Smart Lighting | Inventronics | DALI+ | LED Driver | Wireless Control | Mar 15, 2024

Inventronics Unveiled Industry's First DALI+ Certified Wireless LED Driver

Inventronics presented the first DALI+ with Thread certified wireless LED drivers at trade fair Light + Building 2024. Harnessing the advantages of the DALI-2 standard for lighting, DALI+ extends its features and benefits to the wireless realm. The DALI+ wireless network is based on the IEC 62386-104 standard and employs the same DALI language, features, and data. This will enable the seamless integration of DALI-2 wired and DALI+ wireless devices in the same installation.

The DALI Alliance, the global industry organization for DALI, has recently launched its DALI+ certification program, ensuring cross-vendor interoperability. DALI+ represents the standardized wireless protocol of the future, aiming to defragment the wireless landscape dominated by proprietary solutions and thereby opening new horizons for the lighting industry.

Inventronics' newly introduced wireless LED drivers mark the first DALI+ drivers certified by the DALI Alliance. This certification guarantees that the drivers seamlessly integrate and interoperate with other DALI+ products. Key features of Inventronics' wireless LED driver include enhanced connectivity, superior energy efficiency, and individualized control capabilities.

"By pioneering the first DALI+ certified wireless LED driver, we drive innovation and emphasize our dedication to promoting open standards and interoperable products," says Dr. Gernot Steinlesberger, CEO business unit Digital Systems.

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