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Cree LED J Series® JB3030C White LEDs- Top-tier LED Efficacy

Introducing our cutting-edge J Series® JB3030C E & F Class White LEDs, featuring industry-leading LED efficiency up to 242 LPW or 3.33 PPF/W typical.

Sharing the same high-reliability package, the two performance options of E & F Class allow luminaire manufacturers to boost performance for high efficacy lighting in outdoor areas, indoor harsh environments and horticulture applications. J Series JB3030C LEDs are an easy design choice: footprint compatible with 301B/H, available LM-80 data, and a full range of color temperatures (2700-6500K) and CRIs (70-80-90). Upgrade your lighting with unmatched performance and durability.

Product Features

  • Top-tier mid-power LED efficacy: up to 242 LPW typical
  • Easy to design in: footprint compatible with 301B
  • High reliability: excellent sulfur resistance, LM-80 available now
  • Available in 6500K-2700K, 70-90 CRI


J Series® JB3030C LED Performance Comparison

The J Series JB2835B 3V G Class White LEDs are the industry’s highest efficacy white LEDs available in the 2835 package that is common for indoor lighting applications. The JB3030C 3V E Class White LEDs surpass these 2835 LEDs, with up to 6% higher LPW than the JB2835B 3V G Class, in a package that is optimized for outdoor and harsh environment conditions.

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About Cree LED
Cree LED offers one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of application-optimized LED chips and components, leading the industry in performance and reliability. Our team delivers best-in-class technology and breakthrough solutions for focused applications in high power and mid-power general lighting, specialty lighting and video screens. With more than thirty years of experience, Cree LED develops products backed by expert design assistance, superior sales support and industry-best global customer service.

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