien, Singapore Institute of Technology    (p 40)

Flex LED Based Smart Light System for Healing of Chronic Wounds
by David Kallweit, CSEM    (p 48)

Voice Controlled Lighting that Protects Privacy and Data
by Genia Shipova, Snips    (p 54)

Circadian-Friendly Light Emitters: From CCT-Tuning to Blue-Free Technology
by Aurelien David, Soraa    (p 58)

Technical Progress Improves Efficacy of Green LEDs by 40%
by Dr. J.-P. Ahl & Dr. A. Bauer, Osram Opto Semiconductors    (p 64)

Healthy Light - LED Technology for Health and Care Applications
by Peter Haumer, Lumitech/Kiteo    (p 68)

Melanopic Green - The Other Side of Blue
by P. Eng. (Ret.) Ian Ashdown, SunTracker Technologies    (p 74)

LpR70 | Nov/Dec 2018  

LpR 70
Tech-Talks Bregenz: Dr. Maja Grubisic
Research: Wellness & Performance, Light Pollution
Technology : DC Grids, Smart Lighting & IoT
Applications: LEDs for Horticulture Lighting

Editorial: Lighting Trends

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An Industry at a Crossroads
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 08)


Dr. Maja Grubisic, Researcher, Free University Berlin & Leibniz-Institute
compiled by Dr. Guenther Sejkora, LED professional    (p 30)

Lighting and Emergency Department Clinician Wellness and Performance Improvement
by Octavio L. Perez, Ph.D, Mount Sinai Hospital    (p 38)

Hazard or Hope? LEDs and Wildlife
by Prof. Travis Longcore, University of Southern California / School of Architecture    (p 52)

When Nights Are No Longer Dark: Effects of Artificial Light at Night on Agroecosystems
by Dr. Maja Grubisic, Leibniz-Institute & Free University Berlin    (p 58)

User Evaluation of the OpenAIS Pilot Installation
by Thomas van de Werff et al., Eindhoven University of Technology    (p 64)

LpS & TiL 2018 - An Industry Is Repositioning Itself
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 72)

Standardized Programming of Lighting Components Using NFC Technology
by Arnulf Rupp, MD-SIG    (p 88)

Bluetooth Mesh Protocol as Applied to Lighting
by Russ Sharer, Fulham    (p 92)

Enriching Horticultural Lighting for Faster Growth and Better Crops
by Dr. Richard Blakey, Würth Elektronik eiSos    (p 98)

48 VDC Integrated Drivers Offer New Options
by R. Weber & S. Hamilton, TE Connectivity    (p 102)

LpR69 | Sept/Oct 2018  

LpR 69
Tech-Talks Bregenz: Guido van Tartwijk
Research: Micro-Optics & Medical Devices
Engineering & Technology: Data, Optics, IoT & Cooling
Events: LpS & TiL Planning and Program

Editorial: LpS / TiL 2018 - The Lighting Events

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A New Lighting Scene
by Rogier van der Heide, Curator of Trends in Lighting 2018    (p 08)

Planning Your LpS 2018 Is Easy with Our Simple Program Chart and Event App
by Bronwen Rolls, Trends in Lighting    (p 34)
LpS&TiL 2018 EVENT PROGRAM    (p 36)


Zhaga Enables Mechanical IoT-Upgradability for Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures
by Dee Denteneer, Zhaga    (p 42)

Evaluating Performance of LED based Luminaires
by Various Experts from LightingEurope    (p 48)

Guido van Tartwijk, CEO of Tridonic
compiled by Dr. Guenther Sejkora, LED professional    (p 56)

Smart Design of Freeform Micro-Optical Elements for Thin Direct-Lit Luminaires
by Christian Sommer et al., Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft    (p 64)

Optical Designs to Improve LED Lighting Efficiency of Medical Endoscopes
by Alexander Gaertner & Paola Belloni, University Furtwangen    (p 70)

Rethinking the Photometric Data File Format
by P. Eng. (Ret ) Ian Ashdown, SunTracker Technologies    (p 76)

Additive Optics Design and Fabrication for Smart Lighting Systems and Tailored Project Solutions
by Marco de Visser et al., Luximprint & Physionary    (p 82)

Qualified Bluetooth Mesh – Making Lighting Controls Future-Proof
by Patrick Durand, Future Lighting Solutions    (p 88)

Materials, Manufacturing and Technologies for Designing Passive Cooling Devices
by John Broadbent, Columbia-Staver    (p 94)

Interactive Lighting Control is Opening New Doors for LED Application
by Manjinder Benning, Limbic Media    (p 98)

Approaching the Spectrum of the Sun
by Marc Juarez, Seoul Semiconductor    (p 104)

LpR68 | July/Aug 2018  

LpR 68
Tech-Talks Bregenz: Rico Kramer
Research: Aerosol Jet Printing, Laser Lighting
Technology & Application: Horticulture, Office Lighting
Special Topic: IoT - Economy & Ecology

Editorial: Smart Electronics & Components

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UV-Light for Plant Development
by Marvin Boell, TUV SUD Asia Pacific    (p 08)



LpS Aims to Prepare Its Delegates for the Digital Future
by Siegfried Luger, LED professional    (p 28)

Rico Kramer, Inventor, esave ag
compiled by Dr. Guenther Sejkora, LED professional    (p 30)

A Study on Aerosol Jet Printing in LED Module Manufacturing
by Dr. Paul Hartmann et al., Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft    (p 38)

Laser Technology for Lighting Applications: A Review and Analysis of a Promising Technology
by Nicola Trivellin et al., University of Padova    (p 44)

Challenges of the Integration of Lighting Systems and Components in IoT
by B. Pronk & S. Verbrugh, Signify & OpenAIS    (p 50)

UV LED Technology for Emerging Applications in Agriculture
by Terrance Berland, Violet Defense Group    (p 56)

Smart Lighting and HCL in Office Applications
by Timo Pakkala, Casambi    (p 62)

Intelligent Lighting - A Case of Diminishing Returns?
by Matthias Kassner, EnOcean    (p 68)

LpR67 | May/June 2018  

LpR67 Cover
Tech-Talks Bregenz: Ken Munro
Research: Thermal Testing, Production
Manufacturing & Technology: Micro-Plants & IoT
Application: Aerospace Exterior Lights

Editorial: L+B 2018 -
Connectivity & Services

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Blue Light Hazard - How Dangerous is SSL Lighting?
by Dr. Thomas Attenberger, Instrument Systems    (p 08)


Ken Munro, Partner & Founder, Pen Test Partners
compiled by Dr. Guenther Sejkora, LED professional    (p 36)

Automatic Panel Level Transient Thermal Tester
by Prof. Gordon Elger et al., Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt    (p 44)

Roll-to-Roll UV Nanoimprint Lithography for Large-Area Nano- and  Micro-Structuring of Flexible Substrates
by Dr. Paul Hartmann et al., Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft m.b.H    (p 50)

A New Approach for Manufacturing LED Advertising Boards Backlighting
by Dr. Eveliina Juntunent al., VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland    (p 56)

Lighting Industry Quo Vadis - Impressions from Light + Building 2018
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 62)

A Manufacturing Revolution for the LED Lighting Industry
by Paavo Käkelä, EID Tech    (p 76)

Integrating Lighting in the Internet of Things
by B. Pronk & F. van Tuijl, Philips Lighting Research & Philips Lighting    (p 80)

LED Lighting Requires New Approaches in Optics
by Marek Škereň, IQ Structures    (p 88)

Abrasion in Transparent Lens Materials for Exterior Aircraft Lighting
by Adam Willsey, Kopp Glass    (p 92)

LpR66 | March/April 2018  

Tech-Talks Bregenz: Fred Maxik
Research: Lifetime Simulation & Optimization
Technologies: LED Overvoltage, LED Drivers
Application: Thermal Management

Editorial: An IP SnapShot
Into Lighting

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On Smart Luminaires
by Prof. Tran Quoc Khanh, Technical University Darmstadt    (p 08)


Fred Maxik, Founder & CTO, Lighting Science Group
compiled by Dr. Guenther Sejkora, LED professional    (p 34)

Lifetime- and Economic Efficiency Simulation of LED Luminaires in Dymola/Modelica
by S. Haemmerle & T. Schmitt, University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg    (p 40)

Full-Color InGaN/AlGaN Nanowire LEDs for SSL and Displays
by M. R. Philip & Dr. H. P. Nguyen, New Jersey Institute of Technology    (p 50)

Technology Is the Answer, But What Was the Question?
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 56)

A Near Infrared Enhanced LED Lighting Approach
by Scott Zimmerman, Silas    (p 62)

Electrical Over Stress - How to Prevent an LED Failing Earlier than Expected
by Mauro Ceresa, Cree    (p 70)

Method and Circuit to Maintain Constant Light Output for LED Luminaires
by Prof.Dr.Eng. Stelian Matei, Electromagnetica    (p 80)

LpR 65 | Jan/Feb 2018

LpR 65

TTB: Julia Frohleiks
Research: Freeform Optics Optimization
Technologies: Multi-Pixel LED Technology
Engineering: Thermal Management

Editorial: Smart World


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Can You Show Me the Next S-Curve, Please?
by Dr. Guenther Sejkora, LED professional    (p 08)


Julia Frohleiks, Researcher, University of Duisburg-Essen
compiled by Dr. Guenther Sejkora, LED professional    (p 34)

Optimization of Freeform Optics Using T-Splines in LED Illumination Design
by Annie Shalom Isaac et al., Karlsruhe Institute of Technology    (p 38)

Repro-Light - Looking for a Sustainable and Modular Luminaire Architecture
compiled by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 44)

Multi-Pixel LED Technology Opens New Horizons for Smart Lighting Applications
by R. Bertram & N. Harendt, Osram Opto Semiconductors    (p 48)

Thermal Simulation Tool for LED Design Requirements
by Chris Aldham, 6SigmaET    (p 54)

Flicker-Free Control of Individual LEDs in Matrix Headlights
by Keith Szolusha, Linear Technology/Analog Devices    (p 58)

LpR 64 | Nov/Dec 2017 

LpR 64
TTB: Dr. Ken T. Shimizu
Research: Hybrid Quantum Dot LECs
Environment & Quality: Energy Saving & Glare
Events: LpS Post Show Report

Editorial: Five Lighting Trends


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The Value Of High-End Labs for High Quality Lighting
by Klaus Ludwig, Osram    (p 08)


Ken T. Shimizu, Research & Development Director at Lumileds
compiled by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 34)

Hybrid Quantum Dot Light Emitting Electrochemical Cells
by Dr. Ekaterina Nannen et al., Nano-Energie-Technik-Zentrum (NETZ) / Uni DuE    (p 40)

Thermal Issues Posed by Compact Packaging and IoT for Next Generation SSL
by Mehmet Arik & Umut Zeynep Uras, EVATEG / Ozyegin University    (p 44)

LpS Gets a Younger Sibling to Foster a Holistic System Approach
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 52)

LiFi - What It Is, How It Works, What It Provides, How to Apply, and Its Future Prospects
by Luc Chassage, Oledcomm & Versailles University    (p 66)

A New Technology Is Changing the Tunable White Solutions
by Phil Lee, Meteor Lighting    (p 70)

Glare Reduction Made Easy
by Dr. Claudius Noack, NORKA Leuchten    (p 74)

A World of LED Lights - The Cost of Waiting
by Benoit Bataillou, Pi Lighting    (p 78)

LpR 63 | Sept/Oct 2017 

LpR 63 Cover
TTB: Dr. Wilfried Pohl
Research: Spectral Rayfiles & Medical Applications
Characterization & Quality: UV & Shop Lighting
Technologies: Laser & Quantum Dots

Editorial: The Lighting Events


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Brave New World and the New Dualism of Light(ing)
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 08)


Tech-Talks BREGENZ Dr. Wilfried Pohl, Director of Research at Bartenbach GmbH
compiled by Dr. Guenther Sejkora, LED professional    (p 38)

Measurement of Angular and Spatial Resolved Spectral Rayfiles
by I. Rotscholl et al., Karlsruhe Institute of Technology    (p 48)

Challenges when Designing LED-Based Illumination Systems in Medical Applications and Diagnostics
by Prof. Paola Belloni & Alexander Gärtner, Furtwangen University    (p 58)

Intelligent Lighting Designs Enabled by Laser Light
by J. A. Carey & Dr. Paul Rudy, Soraa Lasers    (p 66)

Quantum Dot Based White LEDs for General Illumination
by Ken T. Shimizu et al., Lumileds    (p 72)

Challenges in UV Measurement
by Dr. Tobias Roesener, Instrument Systems    (p 80)

Lighting to Achieve Optimal Appearance
by Markus Reisinger, Lighting Research Studio    (p 88)

Trends in Horticulture Lighting - Interview with Paul Scheidt
compiled by Siegfried Luger & Bronwen Rolls, LED professional    (p 92)

LpR 62 | July/Aug 2017 

LpR 62_Cover
TTB: Jamie Singerman
Research: AlGaN/GaN-on-Si FET Drivers
Technologies: High Frequency LED Drivers
Applications: Interior Automotive Lighting

Editorial: LaaS


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Lighting Delivering Increased Value to Society - A Strategy for Growth
by Peter Hunt, Lighting Industry Association (p 08)


Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Jamie Singerman, Worldwide Corporate Vice President at FLS
compiled by Siegfried Luger, LED professional    (p 26)

LED-Retrofit Based on AlGaN/GaN-on-Si Field-Effect Transistor Drivers
by Andreas Zibold et al., Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics IAF    (p 32)

LED Driver Miniaturization - Opening New Opportunities for Solid State Lighting
by Mickey Madsen, Nordic Power Converters    (p 36)

SoC Technologies in Lighting - Today’s Landscape and Tomorrow's Practices
by P. Winiarczyk & S. Rzadkosz, Silvair    (p 42)

Avoiding Brightness and Color Mismatch with Proper RGB Gamut Calibration
by Rood Bouten, Admesy    (p 46)

Interior Automotive Lighting Control Redefined
by Roland Neumann, Inova Semiconductors    (p 52)

LpR 61 | May/June 2017 

Interview: Dipl.-Jur. Philipp Henrici
Research: Variability in LED Production
Research: Thin-Film Optics & Wafer Level Packaging
Applications: Tunnel Lighting

Editorial: Mega Trends



A Lighting Designers Relativity of Light Performance
by Dr. Sven Horsmann, luxlumina (p 08)


Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Philipp Henrici, President & Managing Director at BJB
compiled by Dr. Günther Sejkora, LED professional (p 34)

New Glass-Based Phosphors for White Light-Emitting Diodes
by Franziska Steudel et al., Fraunhofer Institute (p 42)

Ultrathin Direct-Lit LED Module with Beam Shaping Thin-Film Optics
by Oscar Fernández et al., CSEM (p 48)

Smart LED System in Package through Water Level Integration Approach
by Z. Kolahdouz et al, Delft University of Technology (p 56)

Variability in LED Production and the Impact on Performance
by B. Bataillou & T. Merelle, Pi Lighting (p 62)

Technology Challenges in Professional Tunnel Lighting Applications
by Maximilian Herzig, Swareflex (p 66)

Enabling Total Control in the Next Generation of Outdoor Lighting
by R. Weber & B. Nelson, TE Connectivity (p 70)

LpR 60 | Mar/Apr 2017 

> TTB: Dr. J. Norman Bardsley   
> Research: Roadway Lighting & Perovskite Nanocrystals
> Technologies: Thermal Management & Smart Lighting
> Applications: SSL Horticulture & Animal Farming


Full version and archive access: Click Here


From Component to System
by Andreas Weisl, Seoul Semiconductor    (p 08)


Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Norman Bardsley, President of Bardsley Consulting
compiled by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 32)

Roadway Lighting Optics for Environment Adaptive Spatial Light Distribution
by Viktor Zsellér & Dr. Krisztián Samu, Budapest Univ. of Technology & Economics    (p 40)

Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals - A New Promise for Light Emitting Devices
by Mirko Prato & Francesco Di Stasio, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia    (p 46)

A Standardized Open Platform Is Key to the Future of Smart Lighting System Design
by Dr. Kyeongik Min, Samsung Electronics    (p 54)

Looking for the Best Thermal Solution for CSP Module Designs
by Dr. Giles Humpston, Cambridge Nanotherm    (p 60)

Bio-Effective Lighting for Humans, Livestock and Plants
by Volker Neu, Vossloh-Schwabe Lighting Solutions    (p 64)

SSL Growth Strategies and USDA Corn Breeding Objectives
by Brandon Newkirk, LumiGrow    (p 68)


LpR 59 | Jan/Feb 2017 

> Research: Lifetime Calculation
> Events: LuxLive & Swiss Photonics
> Technology & Application: Microscopy & Cave Lighting
> Usability: User Interface UI & UX


Full version and archive access: Click Here


Lighting Up Smart Cities
by Dr. Wu Chou, Huawei    (p 08)


Dr. Rubén D. Costa, Group Leader, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
compiled by Dr. Günther Sejkora, LED professional    (p 28)

Lifetime Calculation of White HP-LEDs from 16,000 Hours Aging Data
by Max Wagner et al., TU Darmstadt    (p 34)

LuxLive and SILE Sharpen Focus on End-Users
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 40)

Swiss Photonics Workshop on Intelligent Efficient Solid State Lighting
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 44)

Thermal Management of an LED Light Source for Microscopes
by Wolfgang Plank & Gerd Harder, ESCATEC    (p 50)

Enhancing the LED Experience - UI & UX as Success Factors for IoT Based Lighting Controls
by Karl Jónsson & Christian Moormann, Tridonic    (p 54)

Technical Aspects Regarding the Equipment of Show Caves with Modern LED Systems
by Vladimir Vashkevich, Cave Lighting CL GmbH & Co KG    (p 58)

ARTICLE INDEX 2016    (p 68) 

LpR 58 | Nov/Dec 2016 

> Research: Hybrid LEDs
> Events: Highlights from LpS 2016
> Technologies: Structured Glass & Dielectric Materials
> Innovation: On-Chip Beam Forming Optics


Full version and archive access: Click Here


Review of the LED Lighting Design Approach
by Justin Jiang, UniBrite Technology    (p 08)

Tech-Talks Bregenz
Prof. Christian Cajochen, Univ. Basel, Head of Center of Chronobiology
compiled by Dr. Günther Sejkora, LED professional    (p 26)

The Perspective of Bio-Hybrid White Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Rubber-Like Down-Converting Coatings
by Dr. Rubén D. Costa et al., University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU)    (p 32)


LpS 2016: A Perfect Platform for New Ideas and Innovations
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 40)

Comparing New Dielectric Materials for Chip-on-Board LED Packages
by H. Zhang, M. Wagner & Prof. T. Quoc Khanh, TU Darmstadt    (p 50)

Structured Glass Light Guides for Efficient Lighting
by Christian Passlick, Auer Lighting    (p 54)

On-Chip Beam Forming Optics Paves the Way for New Luminaire Designs
by Paul Drosihn & Samir Mezouari, Plessey Semiconductors        (p 60)

Flicker: Standards and Test Methods
by Walter Parmiami, UL International Italia S.r.l    (p 64)

Smart Lighting Market and Technology Trends
by Jasmine Hinduja, The Insight Partners    (p 70)

LpR 57 | Sept/Oct 2016 

> Research:Sky Radiance Distribution Pattern
> Engineering: Design Process & Online Tools
> Technologies: Full Spectrum LED
> Environment: Botanical Light Pollution


Full version and archive access: Click Here


The Good the Bad and the Ugly
by Ruairí O’Brien, Federation of International Lighting Designers    (p 08)

Tech-Talks Bregenz
Sebastian Huelck, Director Lighting, EBV Elektronik
compiled by Dr. Günther Sejkora, LED professional    (p 32)

Sky Luminance and Radiance Distribution Patterns: Empirical Assessment and Computational Models
by Univ. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Ardeshir Mahdavi et al., TU Vienna    (p 40)


How to Design with LEDs: Concurrent Engineering Yields Fully Optimized Lighting Systems
by Brian S. Jasenak, Kopp Glass    (p 52)

Easing Lighting System Design with Online Tools
by Patrick Durand, Future Lighting Solutions    (p 58)

Technologies for Engineering an LED Light Closest to Sunlight
by Masahiko Yamakawa, Toshiba Materials    (p 68)

Lighting Fabrics - A New Approach for Flexible Light Sources
by Till Sadlowski, Carpetlight        (p 76)

Botanical Light Pollution - Red is the New Blue
by Ian Ashdown, byHeart Consultants & Lighting Analysts    (p 82)

LEDs Reveal Paintings Hidden in Paintings
by Clint Eccher, Artist, Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 90)

LpR 56 | July/Aug 2016 

> Research: Lamp Quality & Flicker
> Tech-Talks BREGENZ: Francis Wong
> Application: Medical Fiber Optics Light Sources
> Reliability: E-Caps & Optocouplers in LED Drivers


Full version and archive access: Click Here


Lifetime And Reliability
by Dr. Günther Sejkora, items & LED professional    (p 08)

Tech-Talks Bregenz
Francis Wong, Associate VP Lighting Business Unit, Lextar
compiled by Dr. Günther Sejkora, LED professional    (p 34)

Quality and Health Aspects of LED Lamps for the European Residential Lighting Market
by Prof. Dr. Georges Zissis, Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse    (p 40)

Flicker Beyond Perception Limits - A Summary of Lesser Known Research Results
by Dr. Walter Werner, Werner Consulting    (p 50)


Concepts to Overcome Lifetime Issues of LED Drivers
by Maggie Nadjmi, SL Power Electronics    (p 58)

TM-30 or the Quest for New Metrics to Measure Light Color Quality
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED Professional    (p 62)

High-End White Light Sources Fiber Optics Technology for Medical Applications
by Holger Laabs, Oliver Mehl & Henning Rehn, Osram    (p 68)

LED Lamps Recycling Technology for a Circular Economy
by A. Gassmann et al., Fraunhofer IWKS & Technische Universität Darmstadt    (p 74)

LpR 55 | May/June 2016 


> Research: Luminescent Glasses
> Manufacturing: Potting Processes for LED Modules
> Technology: Optimization of Thermal Management
> Tech-Talks BREGENZ: Dr. Biing-Jye Lee


Full version and archive access: Click Here



LFI 2016 Touts LED Lighting and Digital Control Technology Transformation
by Dr. Nisa Khan, President of IEM LED Lighting Technologies    (p 08)

Tech-Talks Bregenz
Dr. Biing-Jye Lee, Chairman of Epistar
compiled by Siegfried Luger, LED professional    (p 30)

Light + Building Post Show Report: The Six Most Noteworthy Observations
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 36)

Luminescent Glasses and Glass Ceramics for White Light Emitting Diodes
by Franziska Steudel et al., Fraunhofer Institute    (p 48)


Potting Processes as a Part of LED-Based Lighting Module Manufacturing Methods
by Willi Huber, ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik    (p 52)

Cost and Performance Optimization of Thermal Management Solution for High Power LEDs
by Giles Humpston, Cambridge Nanotherm    (p 60)

More Efficient Plant Growth with Quantum Dots
by Dale Needham, Nanoco Lighting    (p 64)

LpR 54 | Mar/Apr 2016 

> Research: Thin-Film Optics
> Connected Lighting: PoE & BLE with iBeacons
> Technology: RGBW Dimming
> Tech-Talks BREGENZ: Karl Jónsson


Full version and archive access: Click Here



ZHAGA Meets Smart Lighting
by Dee Denteneer, Secretary General of the Zhaga Consortium (p 08)

Tech-Talks Bregenz
Karl Jónsson, IoT Architect, Tridonic
compiled by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 38)

Thin-Film Light Management System for Intelligent Large-Area LED Luminaires
by Oscar Fernandez, Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique SA (p 46)

Connected Lighting

Advanced Bluetooth 4.0+ -Based Smart Lighting Technology
by Saara Guastella, Casambi (p 52)

Power over Ethernet Lighting for Commercial Buildings
by Giovanni Frezza, Molex (p 56)

Create Colorful and Bright LED Light with an LED Matrix Dimmer
by Keith Szolusha, Linear Technology (p 62)

Safety Concept for LED Street Lighting
by Andreas Schamber, Phoenix Contact (p 68)

Illuminating Education - Providing a Brighter Future for Students
by Jay Black, Revolution Lighting Technologies (p 72)

The Value of Dark Skies - About Environmentally Friendly Lighting
by J. Scott Feierabend, International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) (p 80)



LpR 53 | Jan/Feb 2016 

LpR 53
> Research: Hybrid LEDs
> Trends: Embedded Lighting
> Technology: Light Flicker
> Tech-Talks BREGENZ: Wolfgang Nemitz


Full version and archive access: Click Here


Design Beyond FFF
by Ed van den Kieboom, InnovationFab Events    (p 08)

Tech-Talks Bregenz
Wolfgang Nemitz, Scientist, Joanneum Research
compiled by S. Luger, LED professional    (p 24)

Human-Focused Outdoor Illumination: Trade-Off Between Pleasing Color and Circadian Action
by Dr. Pranciškus Vitta, Vilnius University    (p 30)

White Hybrid Light-Emitting Diodes: A Plausible Solution for Commercialization and Health Issues
by Rubén D. Costa et al., University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU)    (p 36)


Embedded Lighting - Developing New Lighting Applications for Modern Architectural Projects
by Brad Koerner, Philips Lighting    (p 44)

Light Flicker from LED Lighting Systems - An Urgent Problem to Solve
byProf. Georges Zissis, LAPLACE Université de Toulouse    (p 50)

The Role of Special Optics in Human Centric Lighting and Architecture
by Anthony Ang, Suleyman Turgut & Mary Ann Giorgio, Luminit LLC    (p 60)



LpR 52 | Nov/Dec 2015 

LpR 52
> Tech-Talks BREGENZ: Jy Bhardwaj
> Research: Simulation of PC LEDs
> Innovations: Modules, Electronics & Plastics
> Events: LpS Review & Product Trends


Full version and archive access: Click Here


Lighting Beyond Illumination
by Heinz Seyringer, Zumtobel Group    (p 08)

Tech-Talks Bregenz
Dr. Jy Bhardwaj, Lumileds, CTO
compiled by S. Luger, LED professional    (p 28)

LpS 2015 – Focus on Design and Applications for Sustainable Solutions
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 32)

LpS 2015 Product Showcase – Dominated by Product Launches
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 42)

Iterative Optical and Thermal Simulation Method for Proper Simulation of PC LEDs
by Wolfgang Nemitz et al., Joanneum Research    (p 48)


230 VAC Driven LED Modules with Strongly Reduced Flicker
by Wolfgang Endrich, euroLighting    (p 54)

Software Design in LED Lighting Applications
by Attila Tomasovics, Infineon Technologies    (p 60)

Predictive Simulation to Virtually Test Product Design and Reduce Time to Market

by Kersten Terry & Berend Hoek, Trinseo    (p 66)

Mastering Thermal Issues in LED PCB Design & Laminate Selection
by Martin Cotton, Ventec Europe    (p 84)

Special: Automotive
Boost-Buck LED Driver Topology for Low Input and Output Ripple for Low EMI
by Keith Szolusha, Linear Technology    (p 74)



LpR 51 | Sept/Oct 2015 

LpR 51
> Special: Zhaga’s Latest Books
> Tech-Talks Bregenz: Andreas Weisl
> Graphene-Based, Spectrally Tunable, Flexible LEDs
> Measurement Uncertainty and Conformity


Full version and archive access: Click Here


Can We Have that, Please? - What We as a Manufacturer of Lamps are Looking For
by Axel Schmid, Ingo Maurer    (p 08)

Tech-Talks Bregenz
Andreas Weisl, SSC Europe, Vice-President
compiled by S. Luger, LED professional    (p 42)

Al2O3 Coated Europium-Activated Aluminum Silicon Nitride for COB LED Technology
by Nika Mahne et al., Graz University of Technology    (p 48)

A Graphene-Based, Spectrally Tunable, Flexible Field-Effect Light-Emitting Device
by Xiaomu Wang & He Tiany et al., Tsinghua University    (p 58)

Measurement Uncertainty and Conformity Assessment in Photometry
by Peter Blattner, METAS & European Association of Metrology Institutes    (p 70)

Chip Arrays in SMD Packages - A New Class of LEDs

by Ralph Bertram, Osram Opto Semiconductors    (p 78)

Mastering Thermal Issues in LED PCB Design & Laminate Selection
by Martin Cotton, Ventec Europe    (p 84)

SpecialL: Zhaga’s Latest Books
Zhaga Evolves: Focus on Component Standardization Drives New Book Development
by Musa Unmehopa & Tim Whitaker, Zhaga Consortium        (p 91)

Chip-on-Board LED Modules Standardized in Zhaga Book 12
by Martin Creusen & Charles Knibbeler, Philips Lighting; Manfred Scheubeck,
Osram Opto Semiconductors; Ingo Arnrich, BJB; Nico van Stiphout, Molex    (p 96)

Light-Emitting Surface (LES) Concept Enables Comparison of Photometric Properties
by Stefan Lorenz, Osram GmbH    (p 100)

Zhaga Determines Thermal Fit of LED Light Engines and Luminaires
by Uli Mathis, Tridonic; Toine Staring, Philips Lighting    (p 104)

DMI Specification Defines Electrical Interface between LED Drivers and Modules
by Arnulf Rupp, Osram    (p 106)



LpR 50 | July/Aug 2015 

LpR #50
> Exclusive Interview: Shuji Nakamura
> Event Reviews - Focus on Asia and USA
> Color-Tunable, InGaN Nanowire LED Arrays
> Lighting with LEDs – More than just Illuminating Objects


Full version and archive access: Click Here


Creating Growth for the Lighting Industry in Europe with New Opportunities
by Diederik de Stoppelaar, LightingEurope    (p 06)

Exclusive Interview
Nobel Prize and Global Energy Prize Winner Prof. Shuji Nakamura
compiled by S. Luger, LED professional    (p 30)

Flexible OLEDs for Lighting Applications
by Tanzim Baig, Holst Center    (p 40)

InGaN Nanowire LEDs to Make Light Mixing Efficient and Smart
by Prof. Zetian Mi et al., McGill University    (p 44)

New Class of Siloxane Polymers for Advanced LED Packaging
by Dr. Juha Rantala et al., Inkron    (p 48)

Lightfair 2015 – A Grand Show with Work Still Remaining
by Dr. M. Nisa Khan, LED professional        (p 54)

GILE 2015 Trends – LED Chips, LED Packages, Drivers & Controls
by A. Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 64)

LED Lighting Taiwan 2015 – Strong Focus on UV and IR
by A. Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 72)

Lighting with LEDs – More than just Illuminating Objects
by M. Canazai & W. Pohl et al., Bartenbach    (p 78)


LpR 49 | May/June 2015 

LpR 49
> International Year of Light 2015
> Wafer Level Packaging
> Thermal Management of LEDs
> Tech-Talks Bregenz: Daniel Doxsee


Full version and archive access: Click Here


A Confusing Situation that Demands Solutions: Performance Specification
by Jacob Nuesink, DEKRA Certification    (p 06)

First EBV Lighting Academy Summary Report
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 40)

Tech-Talks Bregenz
Daniel Doxsee, Deputy Managing Director – Nichia Chemical Europe
compiled by Dr. A. Prasad, LED professional    (p 48)

A Self-Compensation Approach for Maintaining the Chromaticity Coordinates of Phosphor Converted LEDs Upon Temperature Variations
by Wolfgang Nemitz et al., Joanneum Research    (p 54)

3-Pad LED Flip Chip COB
by Pao Chen, Flip Chip Opto    (p 62)

Practical Estimation of Materials and Measures for Thermal Management of LEDs
by Giles Humpston, Cambridge Nanotherm    (p 66)

Analytical and Numerical Studies on the Influence of the Thermal Conductivity of TIMs on the Case Temperature of LED Systems
by Vinay Pal, Nikhil Aggarwal & Rajeev Jindal, Moserbear    (p 70)



LpR 48 | Mar/Apr 2015 

LpR 48
> International Year of Light 2015 - Opening
> DC Supply Grids for LED Lighting
> Phase Cut Dimming
> Tech-Talks BREGENZ: Ewing Liu


> Special: EnLight Project Outcomes

Full version and archive access: Click Here



LED Innovation Will Offer a Human-Centric Smart Lighting Platform Enabling Enterprise IoT
by Frank Harder, Samsung    (p 06)

Let there be Light - A Brief Overview of the Meaning of Light
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 32)

Tech-Talks Bregenz
Ewing Liu, Technical Marketing Manager at Everlight
compiled by Dr. A. Prasad, LED professional    (p 42)

Direct Current (DC) Supply Grids for LED Lighting
by Prof. Eberhard Waffenschmidt, Cologne University of Applied Science    (p 48)

Solving the Phase-Cut Dimming Challenge
by Craig Sharp & Bill Trzyna, CCI Power Supplies LLC    (p 54)

LED Lighting for Horticulture
by Ian Ashdown, Lighting Analysts    (p 60)

Special: EnLight Project Outcomes
EnLight - Next Generation Intelligent and Energy Efficient Lighting Systems
by Frank van Tuijl    (p 68)

System Architecture for Distributed Intelligence
by Lex James et al.    (p 72)

New Form Factor Luminaires and New Light Effects
by Herbert Weiß et al.    (p 80)

The Building Blocks for Intelligent Future Luminaires
by Tim Böttcher et al.    (p 86)

Peripheral Devices for the Right Light
by Werner Weber et al.    (p 92)

Granular Lighting Control Enables Significant Energy Savings with Optimized User Comfort
by Eveliina Juntunen et al.    (p 98)


LpR 47 | Jan/Feb 2015 

LpR 47
> International Year of Light 2015
> Tech-Talks BREGENZ: Mehmet Arik
> Well-Being in Office Applications
> Light Measurement & Quality Parameters

Full version and archive access: Click Here



Leading Article

2015 Year of (LED) Light
by Dr. Amrita Prasad, LED professional    (p 32)

Tech-Talks Bregenz
Dr. Mehmet Arik, Associate Professor at Ozyegin University
compiled by Dr. A. Prasad, LED professional    (p 38)

LED Office Lighting for Improved Well-Being and Performance
by Katrin Möller et al., Competence Center Light        (p 42)

A New Approach to the Design of Driverless AC LED Light Engines
by Peter W. Shackle, Photalume    (p 48)

Practical Estimation of Measurement Times in Goniospectroradiometry and Goniophotometry
by Dr. Günther Leschhorn, Instrument Systems    (p 54)

Smart Controls
Street Lighting Evolution through LED Technology
by Sandra Solán, ELT Electronic Division    (p 62)

Guidance on Specifying Solid State Lighting Luminaires
by Jaap Nuesink & Michael Schoof, DEKRA Certification    (p 66)

Making Light Work – Light Sources for Modern Lighting Requirements
by Dr. James Gourlay, Design LED Products    (p 72)

LEDs are Revolutionizing Light – The Past and Future of Lighting
by Stephan Wegstein, VESTEL    (p 76)


LpR 46 | Nov/Dec 2014 

LpR 46
> Tech-Talks BREGENZ: Prof. Jiangen Pan
> LpS 2014 Review
> Color Quality and New Binning Strategies
> SSL Cost Issues and Potentials

Full version and archive access: Click Here



Tech-Talks BREGENZ

Prof. Jiangen Pan , Founder & CTO / Everfine
by Dr. Amrita Prasad, LED professional (p 28)

LpS 2014 – Fostering the Spirit of Innovation and Engineering Arts
by Dr. A. Prasad, K. Fink & A. Grabher-Meyer, LED professional
(p 34)

New Binning Strategy for White LEDs to Improve the Color Quality of Interior Lighting
by Dr. P. Bodrogi & Prof. T. Q. Khanh, Technical Univ. Darmstadt (p 48)

Special Topic
Cost Issues in the SSL Production Chain - From Substrate to the Luminaire
by J Norman Bardsley, Bardsley Consulting (p 52)

Cost Saving Potential with Automation and Well Designed Processes
by Olaf Baumeister, BJB (p 56)

Managing Manufacturing and Supply Chain Challenges in LED Luminaire Design
by Gelston Howell, Sanmina (p 62)

Advanced Optical Plastics Materials for LED Lighting Applications
by C. Van Nuffel, E. Wu, P. Jackson & M. Sans Peña, Styron (p 66)

Development of a Workflow for Colored Ray Data
by Nicole Stubenrauch, TechnoTeam Bildverarbeitung (p74)

Thermal Transient Testing of LEDs for More Reliable SSL Products
by Dr. Andras Poppe, Mentor Graphics (p 78)


LpR 45 | Sept/Oct 2014 

> Tech-Talks BREGENZ: Dietmar Zembrot
> Technologies for High Quality LED Lighting
> Smart Lighting & Human Centric Lighting
> Advanced Thermal Management Technologies


Full version and archive access: Click Here



Tech-Talks BREGENZ
Dietmar Zembrot, LightingEurope, President / TRILUX, CTO
by Dr. Amrita Prasad, LED professional (p 30)

High Color-Rendering, Full-Visible-Spectrum LEDs

by David Aurelien & Mike Krames, Soraa
(p 38)

Light Guide Technology for Obtaining a Different Bi-Directional Direct / Indirect Light Emission Pattern
by Brett Shriver, Global Lighting Technologies (p 46)

Thermal Management
Improving the Lifetime of Components Using Heat Conducting Plastics
by Thies Wrobel & Klaus Gebhardt, Albis Plastics (p 52)

Advanced Passive Thermal Management Solutions for High Power LEDs
by Dr. R. Bonner & P. Ritt, Advanced Cooling Technologies (ACT) (p 58)

Aspects of Intelligent Lighting

by Thomas Hauer, RECOM Engineering GmbH & Co KG
(p 62)

Lighting & Building Automation Technologies
by Greg Galluccio, Leviton Manufacturing

The Status of Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

by Dr. Stefan Tasch, Lumitech & Guido Nattkemper, BAG electronics (p76)

Tuneable Solid-State Lighting to Improve Light Quality
by Uwe Thomas, LED Engin (p 82)



 LpR 44 | July/Aug 2014 

> Tech-Talks BREGENZ: Walter Werner
> Advanced Primary Optics
> LED Light Spectrum Enhancement
> Discomfort Glare Perception


Full version and archive access: Click Here



Tech-Talks BREGENZ
Walter Werner, Werner Mgmt. Services, CEO
by Siegfried Luger & Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 28)

Advanced Primary Optics for Improved Light Efficiency and Low Cost
by Kim Sung-Phil, LG Innotek (p 34)

LED Light Spectrum Enhancement with Transparent Pigmented Glazes
by Jan-Marie A Spanard, Light Spectrum Glazes (p 40)

How To Power and Protect LEDs Properly
by Tony Armstrong, Linear Technology (p 50)

Reducing Time to Market for Cost-Effective AC LED Driver ICs
by Volker Herbig & Tilman Metzger, X-FAB Silicon Foundries (p 54)

Discomfort Glare Perception of Non-Uniform Light Sources in an Office Setting
by L. M. Geerdinck et al., Philips Research (p 58)

Concept of a Time-Proven LED Luminaire Design and Manufacturing Process
by Angela Betancourt, for Lumitec Lighting (p 64)


LpR 43 | May/June 2014

> Tech-Talks BREGENZ: Martina Paul
> Light + Building 2014: Post-Show Report
> White LED Color Design
> Smart Lighting Report


Full version and archive access: Click Here



Tech-Talks BREGENZ
Martina Paul, General Secretary, CIE
by Siegfried Luger, LED professional (p 34)

Light + Building Review - Trends, Innovations and Technological Tidbits
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 40)

Implementing an Automated High-Tech LED Luminaires Production Line
by Darko Crha, Data Link (p 52)

Producing Cost-Effective LED Lamps and Modules Using 3D Technology
by Barbara Stumpp & Stephan Krause, LPKF Laser & Electronics (p 58)

White LED Color Design and Variation Reduction
by Ichikawa Akira, Asahi Rubber (p 62)

Special Topic
Technology Aspects for the Smart Buildings Lighting Controls Business
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 68)


 LpR 42 | Mar/Apr 2014 - Light+Building, Lightfair International Issue

> OLED Technology Trends
> LED Technologies for Streetlighting
> Smart Lighting - Sensor & Wireless Control
> LED Reliability - Overstress & Solder Joints


Full archive access: Click Here

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Lighting Japan – Strong Focus on OLEDs
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 30)

Interview - Prof. Fischer-Hirchert
Using LED Technology in Street Lighting
by Siegfried Luger, LED professional (p 42)

Solder Joint Reliability of LED Packages
by Saritha Rajamma, Cree Corp. (p 46)

Electrical Overstress Protection of LEDs with Proper Circuit Design and Layout Practices
by Ron Bonné, Takaaki Yagi & Masaki Nishizawa, Philips Lumileds (p 52)

Driving Large Scale LED Panels Efficiently
K.H. Loo, Y.M. Lai & C.K. Tse, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (p 60)

Sensor-Driven Designs to Allow More LED Bins and Lower Costs
by Sajol Ghoshal, ams (p 64)

LED Light Tile Technology for Lighting and Backlighting
by Dr. James Gourlay, Design LED Products (p 70)

ZigBee Light Link – The Technology for Residential Wireless Lighting Control
Simon den Uijl et al., The Connected Lighting Alliance (p 74)

Using Interactive Optimization Utilities to Improve LED Lightpipe Designs
Dr. Edward Freniere & Michael Gauvin, Lambda Research Corp. (p 78)



LpR 41 | Jan/Feb 2014

LpR_41> Photometry Standardization
> Measurement with Integrating Spheres
> Standards for Smart Lighting
> Voltage Limits for PWM Operated LED Drivers
> Article Index 2013

Full archive access: Click Here

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Photometry Standardization Developments for OLEDs and LEDs
by Tony Bergen & Peter Blattner, CIE Division 2 (p 24)

New EC Regulation – How to Measure Directional Light Sources
by Christian Krause, Viso Systems Aps (p 30)

Interview - Simon den Uijl
About Wireless Standards for Smart Lighting
by Siegfried Luger & Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 34)

Optimization of SSL LED Devices
by Ralph Bertram & Alexander Wilm, Osram Opto Semiconductors (p 38)

Safety Issues for LED Drivers with PWM Operation Modes
by Siegfried Luger, Luger Research & John Showell, Product Approvals (p 44)

Using Integrating Spheres Correctly to Measure LEDs
by Mikolaj Przybyla, GL OPTIC / Just Normlicht GmbH (p 48)

by Marc Fontoynont et al., Interdisciplinary Development Team (p 52)


LpR 40 | Nov/Dec 2013

LpR 40> LpS 2013 Review
> Standards & LED Measurement
> LED Drivers with Special Features
> LED Light Quality

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LpS 2013 - A Comprehensive Program, Trends, Innovations and New Product Launches
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 22)

Interview - Michael Gall & Micolaj Przybyla
Light Quality and Standardized Measurement
by Siegfried Luger & Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 32)

LED Converter With High Dimming Performance
by Giulio Borsoi, Mathias Burger & Christian Nesensohn, Tridonic (p 38)

Intelligent Over Temperature Protection for LED Lighting Applications
by Bernd Pflaum & Hakan Yilmazer, Infineon Technologies (p 46)

HD-Retina LED Technology - Light Quality Beyond CRI
by Giulio Vezzani, Martini Light (p 52)

Light Quality and Appropriate Light Measuring Methods in Demanding Applications
by Rich Rosen, Litepanels (p 56)

Manufacturing Silicone Lenses and LED Packaging
by Tarik Karsandik, Tengifts Technology (p 60)

Special Topics
Key Technologies – Drivers of the (LED) Lighting
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 64)


LpR 39 | Sept/Oct 2013

LpR 39> Reliability-Oriented Design
> Natural Design for Heat Sinks
> Micro- and Nanostructured 3D LED Technologies
> Safety Regulations & Production Testing

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Special Topics
Solid-State Lighting Considerations
by Siegfried Luger, LED professional (p 30)

Interview - Giorgio Anania
Status of Micro- and Nanostructured 3D LED Technologies
by Siegfried Luger & Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 34)

Contactless LED Technology
by Alain Guimont, HEICO lighting (p 40)

The Challenge of Designing Safer LED Lighting Products
by John Showell, Product Approvals Ltd. (p 46)

Reliability Oriented Design of LED-Based Light Sources
by Matteo Meneghini et al., University of Padova, LightCube SRL (p 52)

LED and Lens Degradation Through Volatile Organic Compounds
by Edward Steinke, Cree Corp. (p 58)

Natural Design for Heat Sinks
by Ch. Herbold & C. Neumann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (p 64)

The Necessity and Feasibility of Production Testing for LED Lighting Products
by Bernie Chang, Chroma ATE (p 70)


LpR 38 | July/Aug 2013

LpR_#38_FrontCover> In-Line Process Control
> LED Lighting Taiwan
> OLED Technology Status & Outlook
> MOCVD Platforms

Full archive access: Click Here

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LED Lighting Taiwan Review -
Focus on Taiwan’s Key Players in the SSL Market 
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 30)

In-Line Process Control and Yield Management in LED Manufacturing
by Siegfried Luger & Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 38)

OLED Technology in Lighting Applications - Current Status and Outlook
by Franco Musiari, ASSODEL (p 42)

New MOCVD Platform for Cost-Effective Production of GaN-based HB LEDs
by Shiping Guo, Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc. (p 48)

High-Index Nanocrystals
Key to Next Generation Advancements in Lighting
by Gregory Cooper, Pixelligent Technologies LLC (p 52)

Handheld Photometry Supports LED Lighting Design
by Norbert Harkam, SalesLink GmbH / UPRtek (p 56)

Special Topic
Trends in LED Lighting Design and Function
by Mick Wilcox & Aaron Merrill, Bridgelux (p 60)



LpR 37 | May/June 2013

LpR37 cover> Heatsinks & Silicones
> Electrical Protection of LEDs
> Fluorescent Tube Replacement
> Optical Lithography

Full archive access: Click Here

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FL Replacement LED Tubes - Challenges and Technologies
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p32)

Digital Driver IC Chip Designs for Retrofit Bulbs
by Siegfried Luger & Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p38)

New Optical Lithography Method for Advanced Light Extraction in LEDs
by T. Uhrmann & H. Solak,, EV Group & Eulitha AG (p 42)

Thermal Management
Thermal Management for LEDs Beyond Thermal Conductivity Values
by Jade Bridges, Electrolube (p 48)

Choosing the Appropriate Heatsink for an Application
by Jürgen Harpain, Manager of Development at Fischer Elektronik (p 52)

Protecting LEDs from Electrical Overstress Faults
by Joe Dinkel & Spencer Guo, TE Circuit Protection (p 58)



LpR 36 | Mar/Apr 2013

LpR36_front> Printed Optics
> LED Light Bulb Technology
> Material Parameters of Optical Encapsulates
> Emission Characteristic & Efficiency

Full archive access: Click Here

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Labeling and Certification Testing Issues
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p30)

Optics Production Technology for Customizing LED Luminaires
by Siegfried Luger & Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p34)

How Silicones are Evolving to Meet the Growing Needs of the LED Lighting Industry
by F. de Buyl, M. Beukema and K. van Tiggelen, Dow Corning (p40)

The Influence of LED Emission Characteristics on the Efficiency of Lighting Systems
by Roland Schulz, Osram Opto Semiconductor (p46)

An Economical Omnidirectional A19 LED Light Bulb
by Chen-Peng Hsu, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) (p52)



LpR 35 | Jan/Feb 2013

lpr35front> Zhaga - A Successful Strategy
> Copper Bonding Wires
> TRIAC Dimming - EMI
> Lacquer Systems for PCBs

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The Mandatory Basis for Professional LED Lighting
by Guido Nattkemper, BAG electronics Group (p 4)

LED Acceptance in the Global Lighting Market Continues to Grow
by Alan Mills, LED professional (p26)

Zhaga – A Successful Strategy for Luminary Manufacturers
by Siegfried Luger, LED professional (p 30)

LED & OLED Technology
Copper Bonding Wires - A Feasible Solution for LED Packaging
by Dominik Stephan & Alon Menache, RED Micro Wire (p34)

EMI Problems in TRIAC Dimmable LED Drivers
by Bianca Aichinger, RECOM Lighting (p38)

Thermal Management
Reliable Thermal Management of High-Power LEDs
by Stefan Hörth, Haeusermann (p42)

Lacquer Systems for PCBs
Optical Requirements and Performance in Applications
by Dr. Manfred Suppa & Johannes Tekath, Lackwerke Peters (p46)

Special Topic
DC-Grids - Challenges and Chances for LED Lighting
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p52)

Article Index 2012



LpR 34 | Nov/Dec 2012

LprR31_frontpage_150px> LpS 2012 Review
> OLED Tech-Panel Discussion
> Sensors and Feedback Control
> Tunable Lens Technology

Full archive access: Click Here

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It's the Overall Solution that Counts, Not the Single Component
by Stephan Wegstein, RECOM Lighting (p 4)

LpS 2012 Awed Lighting Experts with Its Top Class Exhibition and a New Interactive Lecture Concept
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 24)

LpS 2012 - OLED Technologies Tech-Panel Discussion
Summary of an Expert Discussion by Siegfried Luger, LED professional (p 38)

Human-Centric Lighting: Sensor Technology for Full-Spectrum Lighting Solutions
by Sajol Goshal, ams (p 42)

Sensors and Feedback Control of Multi-Color LED Systems
by Thomas Nimz, Fredrik Hailer & Kevin Jensen, MAZeT GmbH (p 46)

Focus Tunable Lenses for LED Lighting
by Joerg Wertli, Optotune AG (p 50)

Thermal Management
Designing Integrated High-Power LED Systems
by A. Lohrer, Endrich Bauelemente & J. Schäfer, TURCK duotec (p 54)



LpR 33 | Sept/Oct 2012

LprR31_frontpage_150px> Special Topic: Zhaga
> Aspects of Light Quality
> Photometry for Street Lighting
> Thermal Simulations of Retrofit LED Bulbs

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Is the LED Fit for Lighting Solutions
by Peter Dehoff, Zumtobel Austria (p 4)

An LED Solution for Historic Monumental Electric Chandeliers
by Ron Ramselaar, Ramselaar Lighting Solutions & M. Brouwers, Government Buildings Agency    (p 30)

Practical Results of a Gas Station Refurbishment with LED Luminaires
by Stelian Matei, Electromagnetica SA    (p 34)

Development Process for a Metal-Halide Replacement LED Module
by Fred Bass, Neonlite International Ltd. & MEGAMAN    (p 38)

LED Market and Development Trends from the Point of View of a Full-Range Trader in Lighting
Interview with Beate Jungwirth & Dr. Christopher Keusch from Everlight
by Siegfried Luger & Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional    (p 42)

Thermal Management
Methods of Determining LED Operating Junction Temperature
by Mika Maaspuro & Aulis Tuominen, University of Turku    (p 46)

Mesopic Photometry - An Accurate System of Road Lighting Evaluation
by Prija Jain, Surya Roshni Ltd.    (p 54)

Aspects of Light Quality in Solid State Lighting
by Alexander Wilm, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors    (p 60)


Additive Manufacture of Optics Goes Digital
by Marco de Visser, LUXeXceL B.V.    (p 68)

Special Topics: Zhaga
Introduction to Zhaga and Zhaga’s Spotlight Specification
by Menno Treffers, Philips Lighting, Zhaga’s Secretary General    (p 77)

Key Facts on the Mechanical Properties of Book 3 Modules
by Ralph Bertram, Osram and Martin Creusen, Philips Lighting    (p 80)

Zhaga’s Light Emitting Surface (LES) Concept and its Impact on the Light Distribution
by Stefan Lorenz, Osram    (p 82)

Criteria of the Photometric Interface of a Zhaga Compatible LED Light Engine
by Horst Rudolph, Trilux    (p 84)

The Optional Locking Ring – A Quick Connection for Zhaga’s Book 3 Modules
by Matteo Raimond, A.A.G. Stucchi    (p 86)

Proper Thermal Interface Calculation for an Optimized Heatsink Design
by Jan de Graaf, Philips Lighting; Uli Mathis, Tridonic and Evans Thompson, Cooper Lighting    (p 90)

Testing the Thermal Interface Power of Zhaga Book 3 Modules Correctly
by Jan de Graaf, Philips Lighting; Uli Mathis, Tridonic and Evans Thompson, Cooper Lighting    (p 92)

Zhaga’s New Housing Strategy Simplifies Interchangeability of Electronic Control Gear
by Norbert Wittig, Panasonic Lighting Europe    (p 94)



LpR 32 | July/Aug 2012

LprR31_frontpage_150px> LpS 2012 - Preview
> LED Substrate Technology
> LED Operating Junction Temperature
> Remote Phosphor Optimization

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Class Instead of Mass - Quality Makes the Difference with LEDs, too
by Sigrun Heiden, editor for the technical journal LICHT(p4)

LFI 2012, LED-Lighting and Architecture Progress
by Alan Mills, LED professional (p24)

LpS 2012 Preview - Latest Technologies, Presentations, Discussions and Networking
by Gerlinde Graf, LED professional (p28)

Metal Alloy Substrate Technology - An Alternative to Sapphire
Interview with Dr. Chuong Anh Tran, President at SemiLEDs Corp.
by Siegfried Luger & Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p34)

Glass Optics for LED Applications
by Thomas Hessling, Auer Lighting (p38)

Thermal Management
Energy Efficiency and Thermal Simulations of a Retrofit LED Light Bulb
Experimental and Theoretical by James R. Pryde, Integrated System Technologies (p42)

Novel Approaches to Thermal Management for Power LED Packaging
by Nan Jiang, James P. Novak & Zvi Yaniv, Applied Nanotech Inc. (p50)


Special Topics
Optimizing Remote Phosphor for LED Lamp Applications
by Guenther Hasna, Optis GmbH (p56)



LpR 31 | May/June 2012

LprR31_frontpage_150px> Light+Building Review
> Zhaga Standardization
> LED Module Selection Considerations
> Driverless LED Light Engines

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The Future Lies in LED Lighting - Trade Fair Impressions of an Exhimiting Network
by Sebastian Lyschick, Osram Opto Semiconductors (p4)

Light+Building Review – Zhaga Standard, High Quality Lighting & OLEDs
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p26)

Zhaga - Insights into the New LED Lighting “Standard” for Light Engines
Interview with Zhaga spokesperson Greg Galluccio, Leviton
by Siegfried Luger & Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p38)

LED Module Selection Considerations – The Datasheet and Beyond
by John Yriberri, Director of Global Application Engineering, Xicato (p42)

Driverless LED Light Engines
by Bob Kottritsch, Vice President, & Mike Miskin, CEO, Lynk Labs (p50)

Thermal Considerations for Driving LED Strings with CCRs
by Steve Sheard, Strategic Programs Manager, ON Semiconductor (p56)



LpR 30 | Mar/Apr 2012

lpr_30_front_150px> Light+Building Preview
> LED Modules & PCBs
> Phosphor Green LEDs
> Buck-Based Offline Drivers

Full archive access: Click Here

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Solid State Luminaires Pave the Way for an Industry: From Metal Sheet Forming to Optoelectronic Systems
by Christian Hochfilzer, Regent Lighting (p4)

Light+Building Highlights – Exhibits Focus on Energy Efficiency and Versatility
by Siegfried Luger & Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p26)

LED Technology – Changing the Component Business in the Area of Lighting
Interview with Volker Neu, Vossloh-Schwabe Optoelectronic
by Siegfried Luger & Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p34)

New Approach for a Modular LED COB System up to 500 W
by Magnus Ahlstedt & Johann Ramchen, Optogan (p38)

PCB Design for a High End Stage Light
Stefan Hoerth, Haeusermann (p42)

Closing the Green Gap: A Long-Pass Dichroic Filter-Capped PC-LED
by Young Rag Do, Department of Chemistry, Kookmin University (p46)

Energy Efficiency of Buck-Based Offline LED Drivers
by Mikka Maaspuro, Pauli Auramaa & Aulis Tuominen, Univ. of Turku (p52)



LpR 29 | Jan/Feb 2012

lpr29_150w> LED Driver Technologies
> Planar Remote Phosphor Technology
> Silicon Integrated Passive Device Technology
> OLED Report

Full archive access: Click Here

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LED Lighting Trends in 2012: The Rise of Lighting Solutions?
by Pars Mukish, Yole Développement (p4)

Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) Continue to Advance
by Alan R. Mills, LED professional (p26)

Microcontroller Based LED Drivers Initiate New Potentials
Interview with Alex Zaretsky, Lighting Segment Marketing Manager, Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH
by Siegfried Luger & Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p30)

Fundamentals of Planar Remote Phosphor LEDs
by Dr. Yosi Shani, CTO, Oree (p34)

Silicon Integrated Passive Device Technology for LED Applications
by Laurent Dubos, Market Segment Director for Lighting, IPDiA (p38)

Polycarbonate Leads in LED Applications
by Bala Ambravan, Global Product Marketing Director, SABIC (p44)

Resonant Converter Based LED Drivers
by Peter B. Green, LED Group Manager, International Rectifier (p48)

DC/DC Converters Offer Flexibility when Designing LED Drivers
by Steve Roberts, Technical Director of the RECOM (p54)

Article Index 2011



LpR 28 | Nov/Dec 2011

LpR28> LpS 2011 - Review
> AC LED Technology
> Print-Optical Technology
> Fluid Cooling

Full archive access: Click Here

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LED professional Symposium +Expo 2011
Fascinated LED Lighting Specialists from All Over the World 
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p26)

New Aspects of AC LED Technologies
Interview with Manuel Zarauza,Managing Dir., Seoul Semiconductor 
by Siegfried Luger, LED professional (p40)

LED Secondary Optics Technology
by Molly Lin, Marketing Section Manager, Ledlink (p44)

Print-Optical Technology – Manufacture LED Lenses by Stacking Droplets-On-Demand
by Richard de Vrie, CEO, Kurt Blessing, CTO, LUXeXceL Group B.V. (p48)

Effective LED Replacement Bulb Cooling by Passive Convection
by David Horn, CTO, Ronan Le Toquin, Tech. Director, Switch Lighting (p54)


LpR 27 | Sept/Oct 2011

LpR27_frontpage> Enhanced LED Driving Concepts
> Patterned Sapphire Substrates
> HB-LEDs on FR4 PCBs
> Lighting Event Report
> PREVIEW - LpS 2011

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LpS 2011 Advisory Board Q & A
by Siegfried Luger, LED professional (p26)

LED Lighting Taiwan 2011 - Photonics is LEDs
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p28)

New Technology Concepts in the LED Lighting Industry Thomas Zabel, e:lumix 
by Siegfried Luger, LED professional (p38)

Sapphire Wafer Wet Etching versus Dry Etching
by Carolyn Gruske & Derek Mendes, Imtec Acculine Inc. (p42)

An Advanced and Complete LED Driving Solution
by Luigi Pistoni & Massimiliano Merisio, STMicroelectronics (p48)

High-Efficient, High-Power Multi-Channel LED Driver
by Winfried Beyer & Stephan Gruber, exscitron GmbH (p54)

Special Topics
High Brightness LEDs on FR4 Laminates
by Gerhard Neumann, melecs GmbH & Co KG (p62)


LpR 26 | July/Aug 2011

LpR26_Frontpage> Color Conversion Technologies
> Driver Reliability
> Driver Technology for Optimized Efficiency
> Interview: Insights Into Recent LED Developments

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"Insights Into Recent LED Developments" Interview with Eric Virey, Yole Développement
by Siegfried Luger and Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 24)

"Growing GaN Epi Layers on 200 mm Silicon Substrates for LED Applications"
by Kai Cheng, Johan Dekoster, imec, and Sung Won Jun, Jose-Ignacio Del-Agua-Borniquel, Applied Materials (p 28)

"Influence of the Phosphor Selection on Lighting Quality"
by Dan O’Hare and Jonathan H. Melman, Intematix (p 34)

"Highly Efficient and Reliable Power Supply for LED Street Lighting"
by Wonseok Kang and Sungmo Young, Fairchild Semiconductor (p 40)

"LED Drivers Help to Make LED Lighting Costs Competitive without Compromising Quality"
by Steve Roberts, Recom (p 44)

"LED Driving Techniques to Hit Power Efficiency Targets of TV Backlight Systems"
by Werner Schögler, Markus Luidolt, Manfred Pauritsch and Peter Rust, austriamicrosystems AG (p 48)


LpR 25 | May/June 2011


> LED Street Lighting
> DC-Microgrids
> LED Signage Driver
> Thermal Management
> LED Investor Forum


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"LED Investor Forum 2011 - Santa Clara" by Alan R. Miles, LED professional (p26)

"LED Street Lighting - About Standards, Challenges and Misconceptions"
Interview with Prof. Tran Quoc Khanh, TU Darmstadt
by Siegfried Luger and Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p30)

"DC Microgrids and SSL - Key Components for Zero Net Energy Buildings" 
by Brian T. Patterson, EMerge Alliance and Karen Lee, Osram Sylvania (p34)

"LED Driver Innovations for High-Performance Signage"
by Roland Gehrmann, Toshiba Consumer & Industrial ICs (p40)


"LED Cooling in Harsh Environments with Synthetic Jet Technology"
by Markus Schwickert and Brandon Noska, Nuventix (p44)

"Thermal Management of LED Lamps"
by A.Motoya, M. Kai, Y. Manabe and S.Shida, Panasonic Corp. (p48)

Special Topics
"HB-LED Alert Device with Intense Light Output"
by Jerry Vereen, Egret Technologies


LpR 24 | Mar./Apr. 2011

LpR 23

> Color Rendition Metric for LEDs
> DC-Grid & Communication
> LED Replacement Bulbs
> LED Cooling 
> Optical Plastics


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"The Optical Plastics Make a Difference to a Lens"
Interview with Peter Jackson and Tsuyoshi Okii from Styron LLC
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p 28)

Active Cooled 75 to 100 W Equivalent LED Retrofit Bulbs
by Istvan Bakk, Tridonic, and Brandon Noska, Nuventix (p 32)

Re-Thinking a New Power and Control System for LED Lighting
by Mark Covaro, Redwood Systems (p 38)

Advanced Lighting Technology Needs an Advanced Color Rendition Metric 
by Artūras Žukauskas, Rimantas Vaicekauskas, Vilnius University, Michael Shur, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute(p 44)

Sophisticated LED Driver Enhances Quality in Full Color Video Displays
by L. Pistoni, M. Merisiso, F. Lissoni, and W. Trovo, ST Microelectronics (p 50)

Cooling High Power LEDs
by Norbert Engelberts, Advanced Thermal Solutions (p 54)

LED professional appologizes for erroneously having published a wrong author reference for the article "Advanced Lighting Technology Needs an Advanced Color Rendition Metric" in the index of this LpR issue. The correct title and acknowledgement should be: Advanced Lighting Technology Needs an Advanced Color Rendition Metric by Artūras Žukauskas, Rimantas Vaicekauskas, Vilnius University, Michael Shur, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (p 44)
If you have downloaded your copy before April 5th, 2011, please download the newly uploaded version again!


LpR 23 | Jan./Feb. 2011

LpR 23

> OLED Technology & Market Trends
> Digital LED Systems - Interview
> Tunable White Light
> TRIAC Dimming


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The Display Industry Drives OLED Technology
by Alan R. Mills, LED professional (p 24)

"The Future of LED Systems is Digital"
Interview with Peter Deixler, Philips Eindhoven
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p28)

Intelligent Lighting (Part II): From Definition to Implementation
by Osama Mannan, Future Lighting Solutions (p 32)

Understanding the Pitfalls of Tunable White Light LED Systems
by Madhan Kumar, Sachin Gupta, Cypress Semiconductors (p 38)


Triac Dimmable Primary Side Regulated Flyback
by Michael Weirich,Fairchild Global Power ResourceSM Center EP (p 42)

Facts about Dimming
by Gregg Sheehan, Light-Based Technologies (p 48)

Charge Controled LED Drivers
by Jens Göhring, dilitronics (p 56)

Needed Accuracy of an LED Power Supply
by Christopher Richardson, National Semiconductors (p 60)


LpR 22 | Nov. / Dec. 2010

LpR 22

> Impressions from electronica
> Digital Controlled Street-Lighting
> TRIAC Dimming without Flickering
> Thermal Foldback Design
> Interview with ON Semiconductor

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Intelligent Lighting (Part1): From Definition to Implementation
by Osama Mannan, Future Lighting Solutions p26


“Status Quo and Perspectives of LED Driver ICs - Market and Technology”
Interview with Laurent Jenck and Marc Barboni from On Semiconductor
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional p32

Thermal Management

Thermal Foldback LED Design
by James Patterson, National Semiconductor Corporation p34


Dimming without Flicker for LED Lighting Applications
by Bill Weiss, Power Integrations, Inc. p38

Optimization of LED Control Powered from Line Voltage
by Erhard Muesch , ZMDI p46

Street-Lighting Solution Based on a Digital Current Control
by N. Aiello, G. Macina, ST Microelectronics - IMS Systems Lab p50

The Multi-Stage Off Line LED Driver
by Peter B. Green, International Rectifier p52


LpR 21 | Sept. / Oct. 2010


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SSL Adoption - Opportunities and Obstacles
by David Hammel, Aphos Lighting LLC  (p30)

How Much Store Should the Lighting Industry Set by the ANSI Standard for LED Chromaticity
by Thierry Suzanne, Future Lighting Solutions   (p34)

Factors That Drive LED Reliability
by Dr. Randy Kong, DfR Solutions  (p38)

Thermal Management
Junction Temperature in Package Design – The Key To Optimal Heat Dissipation
by Kay Fernandez, Lumex  (p42)

Ballasts and Drivers for Conventional and Solid State Light Sources
Authors references shown on the article page  (p48)

Special Topics
CO2 Balance Sheet: Aluminum Versus Alumina Ceramics
by Dr. Meinhard Kuntz, CeramTec AG  (p58)

Distribution Today – All from One Source
by Rudy Van Parijs, EBV Technical Development  (p60)



LpR_20 150x210

LED Testing, Simulation & Manufacturing
LpR 20 | July / Aug 2010

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LED Luminaire Lifetime: Recommendations for Testing and Reporting
by DOE Lifetime and Reliability Working Group (p22)

Comparison of Test Results from Different Korean Testing Laboratories
by Dong-Hoon Lee et al., Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (p24)

LED Failure Modes and Methods for Analysis
by Holger Pross, RoodMicrotec GmbH (p28)

Considerations for Choosing a Miniature Spectrometer for LED Measurements
by Ryan M. Flaherty, Jason D. Pierce, Michelle Dean Ritchie, StellarNet, Inc. (p32)

Traffic Lights and Signage Need Intelligence
by Alex Zaretsky, Renesas Electronics Europe (p38)

Special Topics
Distributor - Arrow: From Drivers to Diodes - All from One Single Source
by Stephan Wegstein, Arrow Central Europe GmbH (p42)


LpR19LED Light Generation

LpR 19 | May / June 2010

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Event Reports
Light+Building Review
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p20)

New Era for LEDs in Lighting
by Alan R. Mills PhD., LED professional (p28)

Incandescent Replacement Lamps and Health
by Wout van Bommel, Van Bommel Lighting Consultant (p30)

The Future of OLED Lighting
by Ian Ashdown, byHeart Consultants Ltd; Brent York, Tangenesys Consulting Ltd. (p34)

LED High Bay Lighting
by Michael Schratz, Dialight Corp. (p38)

Design and Manufacture of Achromatic Lenses
by Christoph Gerhard, Dr. Geoff Adams and Stephanie Wienecke (p40)

About PLC Reliability
by Ashish Garg & Angad Singh Gill, Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (p44)

Exploration on Transmission Technology of RGB LED in Architectural Lighting
by Tiger Yen and Jerome Lee, Macroblock, Inc. (p48)

Optimizing LED Drivers for Power, Display Life and the Visual Experience
by Irene Signorino, Arkadiy Peker, Kevin Choi, Microsemi Corp. (p53)

Special Topics
Component Distributors – Partners for the LED Industry
by Ingo Guertler, Europartners Consultants; Siegfried Luger, LED professional (p58)

LED professional – Patent Report (p60)


LED Application & Lighting Systems
Issue 18 | Mar / Apr 2010

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LED in General Lighting Applications
by Günther Sejkora, items – Innovation and Technology Management (p24)

LEDs For Shop Lighting: Interview with lighting designer Simone Mariotto
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p28)

Addressing the Rising Requirements for Solid State Lighting Products
by Mitch Sayers, Cree Europe GmbH (p32)

OLED Technology – Status of a Promising Lighting Solution
by Siegfried Luger, LED professional (p36)

LED Retrofits for Antique Style Roadway and Walkway Lights
by Heather Goldsmith, Future Lighting Solutions (p40)

High Quality GaN Substrates for Modern LED Technology
by A.E. Romanov, et al., CJSC “Optogan” / Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute RAS (p42)

Thermal Management
LED – Cooling and Thermal Management
by Lothar Noelle, Fischer Elektronik (p50)

Intelligent LED Driver/Controllers Becoming Standard Modules
by Albert Berghuis, eldoLED (p56)

LED professional – Patent Report (p60)



LED Thermal Management
Issue 17 | Jan / Feb 2010

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Event Reports
LED Forum Moscow 2009 & Interlight Moscow
by A. Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p18)

Thermal Management
Thermally Activated Degradation of Phosphor-Converted White LEDs
by L. Trevisanello, M. Meneghini, Dept. of Information Engineering, University of Padova (p22)

LEDs and Heat: Managed or Micromanaged
by Dan Jacobs, OPTEK Technology (p30)

Advanced Thermal Management Materials for LED Packaging
by Carl Zweben, Ph. D., Advanced Thermal Materials Consultant (p34)

Thermally Conductive Plastics: Balancing Material Properties with Application Needs
by Dr. Ir. R.H.C. Janssen, Dr. Ir. L. Douven, Dr. H. K. van Dijk, DSM Research (p38)

Driver Design Based on System Blocks
by Jon D. Pearson, Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (p42)

Annual LED professional Review (LpR) Article Index 2009 (p46)

LED professional – Patent Report (p48)



LED Testing, Simulation & Manufacturing
Issue 16 | Nov / Dec 2009

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Event Reports
OLEDs 2009
by Alan R. Mills, LED professional (p14)

A Comparison of High Level European and U.S. Product Safety Requirements
by John Showell, Product Approvals Ltd. (p16)

Low Cost of Ownership Lithography for High Brightness LED Manufacturing
by D. E. Anberg, Advanced Stepper Technology, A. M. Hawryluk, Ultratech Inc. (p22)

Practical LED Light Measurement
by Wolfgang Dähn, Bob Angelo, Gigahertz-Optik (p28)

Photometric Measurements in Modern LED Based Optical and Illumination Systems
by Juergen P. Weisshaar, Uta Vocke, opsira GmbH (p32)

Imaging Colorimetry: LED Device, Luminaire and Display
by Hubert Kostal, Radiant Imaging, Inc., Christina Boehme, SphereOptics GmbH (p36)

Thermal Management
When Designing with Power LEDs, Consider Their Real Thermal Resistance
by Dr. András Poppe, MicReD Division, Mentor Graphics Corp. (p42)

Silicones in LED’s for Heat Dissipation and Improved Light Output
by Chris Dawson, ACC Silicones (p46)

Short Explanation of Critical Elements of a HB-LED Driver
by Rakesh Reddy, Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (p50)

LED professional – Patent Report (p52)



LED Primary & Secondary Optics
Issue 15 | Sept / Oct 2009

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Electrical Considerations of LED Bulbs
by Siegfried Luger, Arno Grabher-Meyer and Lukas Gorbach, LED professional (p14)

Optocouplers – A Critical Design Element in LED Bulbs
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p17)

Case Study – LED Solution Offers Advantages for Henkel Waste Water Plant
by Gordon Routledge, Dialight, Boris Viner, Consultant to Dialight (p20)

High Efficiency Reflective Mirror Type LED
by Shigeru Yamazaki, Alpha-One Electronics Ltd. (p24)

All Facts for Choosing LED Optics Correctly
by Tomi Kuntze, LEDIL Oy (p28)

Primary and Secondary Optic Materials - LED Luminaire Performance and Lifetime
by Thomas Brukilacchio, Ph.D., Innovations in Optics Inc (p32)
Shaping the Beam – the Role of Primary and Secondary Optics

by Rudi Hechfellner, Philips Lumileds; Dave Cohen, Fraen Optical Manufacturing Group (p40)
Save Space with Focus Tunable Lenses

by Mark Blum, MSc EE , Manuel Aschwanden, PhD , David Niederer, MSc ME, Optotune (p43)
Parameters to Consider for LED Optics Design

by Guido Campadelli, Fraen Corporation (p46)

LED professional – Patent Report (p48)



Light Generation
Issue 14 | July / Aug 2009

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Using RGB LEDs for Multi-Color Sign Applications
by Andreas Pohl, Avago Technologies (p12)

Effective Illumination for Internally-lit LED Signs
by M. Nisa Khan, Ph.D., LED Lighting Technologies (p16)

Interview with Navid Delassaee - Citizen Electronics
by Siegfried Luger, LED professional (p20)

Quantum Dots in LED Lighting: Improving Color Quality Without Sacrificing Efficiency
by Dr. Sridhar Sadasivan, Dr. Seth Coe-Sullivan, QD Vision, Inc. (p22)

Chip-Array-on-Ceramic LED: A Versatile Solution to High Performance LED Luminaires
by Dr. Gang Wang, Dr. Ian Collier, Dr. Ilkan Cokgor, Harik Su and Dr. Yi-qun Li, Intematix (p26)

Primary Side Regulation: Low Cost and High Efficiency Offline LED Driver
by Hangseok Choi, Fairchild Semiconductor (p30)

Thermal Derating of LEDs
by Steve Roberts, Recom (p32)

Thermal Management
Thermal Management of High Power LEDs
by Norbert P. Engelberts, Advanced Thermal Solutions (p36)

LED professional – Patent Report (p40)



Thermal Management
Issue 13 | May / June 2009

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Methodology for Thermal and Electrical Characterization of Large Area OLEDs
by A. Poppe et al, Budapest Univ. of Tech., Mentor Graphics, Philips Research Lab. (p15)

On the Standardization of Thermal Characterization of LEDs
by A. Poppe et al, Budapest Univ. of Tech., Mentor Graphics, Philips Research Lab. (p22)

Effect of Thermal Environment on LED Light Emission and Lifetime
by Cathy Biber, Ph.D., Biber Thermal Design, Ltd (p30)

Advantages of Integrating Power and Control for LED Lighting Applications
by Gavin Hesse and Rakesh Reddy, Cypress Semiconductor (p36)

Constant Current Regulators Support LED Lighting Solutions
by Tim Kaske, Paul Decloedt, ON Semiconductor (p40)

Thermal Management
Comparison of Passive and Active Cooling Effectiveness
by Che Cheung, Brandon Noska and Kim van der Heide, Nuventix (p42)
Thermal Management of High-Power LED Systems

by Maurice J. Marongiu, PhD, MJM Engineering Co. (p47)
Selecting the Right Thermal Interface Material for LED Applications

by Robert Kranz, Dr. Richard Hill, Laird Technologies, Inc (p50)
Thermal Management of Sophisticated LED Solutions

by Dr. Michel Kazempoor, PerkinElmer (p53)
Design Process for a Customer-Specific Ceramic Heat Sink
by Rüdiger Herrmann, CeramTec AG (p56)

LED professional – Patent Report (p60)



LED Applications & Lighting Systems
Issue 12 | March / April 2009

Full archive access: Click Here






LED Makeover, Yielding 90% Energy Saving
by Alexander Mueller, Future Lighting Solutions (p16)

ALADIN – An Advanced Lighting System for Improved Health and Wellbeing
by Edith Maier, Walter Ritter, Univ. of Appl. Sciences Vorarlberg, and St. Gallen (p20)

A New White Light Solution Using an End-User Design Approach
by Gary Trott, Cree LED Lighting (p28)

Merging Technology and Biomorphic Design
by Christie Liu, BComm Marketing & Lumolar (p32)

Light 2.0: LEDs Create an Entirely New Generation of Lamps
by Andreas Biß, Sharp Microelectronics Europe (p34)

The Future of LED Illuminators
by John Popovich, Column8 (p38)

Thermal Management
Ceramic Simplifies Heat Dissipation
by Dr. Armin Veitl, Altair Engineering GmbH (p45)



LED Electronics
Issue 11 | Jan/ Feb 2009

Full archive access: Click Here






Defining Lighting Class LEDs
by Ralph Buehler, Cree Inc. (p14)

Jet Dispensing Technology for Capillary Underfiller
by Anton Knupfer, Essemtec AG (p18)

Off-Line LED Control Circuit
by Tom Ribarich, International Rectifier (p21)

Current Uniformity for LED Display Drivers
by Frank Shih, Macroblock (p25)

Driving Compact Lamps Having High-Brightness LEDs
by Rafael A. Pinto et al., Federal University of Santa Marial (p29)

Basic Topologies for Driving LEDs
by Steve Winder, Supertex Inc. (p33)



LED System Simulation and Testing
Issue 10 | Nov/Dec 2008

Full archive access: Click Here






LED Lighting Technology Fundamentals and Measurement Guidelines
by M. Nisa Khan, Ph.D., LED Lighting Technologies (p14)

CIE 1964 Colorimetric Observer Chart Improves White Light Quality
by Peter Pachlar, Tridonic Atco Optoelectronics (p16)

White Light LEDs – Importance of Accepted Measurement Standards
by Dr. Thomas Nägele; Instrument Systems GmbH (p22)

The Role of Miniature Spectrometers for LED Measurements
by Jorge Macho, Ocean Optics (p26)

LED Encapsulant Epoxy Curing Optimization
by Bit Tie Chan, Avago Technologies (p30)

LED Source Modeling Method Evaluations
by Mark Jongewaard, LTI Optics and Kurt Wilcox, Ruud Lighting (p34)

Simulation and Optimization of Optical Systems
by Dr. Norbert Harendt, IB/E OPTICS and Christoph Gerhard, LINOS Photonics (p40)

Thermal Management
Simulating Device Thermal Performance Using PLECS
by Dr. John Schönberger, Plexim GmbH (p44)

Annual LED professional Review (LpR) Article Index 2008 (p46)



LED Optics
Issue 09 | Sept/Oct 2008

Full archive access: Click Here






Progress in LED and OLED Display Technologies
by M. Nisa Khan, Ph.D., LED Lighting Technologies (p14)

Microstructured Optics for LED Applications
by Arthur Davis, Reflexite Optical Solutions Business (p18)

Review of SMS Design Methods and Real World Applications
by Oliver Dross et al., Light Prescriptions Innovators LLC (p33)

Plastic Optics Enable LED Lighting Revolution
by Tomi Kuntze, LEDIL Oy (p41)

New Drive Circuit Supports Wide DC Input and Output Range
by Bernie Weir, ON Semiconductor (p44)

Simple and Accurate Constant Current Sensing for Non-Isolated LED Drivers
by John S. Lo Giudice, STMicroelectronics (p47)

Reliability Test of LED Driven by PWM Technique
by B. J. Huang et al., National Taiwan University (p49)


LpR08LED Solar Street Lighting

Issue 08 | July/Aug 2008

Full archive access: Click Here






City of Kelowna Goes Green with Solar-Powered Area Lighting
by Anthony Tisot, Carmanah Technologies Corporation (p16)

Solar LED Street Lighting
by Steffen Block, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH, Gerhard Walch, Franz
Jungwirth, EPS soltec, and Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional (p18)

Integrating Sphere Applications for LED and Solar Cell Measurements
by Sid Rane, SphereOptics (p24)

NIST/DoE: Standards Set for Energy-Conserving LED Lighting (p27)

Nano-Patterned Sapphire Substrates Improve Performance of GaN-LEDs
by Haiyong Gao, et al, Semiconductor Lighting Technology Res. and Dev. Center (p28)

LED Efficacy: A Matter of Die Structures
by Arno Grabher-Meyer , LED professional (p29)

Increasing Light Extraction Efficiency of GaN LED Chips
by Song, Mi Jeong, Ph.D.; Leniachine, V; Jeong Wook, Lee, Ph.D.; Samsung Research (p34)

A Status on Solar Cell Technology
by Anil Sethi, Flisom AG (p41)

Solar Driven LED Systems
by Peter B. Green, International Rectifier (p44)

High Efficiency Power Supply for LED Street Lighting Illumination
by Luca Salati, STMicroelectronics (p48)



International Fairs, Synthetic Jet Technology,
Photonic-Lattice Technology
Issue 07 | May/June 2008

Full archive access: Click Here





Forethoughts on LED Breakouts in Signage
by M. Nisa Khan, Ph.D., LED Lighting Technologies (p16)

Integrated, Exergy-Efficient Office Solution Requires LED General Lighting
by Dr. W. Werner, Dipl. Ing. F. Theßeling, Prof. Dr. H. Leibundgut, ETH Zürich (p18)


Photonic-Lattice Technology
by Christian Hoepfner, Luminus Devices (p20)

Evolutionary LED Packaging for Increased Flux Density
by Jason Posselt, LedEngin Inc. (p24)


Parallel LED Luminous Flux Variation
by Ed Wenzel, STMicroelectronics (p28)

Low Noise in LED Driver Circuits
by Roger Alm, Melexis (p30)

Designing with High Efficient LED Driver for LED Lighting
by Chih-Yu Wu, Macroblock (p33)

Comparison Between Continuous (DC) and PWM LED Driving Modes
by Laurent Massol, Arno Grabher-Meyer and Siegfried Luger, LED professional (p34)

Thermal Management

An In-Depth Look at Active Cooling Thermal Management: Synthetic Jet Technology
by Mick Wilcox, Nuventix (p36)



Light + Building, Special Edition
Issue 06 | Mar/Apr 2008

Full archive access: Click Here






LED-Systems in Shoplighting by Andreas Siegmund, OSRAM GmbH
Interview with Jason Bruges - Jason Bruges Studio by Siegfried Luger, LED professional

Interview with Klaus Vamberszky - Zumtobel Lighting by Siegfried Luger, LED professional


Discontent Led to Lumiramic Phosphor Technology by Steve Landau, Philips Lumileds
Improvements in Solid State Lighting III-V Semiconductor Production by Dr. Rainer Beccard, AIXTRON AG


Optics design for Colour Mixing LEDs by Dr. Andreas Timinger, OEC AG


High Efficiency 200W LED Ballast by Dr. Michael Weirich, Fairchild Semiconductor GmbH

Driving RGB High Power LEDs by Ulrich Kirchenberger and Pavel Koutensky, STMicroelectronics

High-Brightness-LED Control by Peter Green, International Rectifier

Improved LED Modules for General Lighting Market by Christoph Cox, VS-Optoelectronic



Colored LED Systems

Issue 05 | Jan/Feb 2008

Full archive access: Click Here






High Tech for Time Square’s New Years Eve Ball by Jason Harris Koonce, e:cue Lighting Control


Visual Perception Issues of LED Applications by Ingrid M.L. Vogels, Pieter J.H. Seuntiens and Dragan Sekulovski, Philips Research Europe

Measurement of LEDs by Yoshi Ohno, Cameron Miller, and Yuqin Zong, National Institute of Standards and Technology


High Performance Multi-Color LEDs in Chip-On-Board Technology by Oliver Kückmann and Jörg Hannig, PerkinElmer Elcos GmbH

White Light LED Technology with Increased Efficiency and Variable CCT by Erwin Baumgartner, Lumitech GmbH

LED Binning: A Process to Watch by Joe Mazzochette, Lamina


TRIZ Introduction by Siegfried Luger, LED professional



LED Thermal Management

Issue 04 | Nov/Dec 2007

Full archive access: Click Here






Thermal Management for LED Luminaires, by Dr. Keith Bahde, Gallium Lighting Systems


Challenges Still Linger for Mainstream White LEDs, by Dr. Nisa Khan, Ph.D., Optpelectronic & SSL Technologist

Drivers & Controls

LED Lighting Control Systems: The Next Generation of Lighting, by Abhay Gupta, Echelon Corporation   

Thermal Management

Thermal Management in High Power LED Systems, by Paul Scheidt, CREE

Thermal Management of LED Technology in Applications, by Rainer Huber, Osram Opto Semiconductor GmbH   

High Power LED Thermal  Modeling and Effect of Thermal Interface Materials, by Oon Siang Ling, Avago Technologies

Direct Copper Bonded Ceramic Substrates for Use With Power LEDs, by Dr. Jürgen Schulz-Harder and Alfred Dehmel, Electrovac curamik

Synthetic Jets for Active Cooling of LEDs, by Mick Wilcox and Lee Jones, Nuventix Inc.

Insulated Metal Substrate for Maximum Brightness and Lifetime, by Nico Bruijnis, The Bergquist Company

Thermal Simulations for LED Applications, by Dr. Johannes Adam, Flomerics Ltd.



LED Technologies & LED Drivers

Issue 03 | Sept/Oct 2007

Full archive access: Click Here






LED Luminaries for General Illumination
by Dr. Wilfried Pohl, Bartenbach Lichtlabor

LED Data Sheet comparison
by Arno Grabher-Meyer, LED professional

Light Extraction Boosts Efficiency of Vertical Light Emitting Diodes on Metal Alloy Substrate
by SemiLEDs Corp


How linear LED driver IC’s can make it irresistible to replace resistor biasing
by Joachim Glaeser, Hakan Yilmazer, Infineon Technologies AG

Next Generation LED Area Lighting
by Bernie Weir and Frank Cathell, ON Semiconductor

Innovative Analog Control Technologies for Mainstream LED Lighting Market
by Andy Aaron and Jeanette Jackson, Light-Based Technologies Inc.

Solving high-voltage off-line HB-LED constant-current control-circuit issues
by Giovanni Carraro, International Rectifier


Improved LED systems with true color sensors
by DI (FH) Fredrik Hailer, MAZeT GmbH

Trends of Engineering System Evolution

by Siegfried Luger, LED professional



LED Driver

Issue 02 | June/July 2007

Full archive access: Click Here






- Editorial, S. Luger
- Product & Research News
- Recent developments in white phosphors; R.J. Arthley
- Driving LEDs - A real challenge, A. Grabher-Meyer
- Colour compensation, T. Schielke
- Adding intelligence to LED lighting systems, S. Bowling
- What's the favourite colour?, S. Bramble
- Low cost power supply for High Power LED application, M. Weirich
- Next generation MR16 LED lamps powered by driver IC, D.F. Weng & M. Nalbant
- LED lamps require power conversion ICs to meet EMC and quality standards, S. Fimiani    
- Trends of engineering system evolution: S-curve analysis, S. Luger


White LEDs

Issue 01 | Mar/Apr 2007

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- SSC upgrades design and improves brightness of Acriche by 20% to 48 lm/W
- First Domponents presents the industry's brightest single-chip LED with 250 lumens
- New EZBright 700 power chip broadens Cree's high performance chip platform
- New super bright LED light source from Osram Opto Semiconductor
- Philips Lumileds shatters 350 mA performance records with 115 lm/W LED
- Panasonic develops White Color Power LEDs by employing GaN Substrates
- Rensselaer researchers create world's first ideal anti-reflection coating
- Philips LED technology solves efficiendy losses at high drive currents
- LEDs for use in downlights
- White LEDs and Modules for General Lighting
- Lifetime of White LEDs
- Efficacy and colour impression of White LEDs
- White LED Manufacturers
- Trends of Engineering System Evolution


WEBINAR, May 20th – Luxury Store Lighting 101: Innovation, Design, Sustainability

WEBINAR, May 20th – Luxury Store Lighting 101: Innovation, Design, Sustainability This webinar will discuss key aspects of lighting for store locations representing sophisticated retail brands. The focus will be given to the efficacy, quality, design and sustainability of a lighting scheme. The complete lighting supply chain is served by the webinar. Read more »


Precise Characterization of Infrared Sources

Precise Characterization of Infrared Sources The demand for IR measurement solutions has increased significantly in the recent years. IR LEDs and IR lasers such as VCSELs have enabled many new applications in the field of “IR sensing”, using the NIR range (800-1000 nm) but also higher wavelengths as 1380 nm. Measurement tasks range from 3D ... Read more »


Tiny and Powerful LUXEON Rubix LEDs Raise the Bar for CRI, Lumens, and Efficacy with Addition of Lime and PC Amber

Tiny and Powerful LUXEON Rubix LEDs Raise the Bar for  CRI, Lumens, and Efficacy with Addition of Lime and PC Amber Lumileds today introduced two new colors – PC Amber and Lime – for its very small and very powerful LUXEON Rubix LED portfolio. The 1.4 square millimeter footprint is almost pixel like and belies the light output that’s possible from this high-power LED. There are 6 color options plus white in the ... Read more »


Cree LED Offers New RGBW LEDs for Architectural Illumination

Cree LED Offers New RGBW LEDs for Architectural Illumination Cree LED offers the broadest line of RGBW LEDs for architectural illumination. The market leading, upgraded CLQ6B, new CLW6A and CLR6A SMD LEDs are high performing 3 & 4 color LEDs. Read more »


WHITE PAPER: Measuring UVA & Violet LED Light Sources

WHITE PAPER: Measuring UVA & Violet LED Light Sources As the development of new UV LED sources continues at an ever-growing pace, so do the industrial applications that utilize them. UV LEDs are being put to work in various industrial processes, medical applications, and disinfection solutions. Efficient utilization of the UV radiation requires good ... Read more »