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ISO 17025 Compliant On-site Testing at the Customer’s Premises

As of January 2023, Instrument Systems optionally offers its ISO 17025 compliant illuminance and luminous intensity tests at the installation sites of its big AMS and LGS goniophotometer light measurement systems. Previously, the accreditation for on-site testing only applied for Instrument Systems’ DMS display measurement systems. The option to have equipment tested at the installation site in order to obtain an ISO 17025 compliant certificate, allows customers a nearly uninterrupted operation of their large systems, which are often continuously in use for quality control and COP testing.

Germany’s national accreditation body (DAkkS) has extended Instrument Systems’ accreditation. In addition to on-site testing of DMS display measurement systems, Instrument Systems is now also accredited for ISO 17025 compliant testing of illuminance and luminance intensity with its large AMS and LGS goniophotometers at the installation site.

Instrument Systems’ customers now have the possibility of receiving an ISO 17025 compliant test certificate for the DSP 200 and DSP 10 photometers, even if they are tested and adjusted at their site of operation. This means only a minimal interruption of operation of the often continuously run quality controls and COP tests, as it is no longer necessary to dismantle the equipment and send it to Instrument Systems.

Thanks to the innovative testing procedure specially developed by Instrument Systems, which was object of thorough review by the accreditation body, Instrument Systems is one of only few technical service providers to hold a ISO 17025 accreditation for on-site testing of its equipment. Details about Instrument Systems’ accreditation scope can be found in the annex of its accreditation certificate:

Instrument Systems GmbH
Instrument Systems GmbH, founded in Munich in 1986, develops, manufactures and markets all-in-one solutions for light measurement applications. Its core products are array spectrometers and imaging colorimeters. The company’s main fields of activity are LED/SSL and display metrology, spectral radiometry and photometry, as well as laser/VCSEL characterization, where Instrument Systems is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers. The Optronik line of products for the automotive industry and traffic technology is developed and marketed at its Berlin facility. Instrument Systems has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Konica MinoIta Group since 2012.

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