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Editorial Preview: LpR #45

(Sept/Oct 2014)

Planned Topic*DescriptionKeywords - Content

Tech Talks Bregenz (Interview):
SSL Challanges for the Industry

SSL - Challenges for the European Lighting Industry

Since the introduction of SSL, it has often been emphasized that the European Industry stands to lose its leading position in the lighting business. It is generally felt that this is due to the European industry not being competitive with Asia and a lack of innovative power compared to the US. If these accusations are correct, the question of what actions the European industry along with the European Commission have to take to keep pace with the USA and Asia must be answered. Another topic that will be discussed is technology and process challenges and the measures companies can take to meet them.

Research, innovative and competitive power, technologies, processes
Color Rendering, Light Quality

High Color-Rendering, Full-Visible-Spectrum LEDs

The first wave of conventional white LEDs primarily focused on lumens per Watt. These LEDs were based on phosphor down-conversion using primary blue “pump” emission. Currently LEDs are catching up in regards of light quality using different approaches. “Quasi-bulk” GaN substrates, originally developed for the Blu Ray laser diode industry, offer new opportunities for LEDs as well. Based on that technology, violet-pumped, full-visible-spectrum (violet-to-deep-red) LEDs have been developed. Challenges and advantages will be discussed.

Light spectrum,
color rendering,
color conversion
Color Tuning

Tuneable Solid-State Lighting to Improve Light Quality

In the hospitality sector, the ability to reproduce natural light and halogen dimming characteristics is paramount. It will be explained how that can be achieved, what the latest approaches are that made this possible, and how accurate state-of-the-art products are.

LED color tuning, spectral distribution, dimming
Controls and Automation

Lighting & Building Automation Technologies

The transition from traditional lighting technology to LED is old news and the controls market is now the "Wild West". While compromised by incompatibility or complicated setups, controls offer a lot of valuable opportunities. Lighting load-shedding strategies, such as daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, task management and demand response, will be explained in this article.  In addition, an overview of the trends towards the interaction of lighting control with other building functions will be given.

Technologies, systems, interoperability, standardization, maintenance
Smart Lighting

Aspects of Intelligent Lighting

There are many different circuit topologies for AC LED driver ICs. Apart from finding the most suitable circuit topology, designers face other challenges such as bill of material limits, ESD targets and aggressive time to market requirements. This paper reviews common AC LED driver topologies. Features such as PFC or dimming in the context of a new application specific analog library utilizing an 350 nm low cost ultra-high-voltage CMOS technology will also be reviewed. In addition, the article will highlight how this type of silicon proven analog library can help mitigate some of the critical challenges and risks for designers.
Technologies, systems, driver concept,
future requirements
Light Guide

Optics with a Different Bi-Polar Emission Pattern

Market requirements ask for a solution for use in suspended light fixtures that will allow the light to be distributed upward, for indirect illumination, as well as downward, for direct illumination. However, existing light guide technology typically produces fairly indirect light and relatively uncontrolled distribution. A new approach with individual light extraction features used within the light guide in order to control light in multiple directions provide the required semi-Lambertian distribution in the downward direction with low glare while obtaining a bat-wing type distribution in the upward direction.

Light guides,
direct-indirect lighting, light distribution,
light extraction,

Thermal Management:
Advanced Passive Cooling

Advanced Passive Thermal Management Solutions for High Power LEDs

There are two main solutions to improve passive thermal management in LED devices. One is to increase the surface area of a heat sink. This requires additional size, weight and material and offers only marginal improvement.  The second solution is to increase the thermal conductivity between the heat source and the sink. The latter is supported by well-established technologies like heat pipes and vapor chambers. How they work, how they are designed and applied correctly, and their opportunities, advantages and limitations will be discussed.
Thermal conductivity,
heat pipes, vapor chambers,
Thermal Management:
Thermally Conductive Plastics

Improving the Lifetime of Components Using Heat Conducting Plastics

During the past decade, heat conductive plastics have made a great amount of progress.  This material offers great design opportunities when correctly processed and can help to extend the lifetime of components and products.  Today, thermally conductive plastics with different properties are available.  The article will explain the relevant parameters and show how to select correctly and apply properly.

Thermal conductivity,
electrical conductivity,
parameters, selection, application,

Special Topic:
Human Centric Lighting

The Status of Human Centric Lighting

The spectral composition of light as well as its intensity is known to influence the human organism.  It can stimulate or relax, which makes it relevant for our well-being. Human centric light has to take these facts into account. In most cases the goal is to emulate different daylight conditions and make them as lifelike as possible. The article demonstrates what is possible today, experiences from the field of medicine and future trends.
Health, well-being, light parameters, solutions, research,  trends

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