Automotive | ams OSRAM | Oslon Flat X | Dec 09, 2021

New Oslon Black Flat X Family for Automotive Front Lighting

Automotive lighting has become extremely versatile thanks to new technological advances. In par- ticular, further developments in LED technology have opened up new possibilities. LEDs require minimum installation space while impressing with outstanding brightness values, giving manufactur- ers enormous freedom in designing their lighting solutions.

"The Oslon Black Flat product family has been an ideal solution for high-quality and at the same time cost-optimized headlamp designs for many years," said Philipp Puchinger, Marketing Manager Automotive Exterior at ams OSRAM. "With the two new products in the Oslon Black Flat X line, ams OSRAM is once again underlining its innovation leadership in automotive lighting."

The surface-mountable components can be processed particularly easily in manufacturers' stand- ardized production processes. In addition to the market-leading brightness of typ. 460 lm at 1 A, the 1-chip variant is characterized by its compact dimensions of 3.75 mm X 3.75 mm. The special QFN platform of the LEDs enables customers to perform particularly simple thermal management. De- pending on the system, heat sinks can be significantly reduced in size or even eliminated alto- gether. The Oslon Black Flat X family’s leadframe package also achieves a lower thermal re- sistance (Rth) than the leading ceramic packages in this context to date. Together with a special TiO2 encapsulation, the black package of the LEDs delivers high contrasts of 1:200. In addition, the new components are characterized by a very homogenic color over angle radiation.

The Oslon Black Flat X family will start with a 1- and a 2-chip version. Various multi-chip versions will be added in mid-2022.

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