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Editorial Preview: LpR #43

(May/June 2014)

Planned TopicDescriptionKeywords - Content

Standards & Regulation

The Role of CIE in the Ecosystem of Standardization Bodies

The introduction of LEDs to the lighting business is the reason for a number of changes. Many of these changes also affect standards and regulations. Mrs. Martina Paul, General Secretary CIE and Chair of ISO/TC 274 Light and Lighting, will disclose the tasks and challenges LED lighting added to her business as well as provide some future prospects.

Standardization bodies,
color spaces, human centric lighting
3D manufacturing

Cost-Effective Next Generation LED Lamp Manufacturing

LEDs top almost every other illuminant when it comes to longevity and performance and unfortunately, in terms of production costs as well. For this reason, advanced, cost effective manufacturing methods and processes that don’t compromise product performance are under development. MID (Molded Interconnect Devices) technology is one of these. It offers considerable freedom for the arrangement of LEDs and much more efficient production with cost saving potential.

PCBs, manufacturing, assembly, pick & place
Failure Analysis & Design

Fully Automated Production Lines To Retain LED

One of the few drawbacks of manufacturing LED lighting in Europe are the high initial costs. A good part of these costs are caused by inefficient manufacturing processes, especially manual labor. This is the main reason why manufacturing mainly takes place in China and other Asian countries. Intelligent processes and automated manufacturing lines may bring back manufacturing to Europe and the US, as demonstrated with this example.

luminaire plant automation,
robotics, reliability,
Special Topics:
Smart Systems

Key Technologies and Drivers for the Smart Lighting Controls Market

The transition from conventional light sources to LEDs stimulated the controls market and may even disrupt the rest of the building automation industry. This article will show what else is necessary to benefit from this transition, which markets have to be entered and which technologies are relevant for successful entry into these markets.
Controls and smart lighting, key technologies, DALI, KNX, ZigBee Light Link, Bluetooth
Products, Trends & Technologies

Light +Building Post Show Report

2014 is one of those years where the whole lighting community is waiting for the world’s biggest lighting fair. Some information was leaked (targeted or otherwise) before the event and some developments and releases remain secret until the show. The latest technology trends, products and exceptional designs will be covered in this report.
LED lighting components, optics, drivers, controls, thermal management,
standard and custom products, design

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