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LUXEON HL4X for High Output Applications & Improved Efficiency

Lumileds announced the release of its LUXEON HL4X power LED that delivers the lighting industry’s highest output and efficacy; it furthers the ability for lighting manufacturers to standardize their designs around a common footprint and proves that meaningful LED efficacy gains are still possible.

LUXEON HL4X is designed specifically for outdoor and industrial applications such as stadium lights, streetlights, and high bay luminaires, as well as torches and rugged portable devices where the high lumen density, efficacy, robustness, and quality of light are critical. The high-power domed package delivers very high output, excellent efficacy, color stability, and longevity regardless of the application or environment

With typical output of 680lm at 700mA and typical efficacy exceeding 168 lm/W, LUXEON HL4X offers manufacturers a simple, seamless upgrade for virtually any existing application using a similar 3535 package. Engineers managed the optical design so that existing optics for solutions with 2mm2 work with the new LED.

LUXEON HL4X at a Glance

  • Industry standard 3535 package with a 3-stripe footprint
  • CCT options of 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, and 6500K
  • CRI options of 70, 80, and 90
  • 4A maximum drive current
  • Optimized intensity distribution for higher system optical efficiency (no loss of light output below the horizon)
  • Unique dome design is optimized to maximize light output within ±130°
  • Large thermal pad allows high drive currents and close-packed LEDs

“The features of LUXEON HL4X make it ideal for high-lumen applications such as industrial and stadium lighting,” said Noman Rangwala, Head of Product Marketing and Management (L1) at Lumileds, “However, the optical compatibility with many existing 3535 optics makes it possible to replace lower-performing LEDs directly and improve system efficiency by 10 lm/W or more. This will be a game changer.”

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