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NEW Boost UE Series High Performing Efficiency

The PLCC UE series stands out due to its remarkable efficiency, which rivals that of individual CRI components. Its compact package size enhances the flexibility of lamp design and broadens its range of applications.

With unparalleled efficiency, we have customized the UE series to excel in various lighting applications, including Down Lights, Tri-proof Lights, Pendant Lights, General Lighting, boutiques, and luxury apparel stores.

The multitude of features within the PLCC UE series offers numerous advantages. Its high reliability ensures impressive light output from low-profile general lighting fixtures. These LEDs provide exceptional color consistency and energy efficiency, delivering an output of 230lm. The LED light color remains consistent within the Macadam "3-Step/5-Step" ellipse from the chromaticity center. The durability of the chips has been rigorously tested, with a reported L80 rating of over 100,000 hours. Color temperature options range from 5000k to 3000k, complying with the ANSI C78.377 Standard.

The PLCC UE series attributes not only elevate performance but also streamline the manufacturing process. Built on Blue InGan technology, these chips are compatible with all SMT assembly methods and the IR reflow process. With a strong environmental focus, these chips are mercury-free and adhere to CO2 reduction policies and RoHS compliance. They are ideal replacements for various light fixtures, including halogen and CDM lamps, offering an exceptional blend of luminosity, color uniformity, and efficiency. You won't find a better combination of both high luminous intensity and high efficiency in a single chip. 

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Company Description:
Established in 2001 in New Taipei, Taiwan, Edison Opto originated as the parent company, accompanied by its subsidiary, Edison Opto USA Corp., which caters to North American clients. The core objective of the company is to provide customers with a comprehensive LED product range encompassing components and modules, offering an integrated design and manufacturing service. This approach assists customers in efficiently addressing every aspect of LED lighting product design and management.

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