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Countdown Begins in European Union: Only One Month Left Until Traditional Lamps are Swept Away by Historic Lighting Revolution

The countdown has begun: in just one month, several commonly used lamps will be restricted in the EU. The 2019 EU Ecodesign rules for light sources and separate control gears and the 12 RoHS Delegated Directives published in February 2022 will affect the placing on the EU market of compact and linear fluorescent lamps (CFLs and FLs T5 and T8) for general lighting as well as mains voltage halogen lamps (G9) and low-voltage halogen lamps (G4 and GY6.35) over the next six weeks.

While the EU Ecodesign rules have already phased out CFLi, HL R7s > 2700 lm, T2 and T12 FL lamps in September 2021 and the RoHS Directive has restricted the placing on the EU market of CFLni, Long-life LFL lamps and Circular T5 as of 25 February 2023, now the same RoHS Directive restricts as well Long-life CFL, T5 and T8 FL lamps from 25 August 2023.

From the 1 September 2023, EU Ecodesign rules will restrict the placing on the EU market of the G9, G4 and GY6.35 halogen lamps.

In case you have not already done so, this is the time to work with a lighting professional to review your current lighting and plan your transition to LED lighting systems, which can be combined with sensors and controls to deliver significant energy savings and enable better lighting options.

LightingEurope members keep working with customers and authorities to help them understand how the two sets of EU rules (Ecodesign and RoHS) will affect the availability of conventional lamps over the next few months, identify suitable alternatives and plan for the renovation of their lighting installations.

A summary table with all the relevant dates follows:


Where the same product is impacted by both Ecodesign and RoHS, it is the interpretation of the LightingEurope Secretariat that the earliest phaseout date takes precedence and applies.

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