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GE Lighting Introduces GE Sun Filled LED Bulbs

GE Lighting, a Savant company is helping consumers maintain their circadian rhythm, the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, because when we sleep well, we feel well and our best selves can fill the day. New GE sun filled™ LED bulbs do not emit the invisible blue spectrum peak that can interfere with the body’s circadian rhythm, making it easier to get the kind of sleep dreams are made of. And by enhancing the color appearance of objects,* these bulbs pack more benefits owners will enjoy.

Shine On!

Now consumers can bring the sun inside by replacing common household bulbs with GE sun filled LED bulbs that do not require apps or controls to operate. Making the switch in table lamps, flush mount fixtures, flood lights and ceilings is as easy as screwing in a new bulb—few sleep hygiene tools are as simple and affordable.

As GE Lighting, a Savant company’s closest light to natural sunlight, the GE sun filled LED bulb helps individuals maintain a natural sleep/wake cycle to feel restored and more alert each morning. It delivers a high CRI value of 97 to render colors that look much like they would appear in natural sunlight (the standard for illuminating colors with a 100 CRI value). The result is a beautiful, clear light that brings out the color in home décor. The new bulb, with an R9 of 80+, also reproduces reds exceptionally well. Most LED light sources carry an R9 rating of 10 or less. With the GE sun filled LED bulb, there’s a lot to like and nothing to do—no adjustments, no programming, no settings to change.

Sleep Right!

GE sun filled LED bulbs can be used almost anywhere in the home in place of other bulbs. Simply turn off all artificial light sources and turn on GE sun filled LED bulbs a few hours before bedtime to eliminate the blue light spectrum that can interfere with a good night’s sleep.

The new bulb emits a spectrum that is closer to sunlight than ordinary LEDs by eliminating the 450-nanometer wavelength (the blue spike) present in many artificial light sources. These bulbs allow consumers to get their favored soft white light all day long without the need to change light temperatures when calling it a night.

Launching are A21 and BR30 GE sun filled LED bulbs ranging from $13.99 to $15.99 MSRP. The bulbs are available in soft white and daylight options and can be purchased at now and at more than 100 Lowe’s® stores across California and Nevada. The bulbs are also available through Amazon. Initial selection includes:

  • 60W replacement LED A21 (800 lumen)—1pk
  • 65W replacement LED BR30 (700 lumen)—1pk

GE sun filled LED bulbs are California Energy Commission (CEC) compliant and will be ENERGY STAR® qualified (certification pending). Based on three hours’ use per day, the bulbs can last 13 years or more, so owners can bask in the benefits for a long time to come when reading a book or relaxing quietly.

Learn about better sleep and bringing exquisite colors to light at

*GE sun filled™ LED bulbs provide 97 CRI (color rendering index), minimum R9 80, as compared to natural sunlight at 100 CRI

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