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Full Spectrum Series, Low Blue Light Hazard Gamer Changer

PLCC CRI98 Full Spectrum Series features High Color Quality with CRI 98 and compact package size, increasing lamp design flexibility and expanding the range of applications.

Blue light hazard is the long-term danger of blue-shifted light damaging retinal cells, contributing to cataracts and eye cancer.  The spectrum range contributed to blue light hazard is between 380 to 500 nm.   Another danger of blue light is disrupting human and animal day and night cycles.  Many studies have proven the positive effects of full spectrum lighting, including improved concentration, sustained attention, and promoted sleep quality.  It enhances human performance, comfort, health, and well-being.

Our engineers equipped the series with IEC TR62778 and IEC\EN62471 blue light hazard reports, all of which are RG0.  What is RG0?  RG0 (Risk Exempt): The source does not cause any photo-biological risk.  Requirement met by any lamp that does not cause a blue light (BL) retinal risk with an exposure time of up to 10,000 seconds (about 2.8 hours).   RG1 (Low Risk): The source does not cause danger due to typical operating limitations on exposure.

With a double blue light chip packaging design, the overall blue light intensity is low.  Thus they meet the low blue light hazard requirements recommended by various scientific and health organizations.

The chips of the series have excellent luminous and color uniformity.  Additionally, they are environmentally friendly, being RoHS compliant.  With optimized efficiency, PLCC CRI98 Full Spectrum Series is ideal for high-end LED markets such as boutique and luxury apparel stores. 

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Edison Opto from New Taipei, Taiwan, was built in 2001 as the parent company and Subsidiary Edison Opto USA Corp. to service North American base customers. The company’s mission is to deliver customers a complete LED product line from components to modules as an integrated design manufacturing service to support customers manage every issue while designing LED lighting products.

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