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Editorial Calendar LpR – 2023

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LED professional Review (LpR): Nov/Dec 2023
Celebrating Issue #100 with the Brightest Visions of Tomorrow

Dive into the Future of Lighting with our upcoming issue that promises to be a treasure trove of insights and innovations. Join Prof. Shui Nakamura, the esteemed Nobel Prize Winner from Santa Barbara University, as he shares his profound commentary on the evolving landscape of technologies and lighting. Get an exclusive peek into the mind of Monica Luz Lobo, the President of IALD, as she unveils the latest trends shaping the world of lighting designs. Bronwen Rolls, a renowned marketing expert, takes us on a journey with the lighting maestros at StudioZNA, delving deep into luminaires, sustainability, and transformative user experiences. Dr. Oliver Stefani, founder of Chronolight and affiliated with the University of Lucerne, poses the pivotal question, "What is Good Light?" and explores the tools and techniques that will define our luminous future. Nichia presents a compelling case study, showcasing the application of cutting-edge lighting technologies in real-world scenarios. And, Arno Grabher-Meyer challenges us to think Beyond Efficiency in lighting, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and environmental protection in the modern era. This issue promises to be a beacon of knowledge, innovation, and inspiration. 

Don't miss out on these illuminating insights from the brightest minds in the industry!
Oct 31/2023  Nov 15th