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Niteko Illuminazione – renowned Italian manufacturer of custom LED lighting fixtures for outdoor and large areas – has launched Lorelux®, first brand of 100% circular urban luminaires providing a uniquely designed and corrosion-resistant urban lighting that can last for more than 50 years.

Lorelux® luminaire’s manufacturing follows the principles of circularity and design’s uniqueness in all its stages: from conception to material’s choice, to the possibility of recycling the luminaire at the end of its service life. A true revolution in urban lighting thanks to the use of recycled and infinitely recyclable plastic materials, highly innovative for the sector. In fact, Lorelux® luminaires are the first urban luminaires made from recovered polymers deriving from clean industrial waste and from shredded household plastic waste (for example, plastic caps). These sustainable materials, combined with a patented manufacturing solution, make Lorelux® luminaires – acronym for Long Resistant Luminaires – highly durable and resistant to vandalism and corrosion due to atmospheric agents and pollutants. Moreover, LED engine can be easily replaced also at height by means of a fast and economical patent pending maintenance system: for indestructible and always upgraded luminaires.



In this way, municipalities can benefit both from a lighting system that is always technologically upgraded and from a green and durable product that is good for the planet. Thanks to a lighting body’s manufacturing using up to 90% of recycled materials, it contributes to clean up the planet from harmful waste such as plastic, which is increasingly accumulating in our soils and seas.

“Recycling is the only possible future. We are proud to be the first manufacturer to produce urban luminaires made from discarded materials, thus minimising waste and applying the virtuous model of circular economy even in a sector where usually you expect heavy and impacting products,” explains Alessandro Deodati, Head of R&D department. “Not only do Lorelux® luminaires come from recovery, but they can also be recycled at the end of their service life and be reused to manufacture a new luminaire, thus closing that perfect circle where nothing is destroyed and everything is reused."

Lorelux® luminaires are exclusive from all points of view. The combination of ductile materials and flexible manufacturing technique – which is environmentally friendly, too – makes it possible to customise the lighting bodies’ shapes and colours, and to create unique and bespoke designs for any urban context.

Working together with Lorelux®, architects and lighting designers have the possibility to create luminaires that overcome the creative limits of traditional lighting fixtures, and to obtain out-of-the-ordinary products allowing creating unique and highly valuable projects.

In fact, Lorelux® means limitless creativity and manufacturing speed of the finished piece in just 90 days from the delivery of the technical drawings, even for small batches.

With Lorelux®, creating a new luminaire is fast and easy. The Made in Italy production releases from the timing of the international markets, and the listening to customer’s needs leads to an original co-creation that is really accessible to everyone. The result is a network of professionals sharing a common goal: a highly efficient outdoor lighting that is truly sustainable and creative.

“Everyone believes that 100% bespoke luminaires should have a high cost” adds Alessandro Deodati, “Lorelux® clearly shows how outdated this idea is. If you choose the right materials and use an on-site production – giving value to the territory and to the sustainability of both manufacturing and transports – you can completely revolutionise the traditional concept of urban lighting and achieve in a short time custom products that are really sustainable from all points of view.”




Niteko is an Italian innovative SME with decades of experience in the manufacture of custom LED lighting solutions for outdoor and large areas. Niteko offers an exclusive customer experience with custom products guaranteed for life. It uses a production strategy eliminating waste and unnecessary processing and offers to its customers and partners a highly specialized service, taking care of every single detail with competence and precision. 

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