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Editorial Preview: LpR 51

(Sept/Oct 2015)

Planned Topic*DescriptionKeywords - Content
„Best Papers” at LpS 2014:
Phosphors, Process Technologies

Al2O3 Coated Europium-Activated Phosphor for use in COB Technology

Yellow-red emitting phosphors are important for high quality white light generation with LEDs. Unfortunately, these phosphors are often less efficient or degrade relatively fast. Therefore researchers and companies are looking for new types and production methods to improve these properties. Eu2+ activated nitride phosphors are very popular candidates. A CaAlSiN3:Eu2+ phosphor was coated with Al2O3 to obtain an Al2O3 coating in order to improve its stability against moisture and oxidation for use in chip on board technology. Different properties including luminescence properties were determined.
To improve material properties, a method to prepare CaAlSiN3:Eu2+ phosphor was investigated and different properties including luminescence were determined.
Phosphors, stability, color, efficiency,
Tech-Talks Bregenz:

Andreas Weisl - Vice President of Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor is not just one of the most important LED manufacturers, but also well known pioneer in high voltage and AC LEDs and AC LED modules technologies with broad IP portfolio. The latest product updates, upcoming trends in the lighting business and future strategies as well as the "Out of Bounds Design Contest" will be thematized.
LED technologies, quality, flicker, IP, trends, design & application
LED Packaging

Chip Arrays in SMD Packages - A New Class of LEDs

Recently several companies have launched products that can commonly be referred to as a new class of LEDs – Chip Arrays in SMD packages. The article gives an overview of the benefits and drawbacks of these packages in LED retrofit lamps as well as in different types of luminaires. Use-cases illustrate the huge benefits that CAS can generate when used both in spot lights as well as in omnidirectional light sources. It also approaches lifetime and reliability concerns and shows how the right choice of products and a good thermal design can satisfy even high demands


Chip arrays in SMD, benefits and drawbacks of package types, application, use-cases, lifetime and reliability, choice
Tharmal Management

Mastering Thermal Issues in LED PCB Design & Laminate Selection

Mastering Thermal Issues in LED PCB Design & Laminate Selection
Thermal management is still a relevant issue in LED lighting. One of the most relevant products in this context are PCBs. The article describes the process and criteria used when designing PCBs using thermally conductive IMS (Insulated Metal Substrates).  It outlines the requirements for thermal management and the various issues that form the development of design rules and build structure for the Printed Circuit Board.

PCBs, thermally conductive IMS, desing process and criteria, design rules

New Guidelines and their Application

Measurement Uncertainty and Conformity

The availability of reliable and accurate photometric data for LED devices is a basic requirement for designing good lighting systems, evaluating performance of products and comparing data between different laboratories. The article will explain how to measure the products and how to interpret data regarding measurement uncertainties and manufacturing tolerances according the new ISO/IEC Guide (Guide 98-4:2012). Furthermore, the author explains how to implement these guidelines in the industrial practice.
LEDs, mesurement, tolerances, accuracy, ISO/IEC Guide (Guide 98-4:2012)

Latest Zhaga Consortium Activities

In a series of articles, Zhaga members will explain how the organization is making progress towards its aim of standardizing LED light engines and associated components, and simplifying LED luminaire design and manufacturing.

•    Zhaga is evolving: Zhaga has made a number of changes to reflect the demands of the global lighting marketplace. One example is the creation of separate specifications (Books) for LED modules and LED drivers, leading to independent interchangeability of these components. Another is to create a specification for chip-on-board (COB) arrays. Other new Books are also in development.

•    COB specification: The wide range of alternative form-factors for COB modules can create difficulties for luminaire makers, as well as suppliers of components such as optics and COB holders. Zhaga has made rapid progress in standardizing COB form-factors, creating a family of six square and rectangular modules.

•    Thermal interface: Specification of the thermal interface of LED light engines and LED modules is an essential part of ensuring that Zhaga components are interchangeable. Zhaga LED light engines and Zhaga modules are supplied with a standardized data set which allows an easy check of the thermal fit of the LED light source with the luminaire.

•    Light-emitting surface (LES): Developed by Zhaga, the concept of LES provides a simple method to ensure that the photometric properties of different LED light engines can be compared. The LES is a geometrical shape, often circular or rectangular, and its properties vary according to the Zhaga specification in question.

•    Driver-module interface (DMI): Enabling LED modules and LED drivers to be interchangeable at the component level requires a specification for the electrical interface between the driver and module. In fact, Zhaga has chosen to refer to a specification developed by an external organization, MD-SIG.
Modules, COB, drivers, supplies, interchangability, thermal interface, light emitting surface,

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