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Editorial Preview: LpR 52

(Nov/Dec 2015)

Planned Topic*DescriptionKeywords - Content
LpS 2015 "Best Paper" LED professional Scientific Award Winner:

Title and Abstract will be Announced after Sept. 20th

The author(s) of the best scientific paper will be presented with the Scientific Award again this year. The winner will be announced at the LpS and the winning paper will be printed in the proceedings booklet as well as being published in the 52nd issue of LED professional Review.
No detailed information can be given before Sept. 22nd
Tech-Talks Bregenz:

LpS 2015 "Best Paper" Award Winner

The interview will provide background information about the research activities of the winner, their institute and the key technologies in this research field. Questions about future developments in the related LED lighting disciplines as well as future trends will be answered.
No detailed information can be given before Sept. 22nd
Trends & Technologies

LpS 2015 Post Show Report

Ten product launches are registered for the LpS 2015. In addition, a record number of exhibitors are showing their products. Top-notch speakers contribute to the quality of the event with their fascinating lectures. For those not able to attend and those who attended but would like a brief summary, the news, activities, and proceedings of the three days will be depicted in this report.
Latest product innovations, details of product launches, summary of the lectures
Drivers & Supplies

30 V AC Driven LED Modules with Strongly Reduced Flicker

These days, designing a new LED luminaire can be very challenging. Included in those challenges are selecting the right LEDs and a suitable power supply unit. This process has now been simplified substantially by AC technology. A new approach is presented that allows direct control of the LEDs with 230 V AC and generates virtually flicker-free light with good dimming properties.

Dimming, flicker, proper driver design

Driver & Supplies

Software in Digitally Controlled LED Drivers

LED lights are controlled by a wide variety of LED drivers built around different switching topologies and control methods. This article discusses a new emerging trend, whereby, instead of dedicated ASICs or general purpose microcontrollers, hybrid digital controllers control the LED drivers with a combination of dedicated hardware building blocks, configuration software and runtime algorithms.
Digital vs. analog driver, algorithms for digital solutions

Avoiding End-Product Design and Functionality Issues with Plastic Simulation Technology

As regulations, consumer demand and material expectations evolve for LED lighting, companies are required to produce more sophisticated lighting units in shorter-to-market development times. Product simulation technology at the material level offers OEMs a cost-efficient approach to developing the exact product they need without wasting time or materials. It will be shown how plastic suppliers can help OEMS achieve these goals by foreseeing trouble areas ahead of time and developing the specific material properties when involved sooner in the production process.
Plastic materials, design process, costs, product quality

Product ads gain maximum impact when placed with the corresponding editorial theme! The editorial topics mentioned above are special features among a wide range of topics impacting the LED industry. Every issue also covers the latest industry news, technological breakthroughs, state-of-the-art products, and much more...

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