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EDISON Opto Delivers Flexible Design & Manufacture Custom Modules

Edison Opto provides design and manufactures advanced module customization services. In addition, we offer the L.D.M.S. “Lighting Design Manufacture Service” is the integration technical service. With the high efficiency/Intensity, Premium CRI90+, and a long-life span of over 100,000 Hrs LM80 design and manufacture service. We provide professional and complex design and customized services for any application, performance requirements in AC and DC, and any shape. We work with customers to simplify processes, save production costs, expand their capabilities to new fields and more diverse projects without adding equipment or labor, and quickly gain a place in the market.

Our AC professional module provides solutions for all kinds of lighting, which power range from 6W to 300W and with types ranging from round, linear, ring to dimmable luminance and color. Unique optical design with modules can greatly enhance uniformity and performance. The exclusive ES IC AC module can integrate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and DALI control schemes. What’s more, it can also combine under 10% flicker function while dimming and exceeding the Title 24 for USA market and commission regulation of PstLM and  SVM product standards for the EU market.

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Our DC high-efficiency modules are a solution for any size project and Zhaga compliance. The high-efficiency and intensity module use Edison’s flagship UE LEDs package to reach a typical drive current that provides efficiency in the range up to 230Lm/W. HE package provides high performance, providing efficiency within the upper range up to 200 lm/W under typical drive current. 

With module designs both having dual UL and CE product certifications, our LEDs are not only able to achieve color uniformity standards that match 1.5 SDCM.  In the area of package technology where Edison Opto became the pioneer by introducing the industry’s first LED package that meets the TM30 high-CRI specification achieving R1~R15>90, Rf=93~97, Rg=103~110 CRI ratings.  In turn, they can be used in human-centric lighting applications.

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Company Description:
Edison Opto from New Taipei, Taiwan, was built in 2001 as the parent company, and Subsidiary Edison Opto USA Corp. to service North American base customer.  The company’s mission is to deliver customers with a complete LED product line from components to module as integrated design manufacturing service to support customers manage every issue while designing LED lighting products.


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