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Editorial Preview: LpR 54 | March/April 2016
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"Best Paper" at LpS 2015

Thin-Film Light Management System for Intelligent Large-Area LED Luminaires

The recent advances in Solid State Lighting have triggered the development of smart lighting solutions. However, the point-like nature of the LEDs imposes the use of either inefficient and/or bulky light scattering sheets or costly short-pitch LED arrays to achieve acceptable spatial luminance uniformity. As a new approach, an innovative thin form-factor light management (LM) system comprising a highly engineered combination of thin-film diffractive nano and refractive micro-optical elements is presented.
Microtechnology & nanotechnology, secondary optics, area lighting, efficiency, incoupling structures & outcoupling structures
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Schools Install LEDs to Assist in Sustainability Efforts

The US education sector continues to adopt LED lighting at increasing rates. High quality LED lighting emits a full - and sometimes tunable - light spectrum. It provides superior color rendering to enhance visual acuity within the classroom. It is said to improve behavior, reducing stress, anxiety, and reducing absenteeism when compared with other lighting technologies. The article discusses expectations, experiences and gives technical background information.
LEDs, physiology, health, HCL
Drivers & Supplies

How Network Connected Lighting Is Driving Energy Efficiency, Productivity and Smart Buildings

Today, information technology (IT) and lighting are separate worlds. It is necessary to create a bridge between these worlds, not only from a technical standpoint but also from the perspective of understanding what is important to each industry. The article discusses how LEDs and PoE may pave this way with new power standards: LEDs far outperform the lumens output of older lighting technologies. Today, the PoE standard for LED is 30 W. An UPOE standard for 60 W is in the works, and an expansion called BP is in progress for up to 95 W.

Drivers & controls, IoT, Power over Ethernet, standards, future developments


Safety Concept for LED Street Lighting

The street and building lighting has profited greatly from the advantages of LED technology. While modern LED lamp posts have dielectric strengths of up to 8 kV, surge currents and voltages occurring in the grid can be significantly higher. A comprehensive power surge protection concept to prevent blackouts during power surges and to protect investments in LED lighting will be presented and discussed.
Surge protection, over-voltage, lightning protection
Special: Environment
Dark Skies

The Value of Dark Skies – How to Provide Environmentally Friendly Lighting

For many years no one worried about light pollution: on the contrary, the brighter the better. Then it became evident that darkness has also its value. Night skies are important in general, but especially for fragile ecosystems in parks and protected areas worldwide. The article presents and explains in more detail the latest findings and suggestions published in the "New IDA LED Lighting Practical Guide" and "New IDA Standards on Blue Light at Night". It will be discussed how to illuminate public spaces while avoiding excess light pollution.
Light pollution, blue light, standards, health, ecosystems, luminaire design

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BJB Develops COB Holders for Bridgelux V-Series Arrays | VIEW THE APPLICATION VIDEO

BJB Develops COB Holders for Bridgelux V-Series Arrays | VIEW THE APPLICATION VIDEO BJB 47.319 holders for the Bridgelux V Series arrays feature state-of-the art electro-mechanical technology. Holders help simplify the entire fixture’s assembly process and also provide numerous benefits to the overall quality, performance and lifetime of the lighting system. BJB holders and the ... Read more »


Honglitronic 2835-PCT - Superior Performance & Competitive Price

Honglitronic 2835-PCT - Superior Performance & Competitive Price Guangzhou Hongli Opto-Electronic Co., Ltd., a leader in advanced components in China, announced that 2835-PCT, the company’s new mid-power LED package line-up with high light efficacy, 1 W product lighting efficiency up to 130 lm/W. 2835-PCT is now offered with 3-step MacAdam ellipse bins and ... Read more »


Lumileds Adds High Efficacy Outdoor Module to Matrix Platform

Lumileds Adds High Efficacy Outdoor Module to Matrix Platform Today Lumileds introduces the new Luxeon XR-TX module, incorporating 12 Luxeon TX high-efficacy LEDs to produce 3300 lumens and 140 lm/W at nominal drive conditions*. In a convenient rigid form factor, the modules are designed to be readily combined with third party lens plates and drivers to ... Read more »


Samsung LM561B+: Higher Quality Light Color for Premium Luminaires

Samsung LM561B+: Higher Quality Light Color for Premium Luminaires Samsung Electronics announced that LM561B+ is now offered with 3-step MacAdam ellipse bins and quarter bins across the range of all CCTs (from 2700 K to 6500 K), for use in premium luminaires. Read more »