Ledvance | Appointments | Oct 13, 2023

Ledvance Merges Branding and Communication Divisions for a Unified Future

Garching-based lighting company, Ledvance, has announced the unification of its Global Brand Management and Corporate Communications departments, effective from October 1st. The decision to merge these departments is aimed at fostering a more holistic approach to branding and embedding the corporate identity more deeply into its communications.

Ledvance, an offshoot of Osram, initially established its independence in 2016 with a lighting portfolio. The company has been on a continuous trajectory of evolution. Following the recent launch of a new sub-brand, this merger marks the next strategic step towards the future. The goal is to bring these areas closer together, ensuring a more integrated branding strategy and stronger communication of the corporate identity.

Experienced Leadership for the New Division
The newly formed department will be led by Vivian Lee-Lauss, who has been with Ledvance for five years and currently holds the position of Head of Global Brand Management. "Branding and corporate communication have always worked hand in hand in the past. Now, under one unified division, we see even greater synergistic opportunities in building our brand and corporate image," says the soon-to-be Head of Global Branding and Communications. "In addition to my plans for the Ledvance brand for 2024 and beyond, my vision for communication involves more global content and reporting, expanded media relations, heightened engagement with our target audience, and a balance between reactive and proactive management to ensure our key strategic priorities get the attention they deserve."

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