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Cree LED Precision Dimming: Better Control, Simple Binning

Cree LED has utilized our extensive knowledge in LED performance and manufacturing to tackle the issue of inconsistent LED dimming. Precision Dimming provides manufacturers of no-compromise, specification-grade lighting with a straightforward solution to address the issue of unacceptable LED light output and hue variations when using low‑current dimming.

J Series® 2835 LEDs with Precision Dimming

Our engineering team has developed a new method to bring consistency to applications that require precise dimming and are highly sensitive to low-input intensity and color performance. By introducing a straightforward fourth dimension called Precision Dimming, we have significantly enhanced the industry standard 3-dimensional binning, which encompasses chromaticity, voltage and flux.

Unlike competing solutions that just control for voltage, Precision Dimming controls for voltage as well as color rendering metrics, including CRI and TM‑30 Rf, with just two Precision Dimming bins per CCT/CRI.


  • Two performance levels available
  • 6500K-2700K ANSI CCTs available
  • 80 & 90 CRI minimum available
  • RoHS and REACH compliant

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About Cree LED

Cree LED offers one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of application-optimized LED chips and components, leading the industry in performance and reliability. Our team delivers best-in-class technology and breakthrough solutions for focused applications in high power and mid-power general lighting, specialty lighting and video screens. With more than thirty years of experience, Cree LED develops products backed by expert design assistance, superior sales support and industry-best global customer service.

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