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LpS Digital Award 2021 Winners Announced

In December, the LpS Digital 2021 Award winners were announced and honored during the annual live-stream event on December 2nd. The four areas recognized were: Best Lectures, Sustainability, Scientific Study and Best Products. The most outstanding contributions and solutions from the past year were honored.

The awards covered the subject areas of LED Technologies, HCL, UV-C, LiFi, and Circular Economy. The names of the award winners and their contributions were published on LpS Digital:

LpS Digital 2021 AWARD WINNERS


Chief Operation Officer, GL Optic; CIE and IES Member

Xavier DENIS

Technical Marketing Manager, Nichia Europe


Head of Ecosystems and Strategic Alliances, Signify


Head of Lighting, BDP

Harald HAAS

Professor, University of Strathclyde

H6 LED Series



LYS Technologies

HCL LED Series

SAMSUNG Electronics


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