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Editorial Preview: LpR #48

(March/April 2015)

Planned Topic*DescriptionKeywords - Content
„Best Papers” at LpS 2014:
Electronics and Smart Applications

Direct Current (DC) Supply Grids for LED-Lighting

Most electrical devices operate on direct current (DC) internally, but are supplied by alternating current (AC). A power supply with DC makes the rectifier electronics unnecessary, which, in turn, makes the devices simpler and more reliable and generates less power loss. LED-lamps can especially benefit from the reduction to a few reliable components.
DC grids, AC vs. DC drivers, efficiency, PV option, voltage selection, standards, practical demonstration
Tech-Talks Bregenz:

Ewing Liu

Recently, Everlight introduced several new product lines and revised existing products with new features based on new technologies. Their motives for designing new products with these features, technologies and specifications as well as future trends were discussed in Bregenz.
Mid power and high power solutions, color and CCT tunable solutions

Solving the Phase-Cut Dimming Challenge

The evolution of dimmable LED lighting is an ongoing subject and phase-cut dimming is often dissatisfactory. While some weaknesses may be acceptable in residential applications, they are definitely not acceptable in professional applications. Stage lighting, studio lighting, TV and movie lighting set the highest standards. Which developments helped to overcome limiting obstacles and led to a solution that also satisfies stringent requirements will be discussed in this article.
LED drivers, phase-cut dimming, TRIAC, low level dimming, s-curve characteristics, EMI, color shift

LED Lighting for Horticulture and PAR/PPFD Calculation

There is a bright future for solid-state lighting in horticulture, including greenhouses and indoor "vertical farms." For SSL product manufacturers and lighting designers however, the problem is that horticulturalists speak an unfamiliar language. The article will give a better understanding of how to convert photometric units of lumens and lux into Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) and Photosynthetic Photo Flux Density (PPFD) for different light sources, including both white light and quasi-monochromatic LEDs.

Photosynthesis, calculation and conversion, human eye spectral sensitivity, photosyntetically active radiation

EnLight Project

EnLight Project Research Results, Outcome and Whitepapers

The EnLight project partners recently announced that they have achieved their goals by improving the energy efficiency of the light sources and by improving the intelligence of the control system, providing the right light, in the right amount, at the right place, at the right time. The innovations cover:
•    Decentralized intelligence
•    Digital modular luminaire architecture
•    DLT (Digital Loadside Transmission Lighting Protocol) for compatibility with existing installations
A bundled series of comprehensive articles will disclose details and technical guidelines for system architecture, advanced sensor and controls, the modular luminaire architecture, new possible form factors and light effects as well as application scenarios with demos and user validation.
Smart lighting, efficiency, control systems, advanced sensor, luminaire architecture

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