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Cracking Down on Non-Compliance: LightingEurope's Bold Strategy 2030 Unveiled

The event 'From the EU Green Deal to the LightingEurope Strategy 2030' took place at the Light + Building fair in Frankfurt. 100 people attended and there was an intense discussion on the enforcement of sustainability rules specifically applicable to lighting products.

Despite the very high level of non-compliant lighting products on the EU market (see here the results of the mystery shopping exercise), the speakers said that there are possible ways to change the current situation.

Speakers: Holger Dickert (Hessen State), Ronald Piers de Raveschoot (DG ENER), Tanguy Griffon (Sonepar), Sylvia Maurer (BEUC - The European Consumer Organisation), Marieke Hoffmann (Deutsche Umwelthilfe), Marc Guiraud (EucoLight), Kevan Shaw (International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), Teresa Selvaggio and Alfredo Menghini (both from LightingEurope).
All presentations are available on our website

Conclusions and Highlights:
- Online platforms to be obliged to check that companies selling on their platform are registered for #WEEE and have a representative in an EU country (following the German WEEE law)
- Making online platforms liable for non-compliant products if there is no liable actor (based on French law)
- Visibility of seriously non-compliant products on public websites (name & shame), encouraging citizens and companies to inform #msasafety about suspected non-compliant products
- To raise public and political concern, highlight that non-compliant products can also be dangerous or fail to contribute to climate and environmental objectives, thus harming the overall efforts of all actors -> higher contributions to CO2 objectives should instead be rewarded
- Greater cooperation is needed between surveillance and customs authorities, sharing data and coordinating sanctions
- Continue efforts in educating the market via FAQs and Guidelines.

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