Nichia | Automotive | May 15, 2024

Nichia Automotive Innovation Center in Germany

In a significant move to spearhead the future of automotive lighting design and functions, the world’s leading LED manufacturer Nichia announces the launch of the Nichia Automotive Innovation Center located in Aachen, Germany. The newly inaugurated facility marks a pivotal step in the company’s ongoing commitment to innovate and deliver enhanced support to customers that have rapidly evolving requirements.

Nichia Automotive Innovation Center’s mission is to develop advanced and sustainable lighting solutions such as improvement of road safety, visual comfort and energy efficiency, as well as enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of vehicles by utilizing and combining Nichia’s latest technologies. In close partnership with industry leaders, together with the R&D team at Nichia’s headquarters in Japan, the Center will accelerate the development of technology breakthroughs and achieve quicker market entry, while consistently prioritizing advances in the quality of light.

To support the next generation of automotive lighting solutions, Nichia Automotive Innovation Center contains a wide array of laboratory tools for testing, modeling, monitoring, analysis, and rapid prototyping, among others. The Innovation Center consists of leading specialists in automotive lighting who adhere to manufacturing design and value engineering principles of increasing optimization, functionality, and efficiency. The success of the Center also relies on cooperative efforts with stakeholders.

Dr. Ulf Meiners, Managing Director, Nichia Automotive Innovation Center, explains: “The key to unlocking the full potential of automotive lighting lies in collaboration. By working closely with business partners and academia, we will bring groundbreaking solutions to the market faster and more efficiently than ever before. As a result, the Center can rapidly accelerate the pace of innovation. Industry leaders that are ready to redefine automotive lighting standards need to connect with us with great urgency to truly shape the future.”

The establishment of Nichia Automotive Innovation Center reflects Nichia’s vision for the next era of automotive lighting. Led by an expert team of automotive lighting technicians and business leaders, the Center highlights Nichia’s dedication to driving the industry towards a more advanced, sustainable future. With its history of innovation, the company is well-positioned to drive further progress in automotive lighting technology, thereby solidifying its role as a pioneer in the industry. 

Nichia has strengthened its reputation as a global leader in the LED industry for many decades, while constantly pushing the boundaries of lighting design, efficiency, performance, and sustainability with its unrivaled expertise.

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