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Insta GmbH Launches CSA-Certified Matter Module

Insta GmbH, a leading electronics specialist based in Lüdenscheid, proudly announces the launch of its first CSA-certified Matter product. The Push Button Module, a battery-powered device featuring four buttons, is now available as an OEM or white-label product for B2B customers. Utilizing the Matter 1.1 communication protocol, this module allows customers to integrate standardized smart functions into their switch programs, thereby enhancing their product portfolios.

Smart Lighting at the Touch of a Button

The Push Button Module (battery type CR 2430) offers users the convenience of turning on lights and adjusting brightness with a simple button press. Furthermore, users can control shading, activate scenes, and utilize automation functions with this module.

With various button combinations (single, double, or long press) and a durable, easily replaceable battery, flexible installation and use are guaranteed. The module’s four buttons can be configured directly in Matter to control devices or activate specific scenes. A connected Matter system translates these commands into the desired actions or switches assigned devices.

The Push Button Module is a “Matter over Thread” device, ensuring energy-efficient radio communication through Thread. Commissioning is conducted via Bluetooth LE and can be performed using any standard smartphone. 

Versatile Integration, Compatibility with Major Platforms

Insta GmbH’s new product fits seamlessly into existing switch programs with inner dimensions of 55x55 millimetres, offering high application flexibility. Additionally, the module utilizes the Generic Switch Cluster, making it compatible with systems like Apple Home, SmartThings, and Home Assistant. It is also prepared for use with bindings.

This compatibility facilitates seamless integration into existing smart home systems. Updates can be easily managed through the respective Matter platform apps, ensuring the system remains up-to-date.

The Matter module from Insta GmbH is suitable for various applications, including:

  • Matter Platform Apple Home: Activating the “Movie Night” scene in the living room with a short press. Configuration is done via the Apple Home app.
  • Matter Platform Samsung SmartThings: Turning on lights throughout the ground floor with a long press. Configuration is done via the SmartThings app.
  • Matter Platform Apple Home: Starting Apple Music with a favourite playlist using a double press. The configuration is done via the Apple Home app.

The Push Button Module is now available as an OEM or white-label product for B2B customers.

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About Insta GmbH
Insta GmbH is an electronics specialist headquartered in Lüdenscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia. The company serves as a research, development, and manufacturing center for digital networking in building technology and acts as a think tank for the future of building automation. With approximately 500 employees, Insta GmbH generates about 75 million euros in revenue through products and OEM components, ranging from LED dimmers to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

For over 50 years, Insta has been a leader in building and lighting automation. As a co-founder of the KNX Association, Insta emphasizes the importance of unified standards to ensure seamless integration of various components in home and building automation. Established in 1970 as a technology-driven joint venture by German socket and switch manufacturers, Insta GmbH remains jointly owned by Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG (Radevormwald) and Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG (Schalksmühle).

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