Smart Lighting | Avi-on | UL | IoT | Mar 31, 2021

First Commercial Lighting Company Achieves IoT Security Rating

UL announced that Avi-on Labs, Inc. is the first commercial lighting company to be recognized for achieving UL's IoT Security Rating. This Platinum level IoT Security Rating, as evaluated by UL, demonstrates that the Avi-on Pro Commercial Lighting Control Platform product line uses industry best practices and meets critical benchmarks for Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity.

UL verifies Avi-on commercial lighting platform as first to meet Platinum level IoT security capabilities

Avi-on Labs specializes in wireless lighting controls, combining devices with enterprise-grade remote management and configuration with any smart phone or tablet. The patented Avi-on lighting control platform allows devices to talk to other devices without intermediate gateways, even in networks with large volumes of devices. Avi-on provides solutions for warehouse, manufacturing, office, education, architectural, residential, landscape and outdoor uses.

UL's IoT Security Rating Platinum level assessment helps demonstrate implementation of extensive baseline security capabilities for the Avi-on Pro Commercial Lighting Control Platform product line, such as secure updates and connections, access controls, stored and transmitted data security, mobile app security maintenance, known threats testing and malware protection, among others.

The IoT Security Rating is a security claim verification and labeling solution for IoT products that categorizes products according to an ascending five-level scale: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Verified products receive a differentiated UL Verified Mark security label – specifying the achieved security level – and are evaluated on an ongoing basis by UL.

UL's solution helps manufacturers and developers demonstrate the security due diligence of their products by leveraging proven best practices and rating the security posture of IoT products. This helps to improve the transparency of security with customers and assist them in making conscious and informed purchasing decisions. Our IoT Security Rating also supports manufacturers by helping to demonstrate that their products meet the threshold of reasonable security features as required in IoT security regulations and recommended in IoT security guidelines globally.

Avi-on Lab's unique UL Verified Mark code can be accessed on the UL Verify website (lighting control platform) and Avi-on will be utilizing the UL Verified Mark on their products, marketing and distribution channels to demonstrate their high level of commitment to security to customers.

"At Avi-on Labs, we are committed to helping our customers with easy to use and reliable lighting and IoT solutions for commercial environments. We have been incorporating extensive security principles and protections into our product development process from the very beginning, and are pleased that this multiyear investment can now be recognized and demonstrated externally," said Eric Miller, CEO of Avi-on. "We're very proud to have been the first to achieve the Platinum level of UL's IoT Security Rating. UL's third-party Verification is already giving our customer's peace of mind against security threats."

In addition to achieving Platinum level of the IoT Security Rating, Avi-on has also achieved UL's Design Lights Consortium (DLC) 5.0 Qualified Products List (QPL) Cybersecurity Qualification. This helps manufacturers demonstrate meeting the upcoming cybersecurity requirements for DLC and to be QPL listed as lighting control systems eligible for utility rebates.

"As part of UL's decades of cybersecurity experience and rapidly growing IoT security practice, we are proud to recognize Avi-on Labs for earning the first Platinum level IoT Security Rating for a commercial lighting platform" said Isabelle Noblanc, global vice president and general manager of UL's Identity Management and Security division. "This Platinum level rating achievement helps verify the security due diligence Avi-on has built into their connected lighting products, helps demonstrate their cybersecurity posture to the marketplace and empowers customers to make purchase decisions based on the security built into Avi-on connected lighting products."


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