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Editorial Preview: LpR 66 | March/April 2018
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LpS Best Papers
Scientific award nominated

Lifetime- and Economic Efficiency Simulation of LED Luminaires

The lifetime of an LED system is usually specified by the LM-80 report using the TM-21 method. Unfortunately, this value is solely valid for one specific application. Despite these uncertainties, a new open-source Modelica library for dynamic simulation of LEDs parametrized with manufacturer information, e.g. the datasheet, but still provide sufficient accuracy to evaluate the lifetime and the corresponding economic efficiency of LEDs and to dimension all relevant components.

LED lifetime, LM-80 / TM-21, operating cycle, dynamic ambient temperature, component dimensioning

Tech-Talks Bregenz (TTB)
Innovator & LED lighting pioneer

Fred Maxik - Founder and CEO, Lighting Science Group

LpS 2017 Keynote speaker Fred Maxik is one of the most innovative pioneers in LED lighting and thought about “Human Centric Lighting” long before this trend became popular. LED professional talked about his ideas, the technology and future prospects.

Human centric lighting, dynamic lighting, physiology, biodynamic

LED robustness and vulnerability

Preventing Electrical Over Stress – How to Prevent an LED Failing Earlier than Expected

LEDs are basically pretty robust light sources, but there are still conditions that lead immediately to a fatal failure. One is electrical over stress. All aspects when a LED fails due to a voltage beyond its specification limits and reasons why the failure occurs will be explained as well as how to prevent this. The fundamental aspects of a good PCB layout design and how this is linked to longevity of an LED will be explained.

LED specifications, voltage limits, excess voltage, PCB, layout

Intelligent LED drivers

Method and Circuit to Maintain Constant Light Output for LED Luminaires

For LED luminaires, it is difficult to accurately predict the lifetime or the light output degradation. A Constant Light Output (CLO) operation is implemented in some of the latest drivers. However, there are many factors which require a different algorithm in terms of time rate and forward current values which are usually not taken into account. A new method is maintaining the luminous flux over the lifetime of the LED luminaire, considering the luminaire global light degradation.

LED system degradation over time, lifetime, driver, compensation

Light source for biodynamic light

A Hybrid Light Source for Near Infrared Enhanced LED Lighting

With the evolution of LED lighting, Human Centric Lighting (HCL) became an important trend. While HCL is not clearly defined, a common understanding is that this is light and lighting that supports health and well-being of humans. Some newer proposals are going beyond this approach by providing invisible radiation for which research and the evolution of humans show evidence for positive health and well-being effects. A new approach that adds NIR radiation to LED illumination is discussed.

Human centric lighting, health, well-being, spectrum, near infrared, hybrid solution

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