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Cooper Lighting Solutions Released of BioUp, a Cutting-edge Line of Melanopic Lighting Technology

Light has a profound impact on wellbeing, offering a myriad of visual, biological, and emotional benefits as a key regulator of circadian rhythm. Recognizing the significance of the integration between light and wellbeing, Cooper Lighting Solutions has included BioUp across multiple CLS brands and product families, to provide these enhanced benefits in professional spaces.

How it works: BioUp technology, by Cooper Lighting Solutions, integrates cyan light into the LED spectrum. This enhances the light's biological impact, promoting healthy circadian rhythms in humans without affecting the perceived visual color. Melanopic, also referred to as biological, light influences human sleep patterns, alertness, and mood. BioUp is available in two options: static and dynamic.  

The static, spectrally enhanced LED option is ideal for applications with predominantly daytime usage, such as office, institutional, and public buildings. This option makes for a simple and cost-efficient method to enjoy the many benefits of melanopic lighting.   

Alternatively, the dynamic tunable and spectrally enhanced LED option provides a more advanced solution for applications that require daytime and nighttime usage, such as hospitals, schools, and airports. This option, when paired with the WaveLinx intelligent digital lighting solution by Cooper Lighting Solutions, can adjust the melanopic portion of the light throughout the day to optimize for the human experience. 

Key features of the BioUp include:

  • Available in troffers, panels, linear, downlights, and cylinders.  
  • Suitable for professional spaces including healthcare, office, and education.  

  • BioUp includes a peak (the cyan part of the spectrum) that enhances circadian rhythm without additional lights, higher lumen levels, and associated energy costs.  

  • Use BioUp to maximize WELL points for Circadian Lighting Design to earn a WELL certificate, which offers a notable opportunity to increase the value of real estate.  

  • Elevate health and overall wellness for workers, visitors, and customers in a space.  

The launch of Cooper Lighting Solutions’ melanopic lighting line marks a significant milestone in the evolution of workplace lighting, offering commercial space an innovative way to prioritize employee health and productivity.  

To learn more about this, please visit the BioUp landing page.

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