Edison Opto | Stonehenge Series | Featured | Nov 17, 2022

EDISON OPTO Ultra High Power Stonehenge Light Engine

EDISON OPTO rolls out 400-1,200W Stonehenge Series Light Engine and PCBA Module solution, which provides a reliable and extremely high power output with a uniform color mixing through unique and elegant lens.

Stonehenge Light Engine is an optical integrator matrix assembly, fully compatible with various kinds of high-lumen density LEDs such as white, RGBW, dual color, and more colors in one.

Ability of Customization
For stage or entertainment lighting applications, EDISON OPTO offers not only red, green, and blue but customized colors like PC cyan, PC magenta, PC yellow, or PC mint defined by coordinates from customers. Furthermore, high CRI LEDs are available for filming and studio lighting as well.

Innovation Capability
Compared to the conventional way to mix colors using platinum lamps and filters, Stonehenge Series runs with high power LED matrix module and high optical efficiency lens equipped with several independent light guides on each LED, this design helps to improve and delivers better mixing uniformity than traditional surface light sources(COB, for instance). Different colors are mixed through light guides and come out from the top of the lens and it emits at a narrower beam angle.

Experienced to Thermal Management
As a professional LED manufacturer, EDISON OPTO has a team of experts to deal with the heat generated from chips throughout the production process. The eutectic direct bonding process is adopted to endure strict driving conditions and countless on-offs from end users. Each color could be driven up to 2.5A and over 1,000W driven in a Φ74mm emitting area is achievable with proper structural design.

Stonehenge Light Engine Features:

  • Customized Colors Are Available
  • Wide Color Gamut and CCT Range: 2,500K~7,500K(CRI≧93)
  • CRI≧ 93 for Cool White and
    CRI≧ 95 for Warm White at Extremely High Power (2.5A for each chip)
  • Excellent Luminous Flux Output
  • Standard PCBA LED Array: 32-in-1/52-in-1/88-in-1
  • Various Kinds of Power S to Choose from 400W-1,200W
  • 3mm Copper Bump PCB
  • 100% X-ray Inspection of SMT(void%≦15%) and Strict Quality Control


By Fixtures

  • Fresnel Spotlight
  • Beam Light
  • Follow Light
  • Gobo Projector

By Usage

  • To Replace Conventional Lamps: High Luminance Ra70 Cool White Light Engine
  • To Get High Ra Quality or Colorful Light: 4-color-in-1 Light Engine (e.g. RTBW)
  • To Get High Ra Quality Tunable White: Dual Color Light Engine (e.g. Cool White and Warm White)

When it comes to entertainment lighting, EDISON OPTO delivers precision stage LED modules - Stonehenge Series which create reliable and high-quality LED products with efficient optical design for stage and entertainment lighting. We work closely with professional fixture manufacturers aimed to bring out immersive light effects that excite people with powerful and impressive lighting performance.

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