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Editorial Preview: LpR #50

(July/Aug 2015)

Planned Topic*DescriptionKeywords - Content
„Best Papers” at LpS 2014:
Research -
Flexible OLED Manufacturing Technologies

Flexible OLEDs for Lighting Applications

OLEDs, and especially the flexible ones, are recognized as being the lighting products of the future for some applications. However, in some respects they are currently lagging behind LED technology. Manufacturing costs is one of the obstacles. Roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing seems to be the best approach. The article describes which key technology developments are required to come to a R2R compatible process with high yield for manufacturing flexible OLEDs.
OLED, performance, color, costs, lifetime, process technologies
Tech-Talks Bregenz:

Karl Jónsson - IoT Architect at Tridonic

Zumtobel Group CEO Ulrich Schumacher has recently named Tridonic the “Electronic Brain” of the Group. With the employment of Karl Jónsson, their latest efforts and strong commitment to intelligent and IoT based products, Tridonic affirmed this statement. Mr. Jónsson will talk about the evolution from the Internet of PCs to the modern IoT and what role the lighting business will play for the IoT of the future.
Mid power and high power solutions, phosphors, strategies and future perspectives
Trends & Applications

Event Reviews - Focus on Asia and USA

Three of the most influential exhibitions and conferences for the LED Lighting industry are taking place in May and June 2015. LED professional will write a report on the “Trends and Technologies in the Chinese LED Lighting Ecosystem” from GILE, “LED Technologies beyond General Lighting” from LED Lighting Taiwan and “LED Technology and LED Application Highlights” from LightFair International.

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition - Trends and Technologies in the Chinese LED Lighting Ecosystem
The 20th GILE aims to have an even stronger focus on issues like cutting-edge lighting technologies with an emphasis on quality, sustainability, human-centric lighting, and wireless connectivity. Giving a virtually complete overview about the Chinese manufacturing landscape, it is the optimal chance to learn how Chinese manufacturers are approaching these issues.

LED Lighting Taiwan - LED Technologies beyond General Lighting
Not only have LEDs for visible light improved in quality and performance in recent years, the same is true for UV and IR LEDs. Taking this into account, this year niche products with potentially high growth rates will also be displayed. If and how these developments affect the technologies for visible lighting and what the interactions are will be a part of the report.

Lightfair International USA - LED Technology and LED Application Highlights
This year’s fair intends to “uncover the future of lighting & design solutions and knowledge”. Again strengthening the excellent exhibition, numerous renowned personalities are holding the keynote speeches and technical lectures, like, for instance, Nobel Prize Winner Shuji Nakamura. The report will cover the highlights of the lectures and the show in regard to technologies and applications.

Product and application trends: LEDs, flip chip, WLP-LEDs,  integration, modularization, packaging, reliability, handling, design, performance
Various Technologies for intelligent Lighting Designs and Applications

Lighting with LEDs – More than just Illuminating Objects

How can the needs of people be served by new LED-lighting? LEDs as a digital light source offer new technical possibilities for fulfilling special visual, biological and emotional requirements. At the same time our knowledge about how lighting affects people has increased significantly. The article gives an overview of the experiences with LED lighting up until now and about the last findings in lighting effects. Recommendations will be given to improve future LED lighting.

Influence of light, well-being, improvements, lighting and lighting designs of the future

Nanotechnology, CCT tunable white LEDs

InGaN Nanowire LEDs to Make Light Mixing Efficient and Smart

The CCT of high CRI LED lighting systems can, in principle, be tuned over a wide range. As an alternative approach to conventional phosphor based LEDs, a full-color LED array consists of red, green and blue (RGB) InGaN based nanowire LEDs monolithically integrated on a micro-scale level has been proposed and fabricated. The three multi-color subpixels can be separately biased and the emission spectrum can be tuned in a wide CCT range.
LEDs, GaN nanowires, arrays, CRI, CCT, color tuning, manufacturing

New Class of Siloxane Polymers for Advanced LED Packaging

Packaging presents a major challenge to further improve LED device efficiency and reliability. A novel class of high stability siloxanes, based on proprietary monomers and polymers, forms a technology platform to address such opportunities in die attach, encapsulation, and light outcoupling applications. In combination with novel nanomaterials, these new materials enable products fully compatible with current process tools and flows while having superior properties.
LED packaging, nanomaterials, light coupling, die attachment, process, product properties

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