Horticulture | LEDs | Apr 21, 2022

LUXEON SunPlus Horticulture Portfolio Grows with the Addition of High Power Deep-Red: LUXEON SunPlus HPE

Lumileds announced its new LUXEON SunPlus HPE, a high power, deep-red (660nm) LED designed specifically for the horticulture lighting industry. LUXEON SunPlus HPE achieves the highest PPF and PPE from its industry standard 3.5mm square ceramic package. The new deep-red LED is part of the SunPlus horticulture portfolio that covers a broad range of wavelengths and colors, including white, purple, and lime, in a variety of mid-power, high-power, and CoB packages which offers flexibility to growers to create a specific Lighting mix required for various types of crops to give growers the edge.

“Much of the horticulture market is adopting solutions that use a mix of white and deep-red LEDs,” said LP Liew, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Lumileds. “The new LUXEON SunPlus delivers top notch performance. And it’s available with extremely short lead-times. At the end of the day, it’s the highest performing LED and its shipping.”

LUXEON SunPlus HPE has the robustness to stand up to harsh horticulture environments and deliver the longevity expected of all LUXEON LEDs. It pairs exceptionally well with our High efficacy LUXEON SunPlus 3030 and 5050 LEDs, the two most commonly deployed white LEDs. This white and deep-red horticulture combination can significantly drive down the system cost and reduce operating costs due to the solution’s superior efficacy.

The LUXEON SunPlus HPE  with its industry standard package has various off-the-shelf optical solutions available to enable designers to select the right viewing angles to achieve the appropriate intensity of Light for the crops. LUXEON SunPlus is a single portfolio engineered to address the full breadth of horticulture lighting applications.

Wavelength             650-680
Radiant Power         1057mW
PPF umol/s             5.8
PPE umol/J             4.0
Current                   700mA
Max Current            1400mA
Package Size          3.5mm square
All performance specs at Tj 25⁰C

For more information about LUXEON SunPlus HPE and to access the datasheet, click here. To view the entire LUXEON SunPlus horticulture portfolio visit https://lumileds.com/products/horticulture-leds.

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