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Do More With Less – Go Beyond The Datasheet

It has never been truer than with LEDs that size matters. In fact, a large portion of the industry defines LED by size, 5mm, 2835, 5050, and now mini and microLEDs. But without the context of light output, efficacy, and intended applications, a discussion of size is often irrelevant.

Another LED industry reality is that there has been and remains today a desire to “do more with less.” Increase light output. Increase efficacy. Reduce power requirements. Shrink LED footprint.

But the focus on size, output, and efficacy, along with a check-the-datasheet approach to selecting an LED, has contributed to some false assumptions about LED performance and mistakes in selecting the “right” LED.

What is hidden, perhaps unexpected, is the in-application performance, which, unfortunately, is not available on a datasheet. Sustainable lighting fixture design results from source efficiency (conversion of electricity into high-quality light), fixture efficiency (how much of the generated light makes it out of the fixture) and understanding application efficiency. Application efficiency comes from contributing to the desired (perception of) illuminance in a space. Light not contributing to the desired illuminance is waste. Fixture makers can deliberately sacrifice fixture efficiency to increase application efficiency. An example that demonstrates this is the use of cut-off or glare shields or honeycomb grates.

The story of LUXEON HL1Z is that it helps increase fixture efficiency (due to the smaller size of a group of top-emitting LUXEON HL1Z LEDs). It also helps improve application efficiency (again, due to the smaller source, easier to control glare and beam distribution).

LUXEON HL1Z is a very small (by power LED standards) 1.4mm square, un-domed, single-sided, emitter that delivers high efficacy – 137lm/W or more. The top emission design of the LED prevents “cross-talk” and contributes to superior color over angle performance and color consistency. LUXEON HL1Z’s compactness and directional emission allow engineers to create tight arrays and precisely control the beam which, in turn, enables smaller optical solutions and a path for system cost reductions. LUXEON HL1Z is particularly ideal for high center beam candle power applications such as high-end retail spots, tunable white solutions, aftermarket automotive, and other high-density array lighting.

A customer developing a 25 degree spot application was evaluating LUXEON HL1Z against a competitor’s offering. When mounted on a board, the competitor’s LED appeared to be the best choice in terms of output and intensity. However, when implemented in the application, LUXEON HL1Z outperformed in lumens by more than 20% and more than 40% in terms of candela (intensity).

The result is no accident but highlights the importance of understanding the end objective and the factors that may influence the outcome. Lumileds designed LUXEON HL1Z to allow tight alignment (size matters) of multiple emitters thereby creating a smaller light emitting area. This coupled with collection efficiency and collimating efficiency of the fixture produce a result where LUXEON HL1Z outperforms competitors in the end application, even when datasheet performance would lead to a different conclusion.

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