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Near-field Analysis of VCSEL Arrays

The VTC 4000 is Instrument System‘s VCSEL testing camera for comprehensive near-field analysis of complete VCSEL arrays. It enables the absolutely calibrated, traceable and polarization-controlled 2D characterization of all relevant parameters for every single emitter on the array. The VTC 4000, consisting of a camera and corresponding microscope optics, is capable of simultaneously determining position, radiant power and polarization of single emitters on a VCSEL array in a single-shot camera measurement. This allows quick and easy detection of defect emitters on the array. The integrated polarization analysis ensures an unprecedented radiant power measurement accuracy with minimal error budget.

Single emitter beam waist and spectral analysis

By implementation of a z-translation stage, the camera enables the characterization of the single emitter beam profiles. In this way, the single emitters can be characterized in terms of beam waist, numerical aperture and M² value. For analyzing the spectral parameters, the camera is optionally available in a version with fiber output. Connecting the VTC 4000 to a high-resolution CAS spectroradiometer enables measuring the peak wavelength of every single emitter. The VTC 4000 can be easily integrated into handler systems with x-, y- and z-translation stages. This enables automated characterization of complete VCSEL arrays.

Key features:  

  • 2D measurement solution for near field characterization of VCSEL arrays
  • Radiant power, polarization, position, divergence and peak wavelength for all single emitters
  • Flat-field and absolute power calibration, traceable to national metrology standards
  • Easy software integration by LumiSuite SDK

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