Featured | Cree LED | XP-L Color LEDs | SSL | Jul 01, 2024

New XLamp® XP-L Color LEDs Allow Smaller Color-mixing Lights

XLamp® XP-L Color LEDs are multi-color RGBW LEDs that deliver the combination of high lumen output and great color mixing in a small 3.45 x 3.45 mm package. The XLamp XP-L Color LEDs feature the smallest possible distance between LED die, creating a small optical source for excellent optical control and efficient color mixing.

With a 33% smaller LES than the existing XLamp XM-L Color Gen 2 LEDs, the new XLamp XP-L Color LEDs offer a new price-performance option for XLamp RGBW LEDs. XP-L Color LEDs are offered in High Density and High Intensity optical options, both with the same footprint.

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