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AR Glasses | Avegant | Trends | Sep 14, 2021

Avegant Introduces The World's Smallest LED Light Engines For Augmented Reality

Building on its long history of delivering cutting edge AR light engines, Avegant today announced its latest products -- the AG-30L 30º and AG-50L 50º LED light engines. Avegant's 30º AR light engine uses proprietary illumination technology to dramatically reduce engine volume and weight while preserving efficiency and MTF. The next generation Avegant light engine, the AG-50L, enables a larger field of view and a more immersive AR experience for users while maintaining the compact, light glasses form factor made possible by the AG-30L product.

To date, AR companies have struggled with creating beautiful and stylish products while maintaining performance and manufacturability. The AG-30L and AG-50L addresses these challenges through Avegant's proprietary, unique optical and illumination technologies to deliver high performance in a manufacturable way. The combination of these features will enable the creation of a new generation of AR glasses with an ultra-compact form factor.

A limited supply of engineering samples of Avegant's AG-30L light engine will be available in late 2021. Engineering samples of Avegant's AG-50L light engine will be available in early 2022. Mass production is anticipated to begin in 2023.

Ed Tang, CEO of Avegant, said, "Our customers have been asking us to help them enable true AR glasses for their consumers. The key to reducing weight and volume sufficiently to reach the glasses form factor is innovation in light engine technologies. Our new illumination architectures and optical designs dramatically reduce the size of LED light engines for AR. With these new light engines, we solve our customers' biggest challenges in delivering a smaller, glasses form factor in a manufacturable way. We've seen considerable excitement in the industry around our unique light engines because they are significantly lighter, smaller, and perform to our customers' specifications in efficiency, resolution, and contrast."

Building an AR glasses product? Enable your AR glasses with Avegant's high performance, compact light engines. Contact us at to learn more about our light engines or to request a sample.


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