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Trends | Ecodesign | Guidelines | LightingEurope | Sep 01, 2021

New Ecodesign & Labelling Rules Become Applicable Today

The Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations for light sources adopted in 2019 and revised in February this year become applicable today in all EU Member States. Updated LightingEurope Guidelines are available for the market.

The two regulations published in 2019 and revised in February 2021 bring major changes for producers and end-users of lighting products.

New in the Energy Labelling Regulation (ELR) is the enlargement of the scope to cover all light sources placed on the EU market and the rescaling of the energy label for light sources to the new A – G scale. The energy label for luminaires was discontinued already in 2019. The ELR also clarifies the new requirements for registering light sources in the EU EPREL database.

The Ecodesign Regulation for light sources and separate control gear, also known as the Single Lighting Regulation (SLR), introduces energy efficiency requirements that will ban some fluorescent and halogen lamps as of today and T8 linear fluorescent and other halogen lamps in two years’ time. It also introduces new functional requirements, such as those to regulate flicker and stroboscopic effects, and new circular economy requirements on the removability and replaceability of light sources and separate control gears and on durability for LED and OLED light sources.

LightingEurope has worked closely with regulators on both laws and their amendment to share our members’ technical expertise and market experience.

“The new laws are complex and create new obligations for manufacturers. LightingEurope is now concentrating our efforts on helping companies understand and apply the new requirements to their products and to help authorities enforce the new rules,” states Ourania Georgoutsakou, LightingEurope Secretary General. “We’ve been getting questions every week from companies on how to apply the rules to specific products and applications. That’s why we regularly update the LightingEurope Guidelines on the new Ecodesign and Energy Labelling rules and on the EPREL Database, based on our member’s latest understanding and on discussions with Member States authorities and the European Commission,” Georgoutsakou adds.

The LightingEurope Guidelines on Ecodesign and Energy Labelling are already in their Fourth Edition in less than two years and a Fifth edition is in the pipeline. A second edition of the EPREL Guidelines was published in July 2021. Details about the LightingEurope guidelines can be found here.

Ourania Georgoutsakou,
Elena Scaroni,


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