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Editorial Preview: LpR 68 | July/Aug 2018
Planned Topic* Title / Description Keywords - Content

Tech-Talks Bregenz (TTB)
Wireless control systems

Rico Kramer Founder and CEO of e-Save

Rico Kramer launched his company just 7 years ago, but the story started much earlier. In 2008 he travelled to Taiwan looking for warm white LED lamps that he couldn't find in Europe at the time. In the end he returned with a powerful 140 W streetlight in his baggage that led to the development of the e-Save wireless control system. He talks about the history, the technology and the different product requirements in different regions, and much more.

Wireless, controls, street lighting, opportunities beyond lighting

LpS Best Papers
Scientific award nominated

Aerosol Jet Printing: A Promising Technology for LED Packaging

Modern LED packaging technologies have to satisfy the demand for integrating an ever increasing number of components into a module. Therefore, there is a clear need for alternative packaging processes. A promising technology in this regard is additive manufacturing. Recently, aerosol-jet printing has demonstrated many advantages. The article shows the potential of aerosol-jet printing in various aspects of LED module packaging based on test samples and test structures.

Packaging, manufacturing, electrical connections, LED modules, automation

Laser technology

Laser Technology for Lighting Applications

Currently, the use of laser lighting is mainly restricted to luxury cars due to the costs. However, costs are coming down rapidly and the first competitive products for some general lighting applications were shown at Light + Building this spring. The authors will give an introduction into laser lighting technologies, an update on capabilities, opportunities and limitations of the current laser technology as well as future prospects.

Laser, applications, innovation, approaches

Controls for smart human centric lighting office applications

Smart Lighting and HCL in Office Applications

Smart lighting and human-centric lighting have become increasingly relevant topics for the lighting industry. Many different approaches are offered, but can they really satisfy the user demands? And what criteria need to be satisfied? The article goes into issues such as describing the factors which need to be considered during product design, the needs that should be taken into account in the system design, and other points to consider when setting up smart lighting systems on site.

Controls, human centric lighting, smart lighting, from design to setup

Efficiency of lighting controls

Intelligent Lighting – A Case of Diminishing Returns?

The ongoing second transition phase of “LEDification” will be characterized by an increased use of smart lighting controls. But this causes additional power consumption for their operation. The amount of needed power may typically vary between some milliwatts and several watts. Thus, the central idea of more controls being equivalent with less power does not seem logical anymore. In a number of typical use cases the substance of this conclusion will be reviewed and the impact and real benefits of lighting controls will be analyzed.

Controls, human centric lighting, smart lighting, sensors, standby losses, efficiency, use cases

Application/ Technologies
Horticulture lighting, new approaches

Emerging Applications for UV LEDs in Agriculture

The Ultraviolet (UV) LED market has expanded five-fold in the past decade and is projected to grow to over $1 billion by 2025. A key trend expected to influence the market is the ability to expand into new applications, including agriculture. UV light, at proper frequency and dose, can increase the production of active substances in medicinal and traditional plants and it can also help maintain a healthy growing environment. But to fully take advantage of UV LEDs, some major re-design considerations are required. The author will explain which considerations these are; for instance, why it is crucial to incorporate the appropriate lens material.

Horticulture lighting, UV LEDs, technology progress, technological considerations, application

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