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Editorial Preview: LpR #49

(May/June 2015)

Planned Topic*DescriptionKeywords - Content
„Best Papers” at LpS 2014:
Light Conversion and Phosphors

Self-Compensation Approach to Reduce Color Shift of Phosphor Converted LEDs upon Temperature Variations

In SSL, white light generation mainly relies on a combination of blue LED light and excited emission from one or more phosphor materials. It is a big challenge to maintain chromaticity coordinates over temperature or lifetime. The article discusses how a combination of phosphors with appropriate optical properties can compensate color shift when the temperature changes.
Color temperature constancy, temperature variations, ageing, matrix materials, silicones, MacAdam ellipses, energy efficiency, size, cost, reliability
Tech-Talks Bregenz:

Daniel Doxsee - Deputy Managing Director at Nichia Chemical Europe

Nichia is arguably the company with the longest history of manufacturing white LEDs. Recently, however, new competitors, especially from China, have started challenging Nichia’s market share. Nichia’s role, in solid-state lighting strategic and technical issues, past, present and future, were discussed.
Mid power and high power solutions, phosphors, strategies and future perspectives
LED, Chip Technology

Designing and Manufacturing with Flip Chip COBs

Recent development of LED flip chip on board has demonstrated its advantage in lower thermal resistance and lower packaging cost over the traditional wire-bonded LED COB. A new approach, a 3-Pad LED flip chip COB that was invented to further reduce the thermal resistance is described. The advantages are discussed based on an example and design and hints for manufacturing
are given.
LEDs, Flip chip, thermal resistance, packaging, reliability, handling, design, performance
COB LEDs, Substrates

Thermal Management Substrates for COB LEDs

The benefits to LEDs when their temperatures are kept as low as possible include increased lifetime, better efficiency, the ability to reduce design costs and the ability to run fewer LEDs at higher power. Constructions for low, medium and high power LEDs are discussed in this article and specific types of thermally conductive substrates examined.

COB LEDs, thermal management, substrates materials, thermal coefficient, costs, designs, lifetime, reliability, performance

Optics, Materials

Advanced Materials to Support Solid State Lighting

LED technology has matured into a robust and efficient way of lighting, while OLED still holds promise based on light quality. The refractive index (RI) mismatch is one important reason that the optical performance of both is well below the theoretical maximum. The properties of high RI nan composite approaches and how they enable higher light extraction efficacy to improve LER are discussed in detail.
LEDs, OLEDs, light outcoupling,
refractive index, light extraction efficacy
Special Topic:
Technology highlights

LpS Program Preview

A taste of what is to come at the LpS 2015 in regards to the latest trends including what topics universities and various research & development departments are currently engaged in.
LEDs, OLEDs, drivers, smart lighting, thermal management, optics, research, trends

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