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LpS Digital Summit 2023 – Exploring Cross-Disciplinary Lighting Innovations – December 7th

The LpS Digital Summit 2023 is set to unfold on December 7, showcasing pivotal insights from industry and research giants. Dive deep into the forefront of lighting innovations as our esteemed panel unravels the cutting-edge trends that will shape the future. Brace yourself as we unveil the trailblazing winners of the 2023 Innovation Awards. Experience the LpS Digital Summit 2023 in its full splendor, broadcasted live and streamed to a global audience.

Embark on a journey of illumination at the LpS Digital Summit, where a meeting of minds will redefine the future of lighting. The program unfolds in three riveting parts: the revolutionary keynotes by esteemed panelists, a dynamic discussion round, engaging both panelists and audience, and the prestigious LpS Digital Awards ceremony. 

In a display of unparalleled expertise, Elena Scaroni from LightingEurope, Dirk Vanderhaeghen from Lumileds, former CEO of Ledvance, Lawrence Lin, and Xavier Denis from Nichia, take center stage as keynote speakers. Their trend-setting views are set to ignite the event, offering a glimpse into the future of lighting. Joining this illustrious group, two additional experts will enrich the acclaimed panel discussion. Together, they will weave a tapestry of insights, shaping the trajectory of lighting for the year 2024.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to absorb the wisdom and spark of innovation from these experts. Their inputs and suggestions are not just thoughts to ponder but catalysts for your strategic planning for the coming year. Engage in this exceptional event where you will be looking beyond the horizon and discussing cross-disciplinary considerations.

“Embarking on a quest to push the boundaries of innovation in lighting, we must draw wisdom from developments across diverse sectors. While LED lighting has reached impressive heights of development, it is in the fusion of ideas across industries that groundbreaking concepts can emerge. I am eagerly anticipating these discussions,” states Siegfried Luger, the program manager behind the LpS Digital Summit. “By weaving together insights from various fields, we can illuminate new paths of innovation.”

Mark your calendars for an extraordinary event in the realm of lighting innovation - the LpS Digital Summit 2023, scheduled for December 7th, from 2 to 5 PM (CET). This free of charge, groundbreaking summit offers an open invitation to explore the latest advancements in lighting. Seize the opportunity to be a part of this enlightening experience by registering through this link (https://led-professional-symposium.com/live-connect/). Join us as we illuminate the future of lighting, bringing together bright minds and brilliant ideas in a spectacular fusion of knowledge and creativity.

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