Automotive | Faraday Future | Business | Dec 07, 2021

Faraday Future Announces HSL as Exterior Lighting Supplier

Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc., a California-based global shared intelligent electric mobility ecosystem company, today announced HSL as the lead exterior lighting supplier for its flagship, ultimate intelligent techluxury FF 91 EV.

HSL srl. supplies intelligent lighting systems and high-performance components for leading exclusive car brands worldwide. With its agile manufacturing, HSL enables fast market entries with a strong focus on individualization and technical perfection. Equipped with knowledgeable automotive veterans that cover every facet of exterior lighting, HSL will work with FF throughout the production process to ensure a premium and innovative exterior lighting display.

“The exterior lights play a key role in the vehicle’s overall aesthetic, which is why we partnered with a distinguished supplier that has deep experience in premium exterior lighting,” said Page Beermann, Design Director at Faraday Future. “Details such as the FF 91’s rear 3D crystal-like array tend to be one of the last things finished in a car development program, but is one of the first things customers notice.”

HSL will supply the Exterior Lighting for the FF 91. Complementing the future-forward design of the vehicle, the rear of the FF 91 will display a unique, 3D crystal-like array that stands apart from anything else on the road. Additionally, each individual LED is programmable, enabling customized lighting animations that can be uploaded to the vehicle at any time, with preset animations available at launch.

“Outfitting the FF 91 with our premium and innovative exterior lighting ensures its unique position among top luxury vehicles,” said Mirko Bonvecchio, CTO at HSL. “The future forward design and the possible personalization of the lighting design is outstanding.”

HSL’s experience and commitment to the FF 91 program will contribute to the on-schedule delivery of the vehicle in July 2022. The FF 91 Futurist Alliance Edition and FF 91 Futurist models represent the next generation of intelligent, internet-driven electric vehicles (EV). They are high-performance EVs, all-ability cars, and ultimate robotic vehicles, allowing users to experience the third internet living space. The models also encompass extreme technology, an ultimate user experience and a complete ecosystem.

Users can reserve an FF 91 Futurist model now via the FF intelligent APP or at:

Established in May 2014, Faraday Future is a global shared intelligent mobility ecosystem company, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Since its inception, Faraday Future has implemented numerous innovations relating to its products, technology, business model, profit model, user ecosystem, and governance structure. On July 22, 2021, Faraday Future was listed on NASDAQ with the new company name “Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc.”, and the ticker symbols “FFIE” for its Class A common stock and “FFIEW” for its warrants. The “I” in FFIE stands for Intelligent and Internet and the “E” stands for Ecosystem and Electric. FF is not just an EV company, but also an internet and technology company, an AI product company, a software company, and a user ecosystem company. Faraday Future aims to perpetually improve the way people move by creating a forward-thinking mobility ecosystem that integrates clean energy, AI, the Internet and new usership models. With the ultimate intelligent techluxury brand positioning, Faraday Future’s first flagship product FF 91 Futurist is equipped with exceptional product power. It is not just a high-performance EV, an all-ability car, and an ultimate robotic vehicle, but also the third internet living space.


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