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Editorial Preview: LpR #47

(Jan/Feb 2015)

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Year of Light Special:

2015 - Year of LED Light

The inventors of the blue & white LED were honored with the Nobel Prize in Physics on October 7th 2014. LED technology is undoubtedly the biggest revolution in lighting since the light bulb, creating new opportunities and challenges. The article will discuss the impact of light on humans, main considerations for lighting and future technical developments and trends.

Introduction to the "Year of Light", evolution of LED lighting, status & trends
Year of Light Special:
Light Sources

Light Source Technologies to Satisfy Demands and Challenges of Modern and Future Lighting Applications

LED technology is changing the way light can be delivered to users. While LED lighting is reaching maturity, the application defines the technical development more and more. Different technologies, especially OLED, light-guide technologies and flexible light tiles will be compared, the opportunities and limitations discussed.

Light sources, planar light sources, flexible light sources, technology status and future development
Year of Light Special:
Modules and Systems

Technical Challenges of Advanced, Future Lighting Products for Module Manufacturers

Today’s biggest challenge lies in the design of the LED lamp. In the future, in addition to pure “energy saving”, light control, the Internet of things, photo biological effects and therapeutic options will play an increasingly important role. This article will discuss what this means to a module manufacturer.

LED Modules and luminaires, IoT, photo biology, integration of intelligence and features, status & trend

Year of Light Special:

Technical Challenges of Future Outdoor Lighting for Electronics Manufacturers

Standard electronics is usually based on a relatively simple straight-forward technology.
Outdoor lighting is more challenging in several aspects, especially robustness. Technical advances, benefits and strengths of LED systems will be discussed as well as new technologies for 2015 and concepts for the future.

Driver & supplies, outdoor lighting, product robustness and features, status & trends

„Best Papers” at LpS 2014:
Human Centric Lighting

LED Office Lighting for Improved Well-Being and Performance

There is increasing awareness of new opportunities in LED lighting like health and well-being as part of human centric lighting. Two light sources, LED and fluorescent lamps, and two lighting scenarios, static and dynamic, were tested in the categories of well-being, concentration and performance. The variability of the participants’ heart rate was also measured.
Static and dynamic lighting, well-being, health and performance
Tech-Talks Bregenz:

Prof. Mehmet Arik,

Professor Dr. Mehmet Arik, one of the most influential persons in LED lighting development managed to combine his stay at the LpS 2014 with the Tech Talks Bregenz. Professor Arik holds a PhD from the University of Minnesota (USA). While in the USA he worked as project leader at the General Electric Global Research Center in Niskayuna, NY on the thermal management of electronics. In 2011 Dr. Arik joined the department of mechanical engineering at Ozyegin University in Turkey as a full time faculty member. In the interview he talks about replacement bulbs, technical challenges like thermal management, reliability and future trends.
Thermal management, electronics, reliability and performance, current development
Quality Labeling

How to Communicate on the Quality of LED Luminaires

Specifying LED Luminaires seems to cause many misunderstandings between manufacturers and end-users or specifiers. Adhering to a standard and adding a quality label is not the solution that the industry is looking for. In order to avoid misunderstandings a new setup and certification system, built around this set of parameters, were created.

Luminaires, testing and certification, parameters

Driverless Technology

Progress in Driverless LED Light Engines

So called AC LED light engines tend to have a good power factor but poor flicker content. This article presents a new generation that has continuous DC output current through the LEDs with only a low ripple at 240/200 Hz, a typical 24% THD and a power factor of 0.45. Ongoing work to improve the power factor will also be described.
Driverless "AC" LED modules, flicker, power factor, THD, efficiency, past, current and future technologies
Goniometer Technologies

Practical Estimation of Measurement Times in Goniospectroradiometry and Goniophotometry

Time is money, which is also true for measurement tasks. Two typical SSL-sources with different spatial radiation characteristics and different total luminous flux values are investigated and a practical guide is provided for choosing a measurement setup with respect to detector, resolution, size of the sample and compliance to corresponding standards regulations in the daily laboratory routine.

gonio-photometry, speed, accuracy, real  live examples

Project Reports:
Funding & Projects

The PremiumLight Project

PremiumLight is an initiative bringing together a consortium of 12 pan-European organizations with expertise in energy efficient lighting, led by the Austrian Energy Agency. The goal is to transform the lighting market and increase business and consumer engagement to reduce energy usage, emissions and electricity bills. A status report will be given.
Lighting energy usage, user awareness and technology

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