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LED professional is currently arranging interviews at the LpS 2019. Let you surprise who will be the discussion partner for LpR 76. However, you can be sure that she or he will also comment on the feature topic of LpR 76 - and the answers probably will surprise you.

Visual comfort & performance. HCL,

LpS Best Papers

Best Papers @ LpS 2019: The Winning Paper (will be disclosed after the LpS)

This year many of the submitted articles were concerned with "Freeform Optics" and "Micro Optics". Other interesting topics were: "Degradation of Green High-Power LEDs", "Metrics in Melanoptic Stimulus Evaluation for HCL", " Circular Economy", "A Novel Thermal Transient Measurement Method" or "Measuring Multichip LED Light Engines", to name just a few. The winner will be presented at the LpS Get Together & Award Ceremony on September 25th, 2019. Whichever paper wins, it will - once again - be very interesting for the industry.

Tunable white technology

A White Light Tuning Strategy that Fuels Human Centric Lighting

Dynamic tuning of the white light spectrum is an indispensable tool for lighting designers striving to improve user experiences and add value to lighting applications. Up until now, tunable LED light has had some significant drawbacks. It is complicated to follow the Planckian Locus and provide a constant CRI. Efficiency drops with lower CCT and it is difficult to keep the lumen output constant while changing the CCT. A new approach presented in this article addresses all these issues.

Tunable white, efficiency, tunability, light quality, diversification, costs

Smart LED driver

A New LED Controller Technology to Expedite the Next Level of Smart Lighting

Lighting installations that use artificial lighting and often deemed more comfortable and energy efficient are generally referred to as "Smart Lighting" and yet, no common definition is available. This buzzword is overused to promote a variety of features like simple connected luminaires - potentially with smartphone control - up to a fully connected lighting installation with sensors and devices controlled through a cloud application.  The author of this article has another, clearer definition: For him, the term "smart lighting" describes the capability of the lighting system to adapt automatically to the needs of the users and the room. He presents an alternative way to implement smart lighting systems, exemplarily using a new digital LED-driver IC.

LED driver, controls, smart lighting, flexibility, protection mechanisms

Ecodesign Regulation

New Ecodesign Regulation on Flicker and Stroboscopic Effects in LED Lighting

As light quality continuously becomes more relevant, flicker also comes into focus of the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling regulations. Flicker and Stroboscopic Visibility Measure (SVM) will be introduced by the revised Ecodesign Regulation for light sources by the end of 2019. The authors explain what this means, how to measure correctly, and which equipment is appropriate.

Flicker, regulations & standardizations, measurement

Special Topic
UV LED measurement

Fluorescence-Free Measurement of UV Radiant Flux

With the improvement of UV LEDs within the last two years, the number of possible applications increased and performance measurement became more important. Radiant flux measurement is compromised by fluorescence of the measurement equipment, namely the integrating spheres. This article discusses a more suitable sphere material as well as its peculiarities in order to be able to perform spectral radiant flux measurements with the lowest possible measurement uncertainty.

UV LEDs, measurement, problems, fluorescence, materials

LpS & TiL

LpS & TiL Post Show Report

The LpS post show report is a feature of the last edition in the year of the LED professional Review. The report gives an overview of the event for all those that could not attend. This is also an opportunity to identify upcoming and fading trends, hot topics, new technologies and approaches.
Interesting discussion panels and the participation of famous lighting designers guarantee an exciting journey through the three days of the event.

Latest technologies, research and application

Product ads gain maximum impact when placed with the corresponding editorial theme! The editorial topics mentioned above are special features among a wide range of topics impacting the LED industry. Every issue also covers the latest industry news, technological breakthroughs, state-of-the-art products, and much more...

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Yole Releases Report on MicroLEDs: Satus and Reality Check

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