IKEA | Smart Lighting | Jan 02, 2024

IKEA's JETSTRÖM LED Panel Lights Up Homes with Smart, Adjustable Lighting

Revolutionize your home with IKEA's JETSTRÖM LED panel, offering customizable brightness and color, sleek design, and smart technology for an unmatched, mood-enhancing lighting experience in every room.

The IKEA JETSTRÖM LED ceiling light panel is now available for purchase in select EU countries. This sophisticated lighting solution comes in two dimensions, 60 x 60 cm (~23.6 x 23.6-in) and 100 x 40 cm (~39.4 x 15.7-in), and emits an adjustable white light. Users can fine-tune both the color temperature, ranging from a warm 2,200K to a cooler 4,000K, and brightness levels to create the perfect ambiance for any setting. The light panel is conveniently controllable through various methods, including a remote (STYRBAR), the IKEA Home smart app via the DIRIGERA hub, or voice commands through integration with popular smart home systems such as Alexa, Apple Home, and Google Home.

Not only does the JETSTRÖM provide versatile lighting options, but it is also designed for longevity with an estimated lifespan of 25,000 hours and can be mounted on either the ceiling or wall. Pricing varies by country, with the 100x40 cm model available for €79.95 in the Netherlands, €69.99 in France, and 999 SEK in Sweden, while the 60x60 cm variant is priced at €59.99 in France and 899 SEK in Sweden. Availability in additional countries and future pricing details have yet to be announced.

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