SphereOptics | Imatest | Flicker | Testing | Trends | Jul 03, 2024

New Ultra-High Illumination Flickering Lightbox

The LED Lightbox ILB-B-150K from SphereOptics partner Imatest produces uniform light with excellent spectral characteristics that can be adjusted over a wide range of brightness for illuminating transparency test charts for image quality testing. Furthermore, it can also be used without any test charts to serve as a source of uniform irradiance that can be utilized for several radiometric test and calibration purposes.

This lightbox, with a 5100 K visible spectrum, is brighter than outdoor direct sunlight. With a luminance of 10 to 47 700 cd/m2 (30 to 150,000 lux) it is also superior lighting to other LED or fluorescent systems.

Over an active area of 260 x 220 mm, it grants a uniformity of 95% and for 300 x 280mm still 90%.

Furthermore, it has a flickering option that can be utilized for IEEE P2020 testing of camera LED flicker mitigation (LFM). Additional to this, the lightbox can be equipped with a wireless communication module, which enables a greater flexibility in the installation and placement of the device.

About SphereOptics: SphereOptics is a leading provider of optical components and measurement devices based in Herrsching am Ammersee. The company offers a wide range of products and services for the lighting and optics industry and is known for its high quality and precision.

About Imatest: Imatest is a leader in image quality testing, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. Imatest software, test charts, equipment, and services enable the imaging industry to develop the best products possible. The company provides the tools, resources and knowledge to test all types of imaging systems, from satellites to camera phones, in visible light or infrared. 

For further information, please contact SphereOptics at info@sphereoptics.com or visit www.sphereoptics.com.

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