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XLamp® Pro9 LEDs offer 3x+ light output of competing COBs

XLamp® CMB Pro9, XLamp CMU Pro9 & XLamp CHA Pro9 Enable more than 3x the light output of competing COB LEDs. New Pro9 XLamp® LEDs improve the output, efficacy and size of LED luminaires in commercial applications requiring high quality light.

Pro9 LEDs have the industry’s highest operating temperature rating of 105°C.
All Pro9 LEDs share the same mechanical and electrical characteristics to upgrade to higher CRI with no change in performance and minimal redesign. 2700-4000K CCTs, 90 & 95 CRIs available.

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XLamp® Pro9™ LEDs

About Cree LED
Cree LED, an SGH company, offers one of the broadest portfolios of application-optimized LED chips and components, leading the industry in performance and reliability. Our team delivers best-in-class technology and breakthrough solutions for applications in high power and mid-power general lighting, specialty lighting and video screens. With thirty years of experience, Cree LED develops products backed by expert design assistance, superior sales support and industry-best global customer service.


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