LightingEurope | Renovation Call | Business | Apr 07, 2021

LightingEurope Reiterates its Call to Accelerate Renovation of Lighting

LightingEurope reiterates its call on national governments across Europe and on EU institutions to redouble their efforts and further accelerate renovation across Europe.

2020 was a very difficult year for individuals and societies foremost, and for economies. Europe’s lighting industry – 80% of which are SMEs – is now focused on recovering from the economic impact of the pandemic and delivering innovative quality lighting for people in Europe and beyond.

The renovation of Europe’s building stock, including of the lighting installations, will play a central role in kickstarting the economy. 15 million workers are directly employed in the EU construction sector and the sector creates 28% of Europe’s industrial output.

Renovating the built environment will also contribute to achieving Europe’s climate goals by complementing the transition to more sustainable and energy efficient products. Installing LED lighting systems that include sensors and controls will deliver significant energy savings while at the same time improve the quality of the lighting and of the environment for people.

The 18 national associations and 12 companies that are members of LightingEurope reiterate our joint call on decision makers at EU, national, regional and local level to make renovation a priority in their investments in particular under the Next General EU instrument, and to ensure that no renovation project receives co-financing unless it includes the renovation of the lighting. 

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