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Advanced Reflector Technologies Ensure Optimum Lighting in Greenhouses

Plants require plenty of light to expedite growth and produce higher yields. The reflective surfaces MIRO and MIRO-SILVER GL from Alanod ensure that greenhouse lighting is concentrated and delivered precisely where it is most needed. In addition, the surfaces are specially designed to protect against harmful influences such as moisture in greenhouses.

Artificial light often replaces sunlight in many greenhouses. For plants to grow well and produce high yields, it is important that light from the entire visible wavelength spectrum reaches the plants. Reflectors with MIRO and MIRO-SILVER GL surfaces reflect visible light up to 98%. In combination with high-pressure sodium lamps, they also reflect the non-visible infrared light spectrum, which also warms the plants. The infrared radiation provides the plants with heat, but does not heat the air or the soil. This maintains the humidity in the greenhouse and ensures that the soil does not dry out.


MIRO reflector surfaces reflect up to 98 percent of visible light.

The substrate of MIRO-SILVER GL is a strong aluminium base material that is highly reflective due to its different layers. On the top side, it has a special protective layer that guarantees a long service life. Even after 1,000 hours of operation, the material lost less than 1 percent of its reflectivity. The material is also protected against the particular conditions in greenhouses, such as humidity, aggressive insecticides and pesticides or ripening gases. Even strong repair fluctuations have no influence on the surface quality.


The different layers of MIRO reflective surfaces ensure that the material is highly reflective and particularly durable.

MIRO reflector surfaces in the greenhouse make plants grow faster and produce more yield – and that with less water and energy consumption. And even under the adverse conditions found in a greenhouse, the reflectors retain high reflectivity long-term.

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