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Editorial Preview: LpR 53

(Jan/Feb 2016)

Planned Topic*DescriptionKeywords - Content

"Best Paper" at LpS 2015

Human-Focused Outdoor Illumination - A Trade-Off Between Pleasing Color and Circadian Action

A multitude of general studies were performed in order to confirm or deny the Kruithof predictions of the regions of illuminance levels and color temperatures that are perceived by the observer as „pleasing“. This study researches preferences for outdoor environments for which practically no scientific evidence exists that support the Kruithof predictions.
Kruihof predictions, outdoor luminaires, warm white light, perception, color rendering
Tech-Talks Bregenz:

LpS 2015 "Best Paper" Award Winner: DI Wolfgang Nemitz

LED professional talked with the winner of this year's "Best Paper Award" about his work on simulating phosphors and predicting behavior over time with changing temperatures. LED professional also addressed the challenges of designing phosphors and asked Mr. Nemitz about his thoughts about future applications, new designs and new concepts in solid state lighting.
Simulation of light conversion materials, future technologies,
Light Conversion Materials

White Hybrid LEDs - a Perspective on Commercialization and Health Aspects

One of the challenges in terms of commercialization of white LEDs is the need for cheap, inorganic phosphors. In this context, hybrid LEDs have recently emerged as a new approach based on down-converting organic coatings. The authors describe this technology and cover recent breakthroughs and their prospects.
Hybrid anorganic/organic LEDs. tunable white, spectral properties, CIE coordinates, color rendering, costs, future perspectives, applications and value
Drivers & Supplies

Light Flicker from LED Lighting Systems - An Urgent Problem to Solve

Flicker is the modulation of a lamp’s light output caused by fluctuations of the mains voltage supply. Recent research has showed that fluctuations of short wavelength emissions are perceived to a higher extent and light flicker may have a huge influence on the well-being of end users. Research results and the influence of driver topologies will be presented and discussed.

Dimming, flicker, influence on well being and health, dependencies on driver topologies


The Role of Special Optics in Human Centric Lighting and Architecture

While Human Centric Lighting is relatively new and a topic of some debate, few can argue over the benefits of creating more natural lighting conditions in offices, retail spaces and other architectural settings. The article shows how special or “tertiary” optics such as diffusers and direction turning film can play a crucial role in Human Centric Lighting or lighting that takes into account the emotional and biological needs of humans.
Tertiary optics, directing light, HCL
Embedded Lighting

Embedded Lighting - Developing New Lighting Applications for Modern Architectural Projects

Embedded Lighting - Developing New Lighting Applications for Modern Architectural Projects
Many architects and interior designers have a difficult time understanding the potential for new applications of light permitted by LED technologies. The author shows how embedded lighting breaks through the tired paradigms of light bulbs and light fixtures and opens up exciting new opportunities for both the design and delivery of architectural lighting systems.
Architectursl lighting, embedded lighting, new designs and applications

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