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Display Measurement with Higher and Lower Luminance Values

Instrument Systems’ new LumiTop X20 and X30 cameras are ideal for homogeneity measurements and error detection.

Instrument Systems developed the new LumiTop X20 and LumiTop X30 imaging colorimeters especially for display production testing under special luminance conditions. The LumiTop X20 and X30 feature high camera resolution (20 MP and 31 MP respectively) and improved dynamics from mcd/m² to Mcd/m². Both cameras are based on the spectrally optimized LumiTop principle, which has proven to be a powerful tool for quality assurance of displays. Using them, display manufacturers are able to perform tests at very high luminance in the range of several Mcd/m² as well as low luminance in the range of 0.001 cd/m2 to 0.1 cd/m2, taking into account the adaptation of the human eye to dark and bright lighting conditions.

The human eye adapts easily to dark and bright lighting conditions. Modern displays take this into account by dimming their display to low luminance when needed to relieve the viewer’s eyes. When designing and manufacturing displays, the luminance and color of the display must therefore be accurately tested, even at low luminance. Typically, these tests are performed at low luminance levels ranging from 0.001 cd/m2 to 0.1 cd/m2.

Instrument Systems has developed two new models of the proven LumiTop series especially for this application. The spectrally optimized LumiTop X20 and LumiTop X30 imaging colorimeters are ideal for homogeneity measurements and error detection under special luminance conditions. They are characterized by high camera resolutions of 20 MP and 31 MP respectively, as well as high flexibility in the field of view (high-precision motorized lens) and improved dynamics from mcd/m² to Mcd/m². The new flicker electronics are designed for frequencies between 1 Hz and 1 kHz. Both cameras are based on the proven LumiTop principle.

Instrument Systems developed the LumiTop series of luminance and imaging colorimeters in particular for display production tests. As the fastest, most reliable and most accurate system, LumiTop has become the reference for high performance testing in display production. The unique combination of a high-resolution camera, fast photometer and extremely accurate spectroradiometer of the CAS series makes the LumiTop system an exceptionally powerful tool for quality assurance of displays, even under low luminance conditions. 

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