Automotive | Macroblock | Lighting ICs | Mar 01, 2022

Macroblock Releases AEC-Q100-qualified Automotive Lighting ICs

Macroblock announced its new generation LED automotive lighting driver ICs, MBI6659Q and MBI6665Q, are highly praised and appreciated by the customers. The two new products are suitable for the application of intelligent automotive lighting, and both of them have obtained the AEC-Q100 qualification.

The company is positive about the future outlook of the global intelligent automobile market. By launching these two new products, Macroblock has a more complete automotive series product line. Macroblock will continuously focus on the automobile original equipment market and keep developing other new products to assist each brand to maximize business value.

As compared to the ordinary electronic products, automotive electronics have stricter standards for their components. The Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) established AEC-Q100 qualification standard for automotive IC, and the test qualification is rigorous. Macroblock's automotive series products have all passed this certification to make sure that the reliability and stability of ICs meet AEC's requirements.

Macroblock LED automotive IC product line can be divided into two categories, the first is the automotive display, and the other is the automotive lighting. Both MBI6659Q and MBI6665Q are categorized as automotive lighting.

  • About MBI6659Q

The applications of MBI6659Q include fog lights, tail lights, brake lights, ambient lights, position lamp and daytime running lamp (DRL). Its current rating is 2.5A. Comparing with the previous MBI6657Q, MBI6659Q is a high-current version, providing flexible design options to customers. MBI6659Q owns LDO (Low Dropout Regulator), which means that this driver IC can directly supply MCU voltage, so that the MCU does not need an additional power supply. This allows the layout of this automotive lighting power system is cleaner and neater. Moreover, this product features EMI solution, which can improve EMI performance to pass EMC testing standards as well as reducing external components. MBI6659Q also has several protection modes, such as LED open, LED short, thermal shutdown, thermal fold-back and so on, to ensure safety.

  • About MBI6665Q

The applications of MBI6665Q include head lights, tail lights, brake lights and daytime running lights. This driver IC supports multi-topology DC/DC power management to assist customers to design their products. Moreover, same as MBI6659Q, MBI6665Q owns LDO, which can supply MCU voltage and make the layout of the power system tidy. It also features EMI solution to eliminate EMI. In addition to having the same protection modes as MBI6659Q, MBI6665Q also has OTP (Over Temperature Protection) and OCP (Over Current Protection) to ensure adequate safety provision.

As an LED driver IC leader, Macroblock expects a very promising future of the automobile industry; especially that electric vehicles and self-driving cars are the recent trending topics in the market. LED now is the mainstream in the field of automotive lighting. Macroblock will work closely with our partners to deploy on the automobile market and will keep designing automotive lighting ICs and automotive display ICs to fulfill customers’ needs. Macroblock will cooperate with global automakers to create more modern and fashionable automotive lighting and bring a warmer human-vehicle interactive experience to the car owners.


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