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3rd ISA Global Annual LiFi Conference on March 11-12, 2024

In the past two years, the research and development of visible light communication (VLC) has continued to make significant progress. New fields and scene applications have achieved breakthroughs, commercialization prospects are becoming increasingly clear, and the ecosystem of visible light communication is taking shape. Visible light communication represents a tremendous opportunity for the photoelectric and communication industries, and is poised to become an integral component of 6G communication.

To foster exchanges and cooperation among peers in the global visible light communication field, further promote technology innovation, application, manufacturing, and device and product processes, advance semiconductor materials and optoelectronic applications towards new directions and industrial upgrading, explore new application fields of visible light communication, and gradually form a visible light communication industry chain, ISA will host the 3rd ISA Global Annual LiFi Conference online on March 11-12, 2024.

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The conference aims to showcase the latest international achievements, benchmark domestic research and development and application progress, explore new commercial application opportunities, focus on interactive Q&A sessions between speakers and attendees, promote partnerships, and deliver value to participants.

Chaired by Professor Harald Haas, Chairman of the ISA LiFi Committee (Distinguished Professor of Mobile Communications, FREng FRSE FIEEE FIET, Director of the LiFi Research and Development Centre (LRDC) at the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, The University of Strathclyde, UK, Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh, Founder and Chief Scientist of PureLiFi, Member of the ISA Board of Advisors), 15 top experts from the UK, France, China, Japan, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, and other countries in the field of LiFi research and application will share their latest R&D findings and application results. Topics include: Breaking the boundaries of connectivity with LiFi, 6G kilohertz communication, building a 6G framework in MENA, high-capacity and high-user-density wireless communication, high-speed InGaN light-emitting devices for visible light communication, and orbital angular momentum for enabling optical wireless communication and LiFi technology end-product capabilities, among others.

The meeting will provide simultaneous interpretation.

The ISA Secretariat hereby sincerely invites ISA members, research institutes, industry organizations, universities, and other industry stakeholders to participate in this online conference.

Background of the Conference: Light Fidelity (LiFi), also known as "optical fidelity technology", is a pioneering wireless transmission technology that utilizes visible light for data transmission, first proposed by Harald Haas, distinguished professor of mobile communication and director of the LiFi Research and Development Center at the University of Strathclyde, UK, often referred to as the “Father of LiFi”.

LiFi is a revolutionary wireless communication technology that employs solid-state lighting sources as signal emission sources and utilizes the unlicensed free spectrum for wireless connections, supporting high-density device connections and ultra-high-speed data transmission. LiFi technology is anticipated to serve as the “nervous system” for future AI-driven automation systems, significantly powering the fourth industrial revolution. The integration of LiFi and 5G technology is expected to provide faster and more extensive mobile broadband connections, opening up a broader application space. In this context, LiFi technology will enhance the diversity of basic functions in the lighting industry and introduce new business models for related fields, including smart home, smart city, Industry 4.0, health, and Internet of Things (IoT).

In response to the needs of ISA members and to promote the development of the global LiFi industry, the ISA LiFi Committee was established in November 2020 with Professor Harald Haas as its chairman. The ISA Global LiFi Annual Meeting has been held since January 26-27, 2021 (online), with the second meeting on Feb. 16-17, 2023. Representatives from scientific research institutes, renowned universities, and related enterprises from nearly 20 countries have participated, drawing over 500 attendees globally to the two-day meeting.

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