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Luminus Gen 4 High Density COBs Leverage Robusto™ Technology

Luminus Devices introduces the next generation for high lumen density, white COB arrays featuring the latest enhancement to improve maximum operating temperature, Robusto technology. High lumen density parts are used in narrow beam applications where Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP) is the key metric.

While this depends on the specific beam angle and power level, the high lumen density parts typically deliver two times or greater lumen density than standard parts. Higher temperature operation means more luminaire design flexibility and lower potential cost with, for example, smaller, lighter heat sinks. These Generation 4 high lumen density parts provide stable lumen output and color points with temperatures as high as Tc = 120⁰C. Robusto technology has the ability to enable higher drive currents while still delivering exceptional lumen maintenance (L90>55k hrs.) and remarkably stable color points. This line of COBs has outstanding color quality, high lumen intensity, and the industry’s best flux and color stability over their operating life, all of which make them the preferred solution for narrow beam, high CBCP applications in retail and shop lighting, hospitality lighting, architectural and specialty lighting.

David Davito, COB Product Line Director, Illumination at Luminus, shares why this new product line has so much to offer. “The new Generation 4 high lumen density parts offer the ultimate in COB flux density. This is complemented by Robusto technology which enables higher operating conditions while maintaining steady lumen maintenance and color stability. With Robusto technology, Luminus’ high-density COBs are able to provide customers with higher levels of CBCP, consistent color and flux over the life of the luminaire.”

company description: Luminus Devices develops solid-state lighting solutions to help its customers migrate from conventional lamps to long-life and energy-efficient LEDs. Combining technology from MIT with innovation from Silicon Valley, Luminus offers a wide range of LEDs for global lighting markets as well as specialty lighting solutions for performance-driven markets including displays, entertainment and medical applications. Luminus is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.


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