Appointments | LightingEurope | Jun 28, 2023

Elena Scaroni Assumes the Role of Secretary General for LightingEurope

LightingEurope, the leading association representing the lighting industry in Europe, is delighted to announce the appointment of Elena Scaroni as its new Secretary General, effective June 26, 2023. Scaroni's promotion to this important role comes after her successful tenure as Policy Director since joining LightingEurope in September 2016.

Scaroni has been at the forefront of advocating for the European lighting industry's interests. Her expertise and leadership have been instrumental in driving the advocacy efforts concerning the latest Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations for light sources.

Before joining LightingEurope, Scaroni accumulated eight years of valuable experience in European Affairs at Enel, a multinational energy company. Her responsibilities included managing relationships with the European Parliament on all relevant topics such as climate, energy, and Corporate Social Responsibility. She studied in Rome and Paris, holding a master's degree in law and specializing in European Affairs.

"I am honoured to take on the position of Secretary General for LightingEurope." said Elena Scaroni. "My first thoughts go to my predecessor, Ourania Georgoutsakou and to the LightingEurope team, who have made LightingEurope a leading trade association in the field of sustainable products and quality of light. Lighting is now recognised as one of the main contributors to indoor environmental quality and LightingEurope as a key actor asking policy makers that rules should be better enforced.”

Elena Scaroni plans to work in full continuity with what has been achieved so far. “I am dedicated to advancing the lighting industry's agenda based on the work done with our members. I look forward to working closely with the industry stakeholders from the whole lighting value chain and policymakers."

"We are extremely happy and proud to appoint Elena Scaroni as the new Secretary General of LightingEurope," said Maurice Maes, President of LightingEurope. "Her impressive contributions as Policy Director and her many years of experience in the lighting and energy sectors make her the ideal candidate for this position. We are confident that Elena's leadership will drive LightingEurope forward, ensuring that the European lighting industry remains at the forefront of innovation and policy developments that support both the value of lighting and the industry’s sustainability ambitions."

About LightingEurope
LightingEurope is the voice of the lighting industry, based in Brussels and representing 31 companies and national associations. Together these members account for over 1,000 European companies, a majority of which are small or medium-sized. They represent a total European workforce of over 100,000 people and an annual turnover exceeding 20 billion euro. LightingEurope is committed to promoting efficient lighting that benefits human comfort, safety and well-being, and the environment. LightingEurope advocates a positive business and regulatory environment to foster fair competition and growth for the European lighting industry. More information is available at

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