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Editorial Preview: LpR 77 | Jan/Feb 2020 - DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES & APPROACHES
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Dr. Christoph Waechter, Researcher, Fraunhofer IOF

The co-author and presenter of the winning paper of the LpS Scientific Award talks with LED professional about the work at Fraunhofer IOF in general, and the winning paper. He gives background information on the challenge, solution, manufacturing and ideas for future improvement of the approach.

Optics, Micro-Optics, freeform, entendue, manufacturing

LpS Best Papers

Best Papers @ LpS 2019: Ultrathin Freeform Micro-Optical Elements -
The Potential of Tailor-Made Light-Directing Structures on Foil

Recent research has shown that free-form (FF) optics can uniquely generate tailor-made radiation patterns or irradiance distributions in a very efficient way while the fabrication of such optics is challenging and costly. The researchers propose to utilize the potential of roll-to-roll UV nanoimprinting technology based freeform microoptical elements (FF-MOEs) on film to master the challenge.

Optics, freeform optics, foils

Voice controls,

Offline Lighting Voice Controller - An Alternative to Alexa Online

The historical evolution of light control by users started with a mechanical switch, followed by potentiometer and dimming, touch panels and touch screens, gesture and movement detection control, and ending today with voice. The latter are mostly online speaker independants like Alexa, Google Home and Siri. But there are privacy and security concerns. The article describes a speaker independent offline voice controls system, explains the technology and discusses pros and cons.

Controls, history, voice control, options,

Smart LED control, upgrade

Simple and Easy Upgrade to a Bluetooth Mesh Smart Home

Home automation with and without voice control is in line with the trend. Affordable, simple and reliable solutions are required. The authors present a new solution that sets a new benchmark. A smart terminal that finds its place in a flush mount box to upgrade conventional switches, pushbuttons, or sockets with Bluetooth® (SIG) Mesh.

Smart connector, upgrade, BT-Mesh,

Office lighting

An Alternative Wireless Controls System Technology

Lighting control systems that offer ease of use, scalability and personalization are required for projects like workplace lighting. - Automated connection of devices to each other without limitations to the network size are crucial. The article describes an IoT network solution with its underlying technology and an office lighting application.

Controls, self-configuration, smart control

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