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New XLamp® XP-G3 LEDs in 1800K CCT Alternative for HPS Lamps

Cree LED’s new XLamp® XP-G3 LEDs in 1800K CCT replicate the warm yellow glow of High Pressure Sodium lamps and are a viable lighting alternative to HPS with upside performance benefits of better system cost, higher CRI, higher LPW and positive environmental impact.

The XLamp XP-G3 1800K LEDs contain a lower blue content compared to 4000K LEDs cutting total blue light to about half with no increase in ~450 nm blue content. XLamp XP-G3 LEDs offer up to 2x higher efficacy (LPW) for massive reductions in electricity usage and utility costs ($400 energy saving over fixture lifetime). The white standard version XLamp XP-G3 LED in 1800K CCT delivers best-in-class TM-21 lifetimes and color stability over time, higher CRI & TM-30 Rf for improved color appearance. Better optical control for less sky glow, no mercury content and reduced maintenance costs of these new LEDs round out the benefits as a replacement for HPS lamps.

See the reference design for a High Pressure Sodium (HPS) wall pack retrofitted with the updated XP-G3 LED.

XLamp XP-G3 Datasheet

Reference Design

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