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LED professional Review (LpR)

The LED professional Review (LpR) stands at the forefront of the lighting industry's publications, distinguishing itself by not adhering to a fixed editorial calendar for each issue. This approach grants us the flexibility to offer our readers an up-to-date and wide-ranging exploration of the field, spanning the latest trends and innovations. Each issue is a curated collection that spans the entire spectrum of lighting, from the fundamental components like light sources, controls, and optics, to the creative realms of lighting design and significant projects.

In every edition, readers can expect: 

  • In-depth Interviews: Conversations with leading lights and lighting experts, providing insights into the current state of the industry and its future directions.
  • Thought Leader Commentary: Perspectives from thought leaders that stimulate discussion and offer innovative viewpoints on pressing topics within the lighting community.
  • Publisher’s Editorial: A direct communication from our publisher, framing the theme of each issue within the broader context of the industry's evolution.
  • Technical Articles and Reports: A selection of up to five technical articles or reports, delving into the specifics of lighting technology, its application, and its impact on various sectors.
  • Lighting Design Project Presentation: Showcasing exemplary projects that illustrate the power of lighting design in transforming spaces and experiences.
  • International Lighting News: Keeping our readers informed with the latest developments and news from the lighting world across the globe.

Our coverage spans several key areas of interest in lighting, including General Lighting, Human Centric Lighting, Horticulture Lighting, and Automotive Lighting. We also focus on the technological and material aspects such as Light Sources, Modules, Controls, Equipment, and the latest Research findings. This comprehensive and flexible approach ensures that LpR remains a vital resource for professionals seeking to stay informed about the broad field of lighting, its challenges, and its many opportunities. Our commitment is to provide content that is not only current and relevant but also deeply informative and thought-provoking, reflecting the dynamic and multifaceted nature of the lighting industry and design domain.

Explore the content of the published LpR issues: HERE. LpR is available for reading via LEDpro, GoogleDrive, ISSUU, and Amazon.

July/Aug 2024 (LpR104) / in preparation

Ad Close/Material Due: June 30, Digital Publication: July 15, Print Publication: July 31

The July/August 2024 issue of LED professional Review will focus on the very latest topics in the world of lighting. We will introduce a revolutionary phosphor technology to achieve high CRI values. Signify will report on the latest trends in 3D printed luminaires in this issue. The Good Light Group will present a new white paper and make this its first publication in this issue. We will continue our interview series with the CIE and are pleased to introduce another expert to you.

Of course, as in every issue, there will be the latest international lighting news, we will introduce a new LpS Digital Talks, and a commentary from a leading lighting expert will also round out this issue.

May/June 2024 (LpR103) / in progress

Ad Close/Material Due: May 17, Digital Publication: June 3, Print Publication: June 15

In the May/June edition of LED professional Review (LpR) we will delve into some aspects of the Light + Building report, focusing on the topics of light quality (including HCL) and lighting controls. In addition, we will feature an interview with a representative from CIE who will discuss the latest developments in research and application. Another article will cover the latest research in the field of lighting eco-design and recycling. In the domain of optical design, we will explore the subject of free-form optics, specifically for rail vehicle lighting. A further article will examine market trends in Asia with a special emphasis on China.

Mar/Apr 2024 (LpR102) / published

Ad Close/Material Due: March 29, Digital Publication: April 12, Print Publication: April 26

In the forthcoming March/April 2024 edition of LpR, we are excited to offer a comprehensive exploration of the lighting industry. This issue will feature an in-depth Light + Building post-show report, detailing the foremost trends and breakthroughs showcased at the event in Frankfurt earlier in March. Additionally, we will publish an extensive Solid-State Lighting Report, offering a global perspective on energy and lighting metrics.

Our commitment to sustainability and innovation continues as we present an updated tool for Life-Cycle Analysis, a crucial compo- nent for designing eco-friendly LCA reports. A featured technical article will delve into the rapidly evolving realm of cloud-based light- ing controls, a key trend in the connected lighting sector.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to provide an exclusive update on Zumtobel’s latest innovations, as unveiled at Light + Building. Rounding off this issue, we will introduce an exciting EU research project, AI-Twin, showcasing the cutting-edge intersection of artificial intelligence and the lighting industry. Stay tuned for an issue brimming with insights and advancements that are shaping the future of lighting.

Jan/Feb 2024 (LpR101) / published

In the upcoming Jan/Feb 2024 issue of LpR, we present a multifaceted exploration of the lighting and optics industry. The issue commences with a captivating CEO Interview, offering profound insights from a prominent figure in the field. A thought-provoking Commentary sets the stage for in-depth discussions. Discover the revolutionary "Robot that Forecasts the Product Life of LED Lightsources," revealing how TÜV SÜD pioneers comprehensive data provision through automated testing, promising advancements in LED lighting quality. Get ahead with our Light and Building Forecast, previewing innovations, technologies, and design trends for the March 2024 event. Explore tools enhancing Life Cycle Assessment processes for luminaires, promoting sustainability. Join us in celebrating excellence as we unveil the LpS Digital Award winners. Dive into a Projekt Use Case Article, spotlighting free-form optics' latest innovations. Our Global Lighting Report offers comprehensive market, energy, and cost insights. Lastly, stay updated on the Latest LED Innovations for the Automotive market. Illuminate your industry understanding with this diverse array of topics.